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I got ice welcome to my life suits

everyone yes here we go good and this

t-shirt and Friends is haha

it's like everyone and I'm gonna do my

recap guys so this is just a 30 minute

workouts hi JPJ showed up to you

yes guys so I'm gonna start with my


it's actually a 5:20 p.m. here in French

right now yes 5dp workout time no music

that's not music boring work alright no


so I'm doing my work out right now I

mean mine weren't up guys

yeah warm up I don't know how to do that

how to put the camera guys because

there's a light here and the night is a

it's not very good because it's too

bright ok before I start let me check

who are the visitors here just a second

a little brick-red loves thank you for

coming welcome to my life street

fragrant blocks

jpg thank you so much everyone

yes guys so yeah wait does it work

ok it should be here so I hope you guys

can see me yes anyway I'm doing my

workout right now said this is a

30-minute workout so I'm going to start

once again you know you don't want your

routine for those people who have seen

me doing my workout you already saw my

routine guys though I usually start my

break out to be the speed by 5 p.m.

okay and ice that's good for 5 minutes

and then I'm gonna do I will try the

10km guys but I hope I won't fail today

yes I'm gonna try the 5 km also for 5

minutes a - I know not 5 km first and

then after that 10 km and then 5 km and

then takea

so every every seat speed I do I'm gonna

do it for 5 minutes guys so yeah yeah

yeah yeah here we go

so let's start by walking oh my god this

is different you can see me doing it I

mean it's already bye guys so I'm still

shy if I hold out my gosh if I hold on

everyone oh my gosh you can see me

falling down right yeah

g-e-t how are you record blog thank you

so much your coffee guy



walking walking


my god actually guys I one of the last

time I need to work out and be four days

ago my gosh four days ago that is the

last time I did my workout because I was

a bit occupied in the house


right now





it's very cool here guys though yeah now

all right now it's a certain master site

so it's been three minutes now and yeah

I still feel cold oh my gosh I should

have ordered monthly puppy pain

this is 5km guys the 95 is mm maybe





nope not me anymore but now I get back

my my shape oh my god I can't see 30




okay so now I'm going to do the techie

and guys it's also for five minutes

10 km five minutes everyone yeah no look

look at my belly oh my god belly pop

morning I want to stretch a little guys

because I have paid my gosh

see I didn't work up for four days and

look what happened oh my gosh


let's do it okay here we go

90 I'm sure you can do it okay let's try


technically mother spirit because I

always feel doing the 10:00 p.m. I

always just say that feeds me the finish

five minutes ice


oh my gosh





my ass

I'm gonna make it nice I couldn't make

that the five minutes back I only need a

four minutes oh my gosh I need to fix my


it was almost there okay when I proceed

all right let's do one more this one













my good guys they don't have energy

anymore it's just the second round guys

through the 10 p.m. we are sinking fast

yes me shout out to all the people who

are here

Mary phone ringing the app oh my god

you're here these your needs you're at

Lesley which the long run do the fruit

is official come to my livestream yes

guys um I'm doing my recon right now

and your name's guys I can't write it

right now so yeah all the people who are

here tonight I'm gonna write their names

in the spinner and I'm gonna spin it to

water okay I'm going to go live again

tomorrow at least we have my time so

right now it's uh it's a 5:40 p.m. here

in France though to where I'm gonna go

live at 6 p.m. and all the people who

are here tonight as my screaming I'm

gonna write your name in the spinner and

I'm gonna choose five people who will

get three WH guys three hours watch time

okay yeah so I'm just gonna do it too

long guys so because now I'm doing over

it out then I'm using my phone so I

can't write your names while I'm doing

my breakout yes I use a pretty eyes oh

my god welcome back we stopped realize

thank you for coming nakooma no making

up the riyuku hollow but now I'm sure no

problem very far in Vietnam my gosh this

is just a 30 minute and screaming guys

I'm just doing my workout yeah so yeah

anyway I don't even know if there is a

high remember there in a way doesn't

matter yes guys oh my gosh

you painted my god-given impossible you

think I did not work out for four days

and yeah I have this pain again I wish

every week of the $3,000,000 I know it's

not everyday very flower is just three

times a week but the worst is that until

times a week

because sometimes I got lazy for example

last week I only did once or twice yes

and this week yeah I started today for

this week so usually you want to be good

just do three times maximum but usually

just do time so yeah right now guys I

have been here in my leg I don't know

what happened it looks like from but it

feels like a crumb yes but anyway yeah

yes challenge company Google helped miss

a contest cool well if old camp oh okay

guys please visit Ronnie la Cruz

official she has her spaghetti challenge

in few videos spaghetti challenge

everyone okay rhondella crew is official

she I think it's a kind of contest so

she wants to win in the contest so you

guys went up support her please go visit

her channel watch the spaghetti

challenge dance everyone yes thank you

so much for watching the truth Mary nine

