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So how do these girls do it?

Those regular girls

that do not come from money,

how do they afford to live such a luxurious

and affluent lifestyle?

What are their secrets?

Those exact words were my thoughts

when I just started out

with my leveling up journey

when I was 19/20 years old.

It took me years and years

to figure this out

and now I'm here spilling the beans for you

in a YouTube video.

So for those of you who do not know who I am,

my name is Anna

and I run an online finishing school.

Now, in my online finishing school,

I really do speak about financial strategy in depth.

But in this video, I want to share

for those ladies who might not be part of my students

but still want to have a little bit of insights

of how it works in the financial department,

all those ladies who are living a luxurious lifestyle

but do not come from money,

how do they make it work?

This is something, ladies,

that I could not grasp for probably a few years

back in the days.

I had my foot in high society

but there was one thing I just couldn't grasp.

How come there are so many women

who don't seem to live a nine-to-five lifestyle.

They all seem to have a flexible lifestyle

where they're just kind of enjoying themselves,

traveling, working a bit here and there

and make it still go around with their finances.

Yet, I was there stuck in my nine-to-five job

that I by the way, hated.

I hated my office job so much but I put up with it

because how else was I going to level up?

But then there came a time

after I had been studying these women

for so many years,

I befriended them, I understood what their strategies was,

what their background was,

how they actually made it work.

Now, I'm not going to share with you everything

in this video because the full story

is only available for my students

but I do want to give you a little bit

of insights because I know this is going to help you

a little bit along your path.

So let's start with the basic.

Do the ladies actually work?

And I'm referring to the ladies

who are part of the affluent scene

and who do not come from money originally

but who seem to be able

to jet set around and really live the good life.

Do they work or do they not work?

Give me an answer, Anna.

So the answer, ladies,

actually quite a lot of them do work.

I also think that you should be working too

really, really hard especially in the beginning

of your journey.

This is how it really works.

So in the beginning,

when we are beginners,

we really need to focus on our leveling up

and that is usually priority one.

Because once we have leveled up

to a degree where things

are starting to run a little bit more on autopilot

for us, we're getting more and better opportunities,

we're getting noticed,

we're getting recognized,

we're getting invites,

then life becomes easier.

But to reach that stage, ladies,

you have to invest yourself.

You have to polish yourself up.

You have to follow the formula

that I teach so much in my program

because this is phase one

and a lot of women get stuck in phase one

because they don't execute it properly.

I'm not blaming anybody

and I'm not pointing fingers

but I also know that as a common trend

that people can get a little bit lazy

and lack patience

and that is a big no-go if you really want to succeed

in this particular lifestyle.

Now, let me go back to myself.

How did I do it?

I wasn't always self-employed,

I wasn't always running my own business.

I didn't always have my boyfriend providing for me

so that it didn't have to worry about money.

No. But back in the days

when I just started,

I was just a regular plain Jane

who had her nine to five

and to be quite honest with you,

there was a time when I even had two jobs.

I was working as much as I could

so that I could save up as much money as I could

to reinvest in myself.

My success has always been driven

by one fundamental

and that is to reinvest in yourself.

Ladies, you really have to put in that extra work.

It is required, especially in the beginning

because it's in the beginning

that we face the biggest uphills

and that's when we prove ourselves,

how badly do we want this?

If we want this transformation badly enough,

we are going to climb that mountain,

no matter how big or small it is

but we're gonna make it happen.

Even if it means to having to work

over time or having two jobs

or somehow having to hustle

so you have the funds

that are required for this transformation.

A lot of the times, ladies think that leveling up,

achieving an affluent lifestyle

is gonna be without any form of investment.

Not the case, I'm afraid

and so is if you want to take yourself

to the next level.

I'm sorry but it doesn't work like that.

Everything costs.

To become more beautiful,

it costs money.

Finding the right partner for you,

it also costs money

because you have to invest in yourself.

Expanding your social circle to the elite,

that's definitely gonna cost you a little bit money.

All of these things costs

but it doesn't mean that they have to cost you a fortune,

that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm just saying that everything does have a price

and you have to really be open and willing

to pay that price.

Now, secondly, the ladies that I know

are most of the times, not always,

but most of the times are clever ladies,

who are part of the affluent society,

who leveled up, who worked hard,

who followed the formula

and meanwhile, they made sure to always save

for a rainy day.

Not necessarily only for a rainy day

but always save

because they know how things can change,

plans can change, life gives you surprises

and life sometime even give you lemons.

