Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can Brits Pass IELTS Speaking? - Part 1

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can you believe that every single year three million people sit the IELTS exam

that's like 10 times the population of Tonga and to get a place in a university

like this one Cambridge you need a 7.0 in all four areas of the exam including

the speaking form but how hard is this speaking part in a native English

speaker pass this part of the test relying solely on their ability to speak

English we've come to the birthplace of where it all began for the IELTS exam to

see whether the native English speakers can pass this test without any

preparation and today we're specifically going to be focusing on part 1 of the

IELTS speaking test so let's go find some people of Cambridge and put them to

the test for this video we have teamed up with a

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make sure you do that quickly because you only get two weeks from now to get

that 10% discount so enjoy that and let's get back to Cambridge did you

study art at school? No I did not, no.

what is the weather like today? Very a very hot. Yes it is. Where is your

hometown? My hometown is Manchester and I come from Middleton in Manchester yeah

Do you like art ? No I do not. No I've got no interest in art at all.

How could your hometown be improved? it could be

improved by having an ice rink all year round. Do you ever work or study in the

evening? well it depends really on what's going on at work sometimes the school

where I work have evening activities in which case I need to hang around and

help out with those but in general no I get off around 5:00 p.m. let's take a

quick coffee break because these guys are not doing particularly well so far

and if they carried on in this fashion for the rest of the test they would most

likely fall short of a 7.0 this is because their answers are not long

enough they're not paraphrasing the questions and there's not much

interesting language being used all of which are key for a high score in part

one so we decided to give them a few tips to see if they can improve their

scores let's see how they get on what is your favorite mode of transport Mary? My

favorite mode of transport would be a horse

we've got horses at home .. love a horse! My daughter rides I ride and I prefer

to go by horse and carriage to most things ha ha ha amazing! Do you enjoy your birthday?

I love my birthday it was my birthday about two weeks ago so a summer birthday

it was fantastic we went to Hunstanton which is a beach seaside town not far from

Cambridge my hometown about two hours in the car and it was really sunny and it

was very nice.. lovely. Do you often watch TV? Do you know what, I don't

actually watch a lot of TVto be honest I've not got time to watch TV I've got two

young children a two-and-a-half-year-old and a 14 week old so when I get home from

the market packed up and done I have to deal with them and by that time I'm just

ready to sit down and just chill speak to my other half and go to bed. Do you

like your hometown yes yes yes yes I used to like it but now I've been down in

Newmarket now for say for 40-something years I'd never move back to Manchester now

because this is my town this is my home now Newmarket and I love it yeah come over

to cambridge about once a month it's.. you can't beat it, can you? Beautiful place.

Do you do the same things in the evenings now as you did when you were a child? Some of the things

are the same I still enjoy watching some comedy

programs on TV but some things have changed for instance nowadays I'm much

more into learning foreign languages so I spend at least an hour catching up on

some French or maybe even German these days. How did you get here today today?

Today we came via a car on the road Alex's car my daughter's car and we came for about an

hour and a half it took us to get here yeah

did you enjoy your childhood yes I grew up in London I was the oldest child of

three I lived with my parents in a house on the

outskirts of London I went to school there yes it was a nice it was a nice

happy childhood. What's your favorite food? In terms of food I enjoy the most

it's got to be traditional British sausages they're not everyone's cup of

tea but for me as a a real English guy there's nothing better. And what's your

favorite TV program. What's my favorite TV program, what currently? Yeah. Well I'm watching

a thing on Netflix at the moment actually which I'm quite into, but I don't

know if it's very good but I'm watching a program called Safe. I've only watched

two episodes so that's I'm into that at the moment other than that I don't

really watch a lot, as I say. I sometimes I sometimes get persuaded to watch a bit

of Emmerdale 'cos that's my girlfriend's cup of tea. Where do you usually buy your

clothes? You mean where I usually go shopping to buy things to wear? I usually

go to most of the big shops in Cambridge we've got some shopping malls I'll go in

a shopping mall. I like to have a really good look around the shops before

I decide what I buy. Are you a happy person? I like to think of myself as a

happy person, yes. If the Sun is out and the weather's good then I'm as happy as

anyone but I'm not always happy and if it's raining or it's snowing then that

tends to affect my mood as well. So after a disappointing start our native

speakers have ended on a high and they've all been able to get a score of

7.0 or above, well done them! Do keep in mind that an IELTS examiner would need

more time to evaluate somebody's level than what we showed today and for that

reason they give you an overall mark from all three parts of the speaking

exam and would never give grades based on just part one like we did today

meaning if you were to do badly in part one you could still get a high score by

performing better in part two and three. So we really hope that you have found

this video fun and also informative if you are preparing yourself for the IELTS

speaking exam. As we can see it's difficult even for native speakers if

they don't have the right strategy and techniques in place to tackle these

questions, they are difficult. So when it comes to your exam take it seriously

find a teacher find the free resources online or even Cambly that can help

you to answer these questions well and give the examiners exactly what they are

looking for. Good luck in your exam and see you again soon for another video

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