six one nine six one go number near my

guide as mirror no number please Maris

firemen in an event will assume ahead

and reveal oh yeah yeah but you can go

through the Jim Berry Farm in Vietnam

yes Lois Adama no you are very welcome

rondalee clearance official lisa forgot

some some men holes don't forget here's

on some poor okay thank you so much

everyone for yourselves up so yeah I

just did my five key and

five minutes and then I also did my

Twinkie after five minutes guys but the

first 10 km was cut like four minutes

first and then I finished it with one

minute after because I couldn't finish

it straight five minutes guys oh my god

I can't

yeah it's the first time I've done the

10km straight for five minutes

I mean for four minutes so I I can't

usually do the 10k yeah because you know

I'm still I mean I'm still very weak at

running yeah so right now I'm gonna do

the 5km for the second time and that's

for five minutes

everyone okay yes thank you so much

everyone okay here we go

five minutes here okay but I'm just

gonna walk everyone who knows all of

this walk I got beat it's not running

anymore guys


yes warranty summary down thank you so

much she cannot wait a minute what I

meant is a fur hat

as you can AskMe Center no problem let's

say punishment if you'll excuse the ads

there is no punishment there's no

management visa protest because you know

advertisement is one of viewers so if

you don't watch the advertisement it's

okay for the viewers but for the Rangers

it's not very good for them because you

know the creatures can make money from

the ads yes guys so I said it's the one

thing the creator's everyone so yeah so

it would be more not just keep ads every

one day you know if your operator you

can understand because you will also be

one time in the future yes did I answer

your question is that I hope I did

so right now guys I'm just walking

because I hope we know right now I know

what happened



so all the people think everyone warm

here I will be writing your names or the

speaker to work okay

I'm going to speed you guys we're gonna

give each tomorrow if too many people

nah those give me ask them if you watch

the video on the website shut up yes no

let's get because it is better the

income of the craters comes from yes but

if you skip the ad is also okay but the

thing is and means the salary of the

creator's everyone so if you're a

creator you know how it feels right

these are elderly topic about benefits

of exercise already dignity that's good

I'm gonna check it out later Jamie take

iodine take me Jay what about baby

completely move why don't we got Juanita

because I'm getting dealing with

so three minutes more maybe stuff IBM


you are welcome Issa






yeah no problem

Carter thank you so much yeah

thank you Ron feeling through the Big

Shot guys if you guys can support Ronnie

my crews official guys she's not do any

she or he I think she young she's 28

again again challenge contact see you

guys support her please check out her

video spaghetti challenge that's content

yes that's alright

yes thank you so much fun in the ruins

of bitch sighs rugged a preservation yes

guys I just finished my five Romina

I by Dan for five minutes around in a

blue bruises he I'm sorry Leslie

Randall Abruzzi also go flying okay I

visit the spaghetti challenge okay I'm

gonna watch it right now guys the

spaghetti challenge is only for three

minutes so we're on a new group my

husband is watching you right now

because I'm using my phone I can't open

my YouTube so here my husband is

watching your spaghetti challenge okay

I'm going to comment that is Toni

Katherine okay yes

oh this have a break a little bit

challenge all right I'm gonna read your

messages after guys okay I will continue

but I think I cannot do the 10km I'll

just do the ATM again guys 8 km for five


oh my god I'm still oh my god want to

the cruise

what is that oh my god i start out

random occurrences official video is

forgetting about that challenge no age

limit Wow I'm gonna dance Iran yeah you

know dancing guy it is also a kind of

exercise you know that I just assume

about when I was in Philippines and I

wake up you got a name so yes guys

please check out Ron de la Cruz's

official spaghetti bubble bath challenge

because I think he is joining or he/she

is joining a dance contest everyone safe

you guys can check it out please do so

because yeah I didn't do that

I know how to dance guys to be honest

but if I drink I dance guys I dance when

I drink

okay a drink what it's for you to know

what kind of drink everyone yes a little

boy MV i anyone and he and Ron de la


okay guys that lets us finish watching

that payment Warren died like that

review businesses right now because I'm


Rhonda like forces of video spaghetti

Papa bot challenge okay yes I'm gonna

read your messages later after this okay

I don't know how to bend this so nothing

ever you guys before I'm gonna have my

last last running 8 km for 5 minutes ok

yes for 5 minutes everyone

I don't evil comment the cake

Donnie is going to comment on this wrong

in a cruise great dance ok great dance

great dance free dance ok Rick does but

I can't accept the challenge

alright so yeah that's it Ronda their


my husband has left a comment run run to

the cruise ok yes guys this go back to

t-shirt let me see the chat room right

now who's here bread man James millions

and I feel like my husband's laptop are

you still life yes be sure I'm doing

I'm on the top but I need more views yes

sighs please support my girl chair

migrate co-payment roediger I'm gonna

have one here five minutes for a p.m.

