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hi guys today we will start and discuss about your nmat strategy I'm sure

with less than one month to go about you guys are having some jitters and about

how am I going to go about this paper what is it going to be look like and

giving nmat exam so let's begin with first of all first overview how many

questions do I have what's my scoring system I have 120

questions my score 3 per question and no negative marking which is the

best part for you so I'm looking at somewhere around the score out of 360

let's target to get ourselves a 230 plus to make sure that yes we do not have to

worry about our next stage cdpi and everything and make sure that we are

cracking our nmat right when the first go itself so before before we go

ahead into what we should do and how we would go ahead here is just a quick

overview onto what you should be like so nMat is basically not one of those

complicated exams yes it's a game of speed and accuracy but if you have your

concepts in place you are good to go because the level is not that difficult

so what you need to do is thorough all your concepts go through all the basic

books that we've been given it to you this year in fact you also have this nmat

gMacBook practice a little bit from that as well but your basic

concepts is one of those enough things to make sure that you will crack

nmat second let's practice practice practice and

practice till you are perfecting being a perfectionist at it but we know nmat

is a speedgame so we practice with the timer ticking because what happens is

when you go into the exam scenario seeing that the watch is clicking

clicking all I can see is the time left so my focus rather than being on the

question goes on to the clock so I'm wasting my time so might as well

practice at home with the timer ticking itself so I'll tell you one nice

strategy to do that is which we call at cat King the 30/40 strategy where an

im going to make sure that every day I am solving for 30 minutes 40 questions

so I'm building on my speed and eventually building on my accuracy also

probably on the first day out of 30 if I have to solve 40 questions I might get

10 out of 40 round right but that's still 25% so practice yourself so that

you make sure that you reach to the level where 40 questions in the 30

minutes time is correct now I will share what was my strategy so if you guys know

that you can when you're giving your nmat exam you can actually pick on to

what is your strategy in terms of which questions that you can use so you have

six options to choose which section do you want to give first Quant verbal or

logic generally most of the people would recommend that yes you should go ahead

with this strategy wherein you solve Quant before you are doing your numbers

game before and then do what reading skills and at the end doing logical

reasoning so that if you are bored you're easy to go ahead but I will tell

you the strategy which I used for myself rather than that what I focused on was I

started off with the verbal section so when I'm starting off with the verbal

section my first agenda was to make sure that I have 32 questions to do and I

have 22 minutes of time so get get hold of yourself and get started with the

verbal section where you have the fresh mind your reading speed is actually

fastest so if I have less amount of time more number of questions I can do good

but my target here is to get 20 questions correct I have to mark each

and every question because I do not have negative marking but my target has

to be 20 questions so your my focus will be forced to

finish off the easy questions like your prepositions close passages sentence

Corrections which are pretty simple with all of those fill in the blanks with

five prepositions pretty simple easy to go questions finish them up then move on

to go into your reading comprehensions because you are going to have two RCS

with four questions each and your target has to be after all

1 rc at least on the second and if you have three RCS and my target is to solve

two RCS and leave the third one the trick lies in which RC have I left

because that's going to make me save my time moving on like I said I was told

you that instead of going by the conventional advice of quant verbal and

logic what I chosen as the strategy was I started with verbal to start with my

fresh mind set with sure you're good at reading your reading

skills are fast and when that 22 minutes gets over you also do not realize that

I've actually finished one entire set of question so when I come to my second

section I'm still fresh in my mind that is when I picked on to the second

section which was the logical reasoning section where and I have 40 questions 32

minutes still I have more number of questions

and less number of time with me but let's see how does this paper come about

your paper is going to have mostly around out of these 40 questions around

15 to 16 questions which are your normal and analytical puzzles look at logical

puzzles which you can easily do it next most important thing is input and output

critical reasoning inference based questions in terms of your statements

and assumptions calendars in your seating arrangements these are your

major topics which covers up all the kind of questions in logical reasoning

for the thing but to make sure that important thing which is to crack this

is your input output and number series because your paper is bound to have at

least three sets of input output series questions

what are these kind of questions you will surely get in get a hold of India

books practice them and that's the only way to crack them because it's a logical

sequence which is being followed in each of them which is you have to guess that

kind of thing with practice you will get so used to it that you will know what is