So they know they can always make a lemonade

out of their savings.

You get my point.

Ladies, you have to have savings on this path

and that's why you really need to work.

You really need to start this transformation

by working hard

and meanwhile, you save.

You save for that day

for when perhaps you wanna stop working

so that you can focus on your journey

with 100% and you also have to save for a rainy day

because you might meet an affluent man

who might be really treating you like a princess

and spoiling you and look after you.

But what about the day

when he actually decides to leave?

Or you wanna leave?

Then, my dear, you need a backup plan.

If you don't save, you will learn it the hard way.

Now, let's go back to how others have done it

because I've spoken about the importance

of work, savings and patience

but what about the nitty gritty,

how do all of these girls

who are living the high life,

how do they make it happen?

So when I started to do my research,

I came to a very interesting realization.

I found that actually, the majority of women

that I met, unless they were working in regular jobs,

they were majority of the times multitasking

and making their income stream happen

from various sources.

So it was never just one type of approach.

Number one, they had a lot of savings.

Number two, they made sure

that whenever they had a boyfriend in their life,

a partner, that that partner was providing for them.

Now, number three, generous friends.

Believe it or not

but once you have leveled up to a point

in high society where you have great connections

and you have a lot of generous friends,

then your generous friends,

whether it is men or women,

will actually kind of help you a little bit along the way.

They might be inviting you for trips,

they might be paying for things,

paying for outings and so on

and it's nothing strange in high society.

It's a very common practice between people.

Usually the highest earner pays

and that's it.

Like just to give you an example,

if a billionaire goes for lunch with a millionaire,

then the billionaire is mostly likely to pay the check.

It's just a little common unspoken thing

that happens in society.

So going back to who pays,

generous friends, believe it or not,

it's very, very common

and there's no funny business around that.

No matter what people or naysayers tend to say.

Then you have the generous boyfriends

that I just mentioned

and that is of course, a very, very crucial one

because the majority of the times,

women are dating somebody

or are in a serious committed relationship with somebody.

Now, lastly, the final thing that I know,

a lot of women, not everybody though,

but some, keep kind of patching up their journey with

and that is having a little bit of support from family.

I'm not saying their family are wealthy

but you do have actually a little bit of money coming in

from family who either maybe

there is some form of inheritance,

even if it's small or there's some form

of support from a mother or a father, anything.

I have seen many cases like that,

so what I'm just trying to say

is that many times, these girls,

they just make it happen through patching it up

from bits and pieces, from different types

of sources and like this,

they don't need to work full time.

Also, I forgot to say,

they might even have a part-time job.

Many times, girls are working part-time

and then the rest of the time they dedicate

to their jet-set journey,

to their transformational journey and leveling up.

Now, how can you make this happen?

And I am very much aware

that I do have a lot of you ladies with me

who are literally starting from minus zero.

Now, I know that that situation

can feel quite daunting.

I know that it might make you feel

like, what's the point?

I should just give up.

I don't have any cash

and I don't see any cash coming in soon.

This is not going to work.

Now, let me tell you one thing

and this is where you really need

to switch on your hustler mentality

if you want your life to happen.

I've noticed in life

that whenever you really want something badly in your life,

you're going to find a way to make that happen.

If you don't have the money today,

you're going to find the way how to make that money happen

and I'm not talking about any form of illegal ways.

I'm talking about things that you can stand for

and things that might require, like I said,

patience and a little bit of hustling

and a little bit of hard work.

Good things will come to those

who are patient

and there is a really nice Chinese proverb

that I really want to share with you.

I actually had to take out my phone

because I posted it on my Instagram,

so if you still don't follow me on Instagram,

you really should.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,

the second best time is now."

And having said that, ladies,

this is what investing in yourself is all about.

This is what creating a hustling mentality

is all about.

Do it now, don't wait for tomorrow,

don't push it away because it's uncomfortable.

Learn how to compromise in life

and learn how to practice patience.

You will be writing to me in the future

and you'll be telling me, Anna, thank you.

I did it!

And that's exactly the words I want to hear from you.

Now, I do have another video for you

on my channel

and I really want to see you there.

The video is all about how you can start

your luxury lifestyle

or even if you have started,

how can you get more ideas to sustain it

and make it happen successfully.

And also, visit

if you have decided that now is the time

to take action and plant your tree today,

instead of regretting it in a few years.

Now, I will see you in the next video.

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