guys got 8 km how long have I been

Nicole I've been lie for 32 minutes oh

my gosh alright so yeah I shouldn't be

laughs I think I only have a covetous

more I'm not so sure anyway eight

minutes probably okay let's do it let's

do it how I just took a break guys a

little bit so much of Rundlett cruises

video if you guys can support him check

his our next challenge contest spaghetti

Papa Razzi lover whose official is

joining a dance contest everyone so if

you guys are interested please go visit


thank you for coming me man how are you




I'll show you guys this is 9 p.m. so

maybe 18 I have tonight maybe still in

touch am I trying to take the end my

habit I could not finish it I'll clean

it for Marcus


three minutes more


oh my gosh







to me that's more my gosh








I mean oh thank you so much everyone for

your thumbs up so yes guys I just

finished running

hello Bob let me finish I know I know I

can't walk home I'll think I know anyone

will trouble you so much I'm very

conscious of each other to you

big shout out to my angels oh they're an

American shot why do I look troubled

Marcus rich and these foreign family b9e

in USA followed lovers marry for

Rubinoff reason in Russia Mary Grace the

model regression Japan yes and I was

shooting who did I call yo with my

trouble and I were a bunch of big shout

out to you in DOS I'm out of breath and

just watching oh my god deep it

seriously how much more if you do it


yes guys oh my gosh I never eat lunch

are you good for you t-shirt to have

pretty sexy buddy no no no no no I'm not

sexy anymore guys if you can see my my

photos when I was younger I mean uh

maybe uh before my second

after my first child while I was very I

was in good shape guys the TL after I

gave birth

for my second work but I feel like my

buddy is leaving me yes guys thank you

so much everyone for coming

so yeah this dreaming won't be long

everyone and you guys are coming so for

all the people who are here tonight I

will actually be writing your names

in the spinner and I hope just pen I'm

going to what I want to spend time on it

tomorrow during my life streaming

anything I'm gonna go live tomorrow as


yes and I'm gonna spend time spinning

all your names tomorrow is live

streaming act immerse life through me

and this going to be if your names are

chosen you will get 3w each from English

teacher in France yes guys thank you so

much this this is just my small way or a

little way of you know showing my

gratitude to you guys for you know for

your endless support everyone yes I hope

you can see my face right now it doesn't

look like a ghost or what yes guys thank

you very much for your time and also for

support my games ok no problem karthik

Munna will teach you all beat Allah to

you I'm a very concise thank you so much

for coming

yes the money value should go running


so yes guys I just finished right

running so right now I'm gonna do my 3 3

3 3 times with my tummy guys yep for my

belly so yeah I think I'm gonna move you


oh all the time people are here right

now thank you so much everyone

yes I'm gonna do my figure my thing what

is my thing my thingy thingy yes you

thingy yeah there you are

yeah see you see this belly this belly I

need to remove this guy's oh my god I

can cook like some cups son pork belly

everyone I have pork belly here oh you

want to do this what to do this one when

to travel no I don't know this I don't

want because I think my muscles are no

good you know okay I'll just do three

types with this and that's where ten

counts everyone you're ten times over

I'm not very good at this yeah yeah yeah


okay guys here go you go your goal

okay Oh suddenly I went straight oh my

gosh you shouldn't be flat guys you

should like do it like that like that oh

my god I can't go up anymore

look I did not do my workout for four

days guys look what happened my god and

I have been eating my gosh okay

I've been eating a lot I think okay I

can't go out my gosh

oh yes guys you should make it so flag

you should just do it like that but me

not really so like that because I got

bait on my back I have problem in my

back so I don't really do it I don't

overdo it yes sir

look guys I'm getting weaker who can do

that guys for me who can do this

challenge guys I challenge you to do

this thing for this is the branch right

branch and you do this 3 times 10 counts

ok ok do these challenge if you guys can

do this challenge please comment below

this live streaming everyone yeah tell

us challenge so oh my god I can't do it

straight I want to use the challenge

everyone the topic is the talents is the

challenge ok ready

oh that's it guys thank god that's there

