Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Velonasaur Pincushion | Ark: Extinction #5

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Hey how's it going. Welcome back to some Ark Extinction.

Gonna be trying to get a Velonasaurtoday. So we have to go over to the desert biome

and try to find that one since it is kind ofdaytime nighttime over there, that has the cycle.We do kind of need to time this one out

So we need to go ahead get our equipment ready real quick, it is still pretty early in the morning,technically

Yeah it's only 7 a.m. So one of the things we're gonna need is of course the saddle

What are we missing? A little bit of chitin and a little bit of hide. Dude I am running so lowon hide

Yeah we only got a couple more stacks and then, do we have any more chitin? Yeah we do

Getting kind of low on that too. I need to make a trip to get some more

All right so that's making. I do need to repair my armor and stuff

Double check the sabers. I don't know if they have anything in them. Oh never mind, yeah we're good

See i thought i had a whole bunch of hide and stuff

Oh we got a bunch of chitin too, nice. There, hello? They're leveling up pretty well. Also we're gonna

need to be taking a little bit of extra material with us to be able to repair because those things

man whenever they shoot the needles at you, oh dude it just tears your armor up so so bad

Kind of sucks in the last video with the enforcer that we had, poor guy. Didn't make it very longman

But we'll definitely be getting another one of those soon. They're really good to have for the

defense waves. Those along with the Velonasaurs

All right so we should have our saddle

Dude i got so much junk in here. I really need to do some inventory management

and i think i'm going to try to make a couple more of the tranq darts. I can't remember how

many it takes on these guys, but it's better to have more than not enough. I mean since we do

have a lot of this, smelted up here. Ah smelted up, made up. What are we missing? That's it

We got some already made. We'll throw this in the smithy

So yeah the Velonasaurs man, we're gonna be, as soon as we get, i'm gonna try to find two

if we can you know preferably a male and a female. But we'll be making a trip over

and do some of the blue drops. That's the lowest level one that you can do

Let's see, let's make some of these up and do I have

I don't have. I need some more, need some more narc man

Hmm. All right i'll tell you what, I need to grab some berries real quick. I am so

unprepared for today. I'll grab some berries, we'll make up some narc while all that

gunpowder is making and that way we can have some more tranqs and then we'll head over to the desert

biome and try to get this thing tamed up. Try to find one's the main thing, one that's a high level

Ah here we are back in the desert biome there's

a Velonasaur right there actually. I think that's a low-level one though

Where you at dude? Stick your tail out so I can see what level you are. Shouldn't be too hard to find one in

here they are all over the place. It's just finding one that's a high level, that's a 15 he will not do

We are going to be needing them pretty high level. I do want to breed them. These things you

can actually, they have a turret mode man. So you can set them out and put them on turret mode and

they will attack anything that comes near

Level 10.Dude why are these all so low level man? Oh dudethat's not gonna work

I'm gonna have to come in and get a doedic here soon too. Oh there's a carno

So we need the carnos for prime meat.Because that's a, that's a really goodtaming food for them

That's why i didn'tbring anything with me. There's one there too

Oh nice, okay cool. That's a level 150. All right so let's go ahead

Before we start this, let's take out a carno, get some prime meat

that way we're prepared

11 pieces that should be, that should be good enough for right now to get them started

Tell you what, I should get a thorny dragon here eventually too to get some

some wood a little bit easier. Is this the 150 here? Nice okay, so we got to really really worry about

him shooting us

and that dude just fell from the sky. Copy that. What level are you?

Too far away can't see. All right so i'm gonna set the bird here. We do have tranq arrows

Or tranq darts and he's almost, yeah he's just out of render range. Dude that rock is like in a horrible

spot. I don't want to get too far from the bird because I will need to, I will need to get away

Dude those rocks weren't there a minute ago man, i'm just saying

And i don't want to get too close to this guy. We definitely want to hit him from a

from a distance. Oh there's another one

What level are you?

Dude there's a 145 female and a 150 male both right here

What sucks is I don't have a way to get him back to base easily. All right tell you what, let's go ahead

and get this one. We got to start somewhere.I just really need to get him at a betterangle. Can we pick him up?

No we can't. Dude he'sgoing to shoot us. Oh see what i'm talking about?

He's like a little machine gun man, ah

Oh there he is. oh come on dude.Man he's tearing my bird up

They got like, see I look like a pin cushion now. All right stay there buddy. I know man

the the darts stuck in you, or the the quills, the spines, you know what i'm saying

Dude he'sgetting too far away. I've only got 38, I didn't get too many tranqs made either. That's the thing

I tell you what, oh dude they killed it. That was the high level female

Dang it, I tell you what

Just stay there buddy. Ah he moved at the last second. Come on man

There we go. Was gonna say that one should have got him

Oh dude, oh dude, dude passive passive

Come here man

Oh dude. Yeah, I tell you what. We need to kite him off of a cliff

Well, welcome to scorched earth biome with Velonasaurs

Now you can see why there are such a powerful mount man. Yeah i think we need to find him

find one and get him over here by cliff so we can look down at him and he can't shoot us

There's another one there. What level are you? 105. It's kind of a weird level. I haven't seen an 05 one

Dude look at that face man, holy crap. That's like what he does when he's in turret mode

