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previously on Kim now I'm gonna try and teach you so that you get full

understanding of what I believe what the Bible says and so you can understand it

yourself I did say that I said are you capable of losing your crown are you

capable of losing your salvation your Redemption your destiny your family

everything planned for you is there possibility well I will prove to you in

scriptures that all those things you can lose

welcome to my den a prophet is one who carries the future but a prophet is also

one that brings life and preservation Bible tells us quite clearly that the

word of the Lord that came through the Prophet speaking of Moses preserved

Israel when the word of the Lord comes there is preservation for you what you

gonna hear in these shows is God's plans for what he's gonna do his next course

of events and possibly we you will be going in life destiny and purpose I've

traveled all over the world and as a prophetic voice are managed to go to

some of the difficult areas in the world with his conflict is war anger hatred

and done what a prophet supposed to do not only prophesy and bring the word of

the Lord but also to do good works and that's what we've done and that's what I

want you to experience as well

stop have you ever heard the parable told by the Lord Jesus Christ of the

five talents the two talents and the one he wasn't referring to that so that we

could say well that's for yesterday he was trying to teach us a lesson he gives

you authority he gives you gifts he gave one to one he gave two to the other and

he gave five to the third person and he said now go and do something for the

kingdom the one he went out and he was it excuse me the five had five talents

eat went and he he invested and he multiplied in other words you can

increase what you've been given the one with the two talents you mr. Leoni or

two doesn't matter he also did the same thing he went and invested and have

multiplied but the one who had won and it's not because he had won he said

these words he said I know my master I know that he is a cruel man and he goes

on to describe how he sees he is masked his perception of his Lord and he says

so I'm going to bury my talent and so when he comes back at least I kept and I

didn't lose it how many of you know that's fear

that's not authority of a king when the master came back this is what he said he

saw the five he was very happy that he'd multiplied the two he'd multiplied and

he went to the one and he said look I buried it here it is take what is yours

and he said you know what you could have done you could have done exactly what

they did but instead out of fear and and and and of course a wrong perception of

Who I am that's what a lot of people do this because they are scared of God

they're afraid of him they think that if they venture out and try and do

something that he's gonna punish them no no no so he says to the one he says to

the one who had one he said I'm gonna take it from you and give it to the one

who multiplied and so the one who had five who received it from the one who

had operated a fear and unbelief my point being that you can lose it so now

let's get out of that very comfortable zone of well I thought God would just

forgive me over and over yes he will so how is it possible to

lose your crown I'm gonna deal with two things today number one we're gonna read

some scriptures and I'm not gonna rush through it by touching and why touching

I mean trying to control or destroy what God deems as sacred and belongs to him

okay so what did I say what's the first thing how you can lose your crown by

touching or trying to control or destroy what God deems sacred and belongs to him

your anointing may be in your spirit and your soul but it belongs to God

you heard what Hannah just sang it all belongs to you so what you have may be

yours for a season but ultimately it belongs to God and you treated like that

and what does God want to do he wants to bless you and breathe upon you but if

you try and destroy oak or touch what dark God is deemed sacred and belongs to

him you're in trouble let me explain something about the holy anointing oil

when God told Moses in Exodus I want you to compound a holy anointing oil for the

generations to come you know as that was the oil that they

used to anoint David was anointed with oil and so out throughout the Bible

today it speaks about oil for the healing of people that the elders will

lay their hands and anoint him with oil then they'll be healed so oil is a very

important thing but there's a spiritual aspect of oil as well but let me talk

about what they did he said I want you to get four or five different spices I

don't know what they all right now don't have time for that I've taught it before