and oh my gosh so I just do it for three

times guys but if you guys wanna do it

really like a intensive you can do it

more but we have to do it three times

really because yeah my workout is some

young just to stay fit everyone you can

see my belly out there you see you are

far but I guess my belly is very visible

right now

yes okay let's give a shout out to

everyone here

these are out to run Delacruz official I

never eat one chocolate eh I believe in

roseburg now that my career as a DJ so

up to you these mediums is one my whole


travelburnett yes to wealthy very

foreign get numb everyone and of course

shut up to myself to myself because I

did it shut up to a mere four Zeke

yes as mere physique receive tumblr

shout out to you and shot it to Brecker

a box yes I shot up to my angels on bare

record loves rubies for family 101

flutes truffle on every question I am

eating us a merry slow-burn magnum race

day rasa brush on japan follow bloggers

yes Marcus rich life in UK be boss big

shout out to everyone

- all my angels out there yes guys you

are my angels so let's keep helping each


let's keep or let's take being angels to

everyone you see yes guys thank you so

much everyone so I think I'm gonna end

my stream right now how long I've been

like everyone at CMAs hello oh I'd be

like for 47 minutes oh my god so I will

have three minutes more and I'm going to

end the stream okay yes guys keep at an

arts new teacher guys are with each

other arts alarms not Alex are are some


so yes but yeah I'm not really in the

mood tonight I mean today yes exercise

exercise it is exercise exercise nice oh

my god oh my god yes guys yes yes yo

look at my books goes I didn't really

sweat guys because I had a lot of I had

a lot of what break time I did a lot of

great time everyone - no no no no sweat

I swear baby just a little not too much

so yes nice my god nobody's there nobody

so caring

I'll recognize everyone so I'm thinking

of mom tomorrow

yeah and tonight guys if you are free

I'm gonna have my premiere I just need

to finish uploading it yes I'm gonna

have my premiere of something yes I hope

to see you guys during my premiere maybe

in about two hours yeah in about two

hours or yeah baby yeah the maximum is

two hours from now I'm gonna have my

premiere everyone so I hope to see you


nobody likes for travel look at my arm

muscle muscle muscle muscle

no everyone oh my god

I haven't finished the Dracula started -

like a man faisal david broder oh please

Oh Elsa shiny man find some thought

police big head Roger dead powers talk

to you guys you guys are amazing

yes very supportive friends thank you so

much yes shiny man

I haven't finished the vampire enough on


the tropical a movie yes and look at my

eyes guys

maybe I'm Dracula Dracula oh my god

well nobody was talking come on don't

tell me everyone is on VG right now are

you at bheegi bheegi bheegi bheegi or

bgd yes maybe so much I'm a very Concha

yes nice so yes guys I only have a

minute more and I'm gonna end the stream

okay yes welcome to Panda brutal Panda

panda vampire guys oh my god I look so

scary look at my eyes everyone Oh scary

please don't leave me guys I know you

are scared but yeah please don't leave

me yes find a girls community everyone

who would like to join would like to

join in the panda girls community yes

nice yes the SEO who is here who is here

who is here where are we where are we

where are we who are here who are here

for six Williams and a Williams Wow

interesting huh interesting interesting

oh how I what can't I do that with the

phone yes I thank you so much everyone

for shooting

everybody yes yes yes yes okay so

actually is what turn is it now yeah

it's a 60 I'm here right now in France

and it is Wednesday everyone Wednesday

yes Wednesday everyone so I had time to

go like early because yeah

once they kids don't have class oh

they're upstairs they're playing yes

yeah that's it ah Debbie Joe pal hello

just enjoy holidays it is it I think you

are lava right you changed your name


dusty Joe Hall yes anyway guys I'm

actually going to end the stream right

now thank you so much everyone for

tuning in once again if you're new to my

channel please don't forget subscribe

and click that Bell button below to get

more updates about this muscle just give

me guys yes to get more have a great

morning afternoon evening everyone and I

hope you're gonna have a wonderful

breakfast lunch dinner and whatever meal

you are going to have right now thank

you so much everyone so yes this is

English teacher friend singing by bonnie

bonnie bonnie bonnie bye bye bye



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