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Good morning everyone.

Someone asked me if I could tell of some program with which to cut

a specific sequence of a video or a movie.

Usually, if you already have experience editing video use

an editor to do this task, but also it may be the case that we do not want to complicate ourselves

life, having to download and install a heavy video editor, so today

I bring you a much simpler tool That will facilitate this task.

Specifically we are going to use theVideoCutterprogram, whose link I will leave in the description of

video, in my case as you see I already have it downloaded, so I will carry out the entire process

of installation, and then I explain how does it work.

I double click the file to start installation, and now it is very important

uncheck these two boxes that you they appear here, since they are optional programs

that have nothing to do with the one I'm going to explain today, and if you don't want those programs to

install on your computer, uncheck both boxes, as I am doing.

Clarified that, we press the Next button, to continue.

Here we check the box to accept the conditions as usual in any program,

and press Next again.

Click Next once more, and here it is ask us if we want to create the accesses

Direct to the program, which in my case I will leave both boxes checked, so

Well give Next for the last time, and we click on install button.

At the end of the installation we click Close, and as you see the shortcut has already been created

to the program on the desktop, so if you want you can delete the installer,

since from now on it is not necessary.

Now we open the program from the access Direct, and I explain quickly how it works.

Once we have this window open, what first logically it will be to select the

video from which we want to cut a piece, and for that, top left you will see

that says "File", and if we click, and then where it says "Open", we can

Select the video on our hard drive.

In my case for example I will select this video that I have already left here prepared, and

how you see immediately it already appears to me in the program window

In addition there is also another way to select the video, and is simply drag the file

to the program window, for example I'm going to drag this other video, and as you can see

automatically that will be the selected video.

I do it again so you can see it again, and in this way you can quickly select

any video you have on your disk Lasted.

Now that we know that, we get to the part important, how do we cut the concrete piece

of the video we want, and it's very simple.

If you look, here we have two bars that we can move

The one above is to indicate where it will start the cut, and the one below to indicate where

will finish.

To do a test, I will put the cut start for example in the second

15 of the video, and ending in the second 25, so I just have to move each bar

Up to those positions.

At this point I take the opportunity to say, that in very long videos, such as

a movie, it can be complicated to adjust the exact second by moving the bars, but

if you look, you can also indicate manually in these two time boxes,

to make that mode easier to adjust.

In addition, we are also allowed to mark one of these two options, “Cut without loss

of quality ”, which is a coding method the cut quickly, or "precise cut",

which although it requires more time, is the method that I recommend using, since

The video quality will be even better.

And with that we only have to click where says "Record this fragment", so that

the program cut that piece of the video that We have indicated.

Keep in mind that the process will last longer or less time depending on the duration of the cut,

although in this case, being a cut of only 10 seconds the process time will be quite

short, precisely, just a few seconds.

Once completed, you will see that in it folder where the original video was, appears

a new video with the cut already made, which in my case is on the desk, but remember

that you always have to look for it in the folder where was also the video that you have


I'm going to open the clipping to verify that see well, and effectively both the quality

of the image as of the audio is perfect.

So here the video, I hope that the information has been useful to you,

If so, you can give Like, or if you have any doubt leave it in the comments,

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