Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chinese army pretends to be villagers to trick Japanese army into minefields!Thunder soldier 16

Difficulty: 0

Speed up and take down Fanchang City

I informed captain Tian

You can find some common people's clothes as soon as possible

Line up well.

The enemy is coming.

Let them go. Keep hidden


There was chaos on the road, and the people and the enemy were running away

Continue to investigate and report to me immediately in case of any abnormality

Speed up

Let's not speed up. I'm afraid there's an ambush

Will I be afraid of the ambush of the defeated soldiers

Speed up

Commander, the enemy is close to our minefield



Can these new Fourth Armies defeat the enemy

Don't look down upon them and the commander, they are great

Come on , guys

The enemy will come in soon


You are right, please say

The army is suspended. Send a telegram to the general, saying that I have arrived. Please send the main force to encircle


Why they stop

NO.1 platoon leader

Are you ready, yes

Speed up and occupy Fanchang City

Do you want to wait for his call back? I'll take the troops in first

Do you want to compete with me


Speed up

Let you have a taste of earth bombs


You want to run, but you're late

Good Commander Tan

Comrades, kill enemy

Rush, bros



March from this

The squadron was besieged by the New Fourth Army outside Fanchang city and almost completely destroyed


I can't believe they have such a strong fighting capacity

You must not belittle the enemy so as not to go his way again

Order the artillery to bombard the enemy intensively, close their retreat route

Attack the enemy under the cover of artillery

Order the team to go to Fanchang

This fight is cool

Almost wiped out the enemy of a squadron

You are great ,I admire

Their next attack will be very fierce, but we need to make sure the people get out of the city safely by noon

I don't have many people under me, but they are very good


Take others, retreat


He's sure to use artillery, so let's go out first and come in when they're finished

Great, I learn from it

Follow him in the future



You are like a god

Commander Tan

How are the people moving

All go to the outside

Really, yes

Let's record the first feat for your party

Tianmin is still in the city


It's dangerous to have a pregnant woman about to give birth

A pregnant woman about to give birth

Why don't you pick her up and deliver

How long

It will take an hour or two if it goes well

If what

If dystocia the time cannot be determined

Stay, yes

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