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The chick Ahmed Spiedr Man Scheme reveals CIA

In 2011, after the Arab revolutions Disappearance (Abu Musab al-Suri) suddenly

There were rumor that he died

After rumors emerged Battalion (front Nasra)

Came to us the new Ghost (Abu Mohammed Joulani)

I'm sure that he himself (Abu Musab al-Suri)

If you want to know the (Abu Musab al-Suri) go to . the internet Shrewd. At this time

Very clever mind. Takes the kids Of jihad teaches them from A to Z

What is the opinion (CIA) in this information!! Other information you want?

Do you know why he went (Abu Musab al-Suri) From 2005 to 2011. To America?

And did not be arrested?

Do not respond to kill him They want to be a their a client

Either we kill him. Or work with them

Do what they want of it. This is what happened. has already

(CIA) is deceiving the world The killing of (Abu Musab al-Suri)

The real enemy (Israel), the real enemy (America) The real enemy (Freemasonry)

Next Ahmed Spider (the fact Freemasonry)

I'm glad you, D. Tawfiq

Can you respond before you go How old are you?

My son. Must respect the bigger you What do you want to you ask

Is my friend. I know what will say What is your question?

is an old friend? What age?

Is bigger than me. Has almost 48 year

What he knows about Freemasonry And the Freemasons?

Everybody knows something about them Lawyer legal profession

I wanted to discussion the subject

O my son. Very strange your thoughts All Egyptians know the Freemasonry

Why fancied a that the people does not understand anything

Not illusions I swear you to

Many people are unaware Freemasonry In Egypt

Ok. People understand what Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is not a religion As we spoke to Wael Ghonim (Google employees) ME

What do you want from Wael Ghonim And Twfiq Okasha

(Wael Ghoneim) caused me a big headache

Why get angry from him. ? Is your place rich in concert?

I say to the people. Wael Ghonim is everything in my life

What is the relationship of the channel in this person?

My son (Wael) came in of many channels And you're talking well into the channels

Or do you think my goal is confined to emerge in the media?

If you were I want to appear in the media And taking the wages of millions of pounds

I swear you to under oath You are people.

Do not you know. Whither you go I swear you to under oath

Only you knows everything Spoke. You like my son spoke

I'm (am tired) of many people like me We are a silent majority

I call for Facebook page pulls This page is the state of Egypt on the net Of (Ghoneim) and

No official. Or is given to the armed forces You a citizen. Page must be handed over to the Armed Forces

In order not directed word to the people And people can not hear your talk

Able now says to people just go to this channel Because they is hosting Ahmed Spider

You'll find thousands of people are coming demanding the closure of the channel

And armed forces are not able to do something. People in front of its revenue

Okay. Say everything

I'm (am tired) of many people like me

I demand dismissal of Major General (Ahmed Shafiq) immediately

dismissal of the governor of (Qena) And dismissal of the (Flan and Allan) And

We are at the end of this program My son, Back light of dawn and I'm here from 8 Or 9 hours live

I'm am tired .... Has am tired .. am tired my nerves

Do you know what will happen? I have failed this year in the study

Because the my family does not pay me the money

A week after Exam I do not know anything

On the idea .. Use the hashish Ok?

I can not never sleep

I say you to ... I have failed this year in the study

You mean you failed and you want of the young

I want hits the young army. Directly Army is the reason the quotient Egypt now

I am am tired ... I'm am tired

Sorry dear viewers Our Lord will take you, my brother?

God destroys your house, O (Mhatal)

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