Come on man, just walk a little bit further. There we go. Come on over here

My poor Argy man. The dude's like. I didn't sign up for this

All right let's see if this will help us out some now

I don't think he can shoot us up here

Keyword is think and I don't

All right dude you just need to sit down man

Oh stay here bird. You gonna get us both killed man

All right should be able to keep tagging them like this

I don't think he can climb up here.Dude I hope he cannot climb up here

Oh yep, he can definitely shoot though

Wait, was that it? Nope oh dude he's coming up the side


Oh get on the bird. Ah man, i'm gonna lose my bird

Oh man mistakes have been made. Dude that's such a long ride back on a saber too

Close my door. All right, which one was the high level one? 232

241. All right, dude I got such a long ride to get back. All right we'll see you guys in

a minute when I get back over there. I hope he does not kill our bird because he is on passive

There's our marker there. Oh I can see him tearing up the argentavis. Dude come here man

Dude get over here

Come on man fly. Why are you walking? Ah he might be out of stamina

You stay there man. Everybody's I think on neutral except for the bird

Why would you not fly? All right let's set the saber up somewhere safe

Whistle him to passive

Dude I wonder why, okay so he didn't take out too much of my health

But I tell you what, it scared an egg out of the argentavis. I'm just saying, that's kind of weird

Stay there man. Just stay there. I got no pants man

Let's get rid of my body so that the marker goes away because I know i'll probably need it again

See this is why you bring all that extra stuff to repair

Oh dude that thing scared the crap out of me. All right where's the velonasaur at?

Don't tell me he got killed too. Oh he did. Isthat him over there or is that the other one?

Nope that's him there, okay. Can we bola him?

Well that was way too far away

Maybe we'll try to bola him

There's a carno

Well just miss on that

Oh i hear him

Dude how did my pants break? Did I not repair them?

Or did he just tear them up that quick? I think he just tore them up that quick

I tell you what, I cannot hit anything with these tranq darts

Oh dude that's an awesome angle right there. He's hitting the thing and not me

Yeah get tranqed buddy

Yeah he's not happy at all man. Well it's all right that's what you get for killing me man. They are ugly

See this is what I was trying to do earlier.Get him on a cliff then he can't hit us

Tell you what, he's taking these darts like a champ though. Nice dude that was such

a hard takedown

All right so we'll leave him for a second. There was a carno right over here

Get a little bit more prime meat

What are we going to put that into? Probably health seeing how we're having a tough time here

All right, are we clear everywhere? Looks like it

Grab some of this prime meat

and should tame up pretty well. Throw somemeat in there just in case

All right man i'm gonna stand guard, try to get my armor repaired

and when we come back we'll have us a nice little velonasaur. Hopefully our

saber is gonna be safe over there. He should, he should be all right. We'll see back in a few

Well we have ourselves a nice little velonasaur. Throw a saddle on him. Where's my saddle?

Dude where's my saddle I made? Did I lose it?

Oh it has to be, oh wait the argentavis works as a smithy right?

It does nice. I just need some chitin and fiber I have right? How much was it?

185 so I have that and he's got hide so I just need to get some

chitin and not much only 20 more. All right let me find some stuff to get this saddle made

One velonasaur saddle coming up. Dude i'm so glad I came on the bird not just on the saber

because that would have been horrible. Which i'm gonna have to leave the saber here anyways

because I have no way of taking him back

at the moment. I mean he'll be fine.We'll throw a bunch of food in him

So let's take a look at this guy man. He's a level 224. 3400 on the health. Stamina 1600 that

is something we're gonna be leveling a lot because his spines use a lot of stamina. Weight is 552

movement speed 120 and damage is 350. So like I said, some into stamina. Let's jump on him

So he has a couple different attacks. So he's got his regular swipe, he's got that

one it throws spines all over the place and then see if I remember how to do turret mode

I don't remember how to do his turret

That's the wrong button. Oh there it is. So then like that you can shoot him

but if you look up over his stamina, dude his stamina goes away so fast when you do that

But look at the damage man. It's not that much in each one but dude it tears stuff up man

That's what makes it so good for defenses.Especially when you have a couple of them

All right so I need to go check on my saber, leave him up there and then we're going to run all the

way back to base and take out some corrupted dinos on the way. It is starting to get nighttime here

in the biome but soon as we get outside the biome, out of the dome it'll be back to permanent daytime

So buddy I want you to stay there

Leave him on neutral and we'll start our trek back to base

So that's the one, it kind of just throws them all over the place

It's kind of like an AOE, the one tail swipe

So that was his other attack.Only thing is man, if you time stuff wrong

and run out of uh run out of stamina, dude you just pretty much that's pretty much killed yourself

I want to go outside the wall here and see if there's any corrupted dinos

I can't remember if these get a bonus. I don't think they do. I think it's just the enforcers

Wolf doesn't stand a chance.

Tell you whatman the quills, ah there's one right there

cool. Let's go over for the stego before we go. Don't worry little gas bag, we'll save you

Dude that argentavis is getting all in the way. Yeah no bonus, normal damage.

Oh dude he's got a bunch of health. Awesome man but that is our wait, dude you're stuck in me

So if you haven't seen the gas bags that kind of blow you all over the place

and they can do it to themselves too. They do have a special item though that we need to loot

That right there. A gas bag bladder.We'll use that for one of the balloons

for moving resources around. But that's it man.I hoped you liked the video. It was definitely

a hard tame. They are not easy to deal with. However, i'm gonna go ahead and leave this one here. I gotta

get back to base and get these guys put away and I need to go back and get my saber.

Poor guy sitting over there all by himself.

As always, thanks for watching and we'll see in the next one

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