the kind of different sequences that have been followed in these kind of

questions next important is a number series

wherein I have three numbers given what's the fourth blank what's the fifth

blank these kind of questions missing number all of these you like

least four or five questions so it's a easy scoring areas because my target is

again I have to get 20 questions correct with ease which I very easy follow them

first generally these kind of questions tend to come towards the end of it so

your best advice is make sure that read the question if within 60 seconds you're

not able to answer it leave it Blank move on to the next markit flag it and move on

ahead don't waste your time on racking your head solving those questions no one

you have to ensure that you read each and every question of each and every

section so the guy who reaches the last question who's read the last question is

bound to crack nmat for sure lastly I had come to the third section which is

my quant and di section now why did we choose this absolutely different

strategy because what the thought process here is that begin with a

section where you're fresh in mind and requires most on alertness what happens

generally is that because of time shortage we always tend to be slower in

our reading because we know that we have less amount of time so might as well

when you are on the go first thing first you come with full and to and I have to

crack cat I'm starting with verbal I wont even realize when it's done

then move on to logical reasoning which I still have a little fresh mint of mind

but I am playing on my strengths so my strength was in quant and DI section

that's at the end so even if I am drained out after one and a half hours

of solving I will not be it will not tax myself on to my quant and DI Section

because I'm already sorted in that and I know I am good at it so make sure you

are playing on to your strengths now one other insight is that in most of your

things are of 48 questions I am going to have 24 questions which are of cat level

and I have 24 questions which are of CET this is a general trend so I have a mix

of difficulty level questions cat little complex CET a little easy

so my Best part is I have to make sure that I

first and foremost on the onset I am doing all these 24 CET level questions

correct that is where I'm saying the trick lies in choosing these right

question then moving on to the cat level questions and which are going to be a

little tricky ones but we'll make sure we'll do it

di at a lot of times can be calculative intensive so your job at that particular

point of time is to just mark and move on ahead don't waste our time because

approximations may not be very helpful in that case your question paper would

definitely have at least two to three questions in quant which are direct

formula based probably my trigonometry COS A formulas direct usage of time

speed and distance these kind of questions which are easily scorable

scoring you must ensure that you're doing it so remember the trick which I

had told you you could jot it down make notes of what I am suggesting 60 seconds

if I'm not getting the question mark move on when I have the time get back to

hit to this question and see where you are what you're lined up most important

topics which you must do for cracking in my quantities time speed and distance

time and work number system probability permutation and combination one more

topic if I have to add to this would be geometry because off rate you've been

seeing a lot of questions from geometry and seeing when we know this error is

going to be based on my GMAT and it's being done by the GMAT yes the

importance to geometry is surely going to increase this year so quick overview

of the overall strategy summarizing what it is your target is to score a 230 plus

though they cut off lies within the range of 207-210

my target is I have to get a two thirty plus next I have to make sure that you

choose the right question it's all about smart work how do you do it and move

ahead second which we said is that you can select which order you want to do so

my recommendation is to play on your strengths if you are you know

God in verbal and you think I can do verbal at any point of time go ahead let

that be your last section start off with quantum logic so do a section which you

are okay and decent first which medium you're like okay indifferent to it's not

easy it's not difficult it's not your forte second and the strength y'all make

sure that's your last at the end because you are going to perform it with a bang

in that section second and the third most important thing which is there is

the timer so make sure you are not getting bogged down by the click of the

watch and your focus is not on the timer it's rather on the questions so make a

habit of practicing daily and make use of the 30-40 strategy like I suggested

you so that you are good with the speed and accuracy combination of cracking in

nmat exam last and the most important is learn from others experiences you do not

have to make sure that you are the one you know

me so you're going to screw up all the two , no. first attempt you get that's

where we are going to use our skills of networking get hold of everybody because

most of your questions are repeat see what everybody else is doing get an idea

and you will make sure that you are going to crack it and get going get set

with that so all the best guys cracking and nMat and thank you so much

The Description of NMAT Strategy by NMAT Topper (NMAT by GMAC) ( NMAT 2015) (NMAT 2016 )