he said I want you to take bitter and sweet spices and I want you to take them

and compel them together in other words it took pounding to mix them and to

create this beautiful fragrance this beautiful incense that is called the

holy anointing or your life consists of bitter and sweet experiences encounters

moments in life and the fact is if you overcome them they are compounded

together you cannot just have sweet in your life you know if you eat sweets

every day candy and sugar you know what's going to happen to you it may be

delicious but you have to eat the stuff that you

don't like to what we've got to realize is there's got to be a balance even in

your eating for those that are watching me now you know that on this partial

fast things are feeling great I'm losing weight

I'm feeling good spiritually and many of you are watching me and saying you just

spoke about overweight Kim I've got that problem I want to be thinner

I want to lose 20 pounds we've already put our debt on diet how about putting

our body on diet why not we forget diet for a moment and do the partial fast for

3 which means if you are struggling with a sickness you have to eat a certain

meal then you can still do it but cut out the things that are causing the

problem of how me if you'd like to join me how many want to lose 12 pounds ok I

see you there in England fatty I just saw you okay so what I'm just kidding

with you but one was saying is I see you in France I see you all over the world

the people waving their hands I want to lose my weight I want to have a healthy

heart I want to have a healthy blood I've the spirits telling me to do this

as he does with me so just excuse me for a minute while I get into that I want

you to know that if you do it with me I promise you you can define that you can

experience wonderful things in the kingdom in fact are you gonna experience

dreams and visions I read in Daniel chapter 7 verse 1 you know what he says

that's what Daniel said in the year of the king of Babylon I Daniel on my bed

in my mind had dream and a series of visions and this is what happened he

said and so I shared what was important out of my visions ha wait a bit I

thought you're supposed to share everything it's he doesn't say that he

said and so I shared what was important out of the vision and what had substance

do you know why I'm doing it actually it was a dream not a vision do you know why

he said that because when you dream you dream a whole lot of other stuff as well

imagine seeing getting caught up in a dream and God showing you something's

gonna happen in America in the month of February and then suddenly

sitting at a McDonald's eating eating eating a Mac and then suddenly you are

back and you see the United States of America is the the govern oh it's that

governor Newt was and there's a woman that's a that's the that's the vice

president and then suddenly you you you you know you you doing something silly

you playing tennis or something so now you say to yourself was that a dream

from God yes the problem of all of us is we think well Daniel had these perfect

dreams it said Daniel said he only shared what made sense and add substance

in other words he must have all said all the other things you're having this

dream about this wonderful massive thing and suddenly you're dreaming about a

buying a new suit and you're at them at Marnie however and you're buying the

shooting you're looking at the issues and then you back in the vision that's

why the mind has to be understood many of you will experience that and you're

going to see yourself the way you want to be how many of you watching you would

like to say I believe that or would say with me I believe that I have to see it

before it can happen to me and so as a visionary as one that sees and feels

myself I want to release the gift and the ability to see yourself the way you

want yourself to be or you what you want to know what God is seeing about you in

the future and that's gonna be a phenomenal

experience okay so if you want to lose 15 pounds 12 15 pounds can you see it I

said can you see it okay let's talk about this so we've got this holy

anointing oil that Moses puts together it's compounded so all the bitter all

the sweet that's happening to you I'm talking about encounters not things that

you caused yourself sometimes they are compounded together there's a beautiful

fragrance it's not just sweet it's both of them together now let's talk about

the man Moses somebody touched him and when I say touched when God says do

not touch my anointed do my prophets no harm

that's the touch I'm talking about and I'm gonna explain a little more of that

because you may have touched something that was sacred that you are not

supposed to and that may have caused the trouble that you having today and you've

lost your authority they so much can that's a little bit heavy no it's not

look you know we went to Scott we want God to be the God of love and and then

everything misses be beautiful and nothing God is also a judge he judges

with equity by the way he does it righteously and there are things that

he's not happy with in this nation right now and he's dealing with and part of my

message if you will take it and listen carefully or year at you'll hear that

I'm speaking about the present situation by the leadership of our country how a

crown may be on the head but the authority is a very rapidly being lost

because of a sparing and enemy and I I don't want to go there yet because what

I'm dealing with now is the basic we'll get to that Miriam and Aaron spoke

against Moses because of what the Ethiopian woman who he had married for

he had married an Ethiopian stop right there wouldn't you imagine there as

fairly justified they spoke against him not to him not trying to counsel him

they spoke against him and they didn't even speak about the Ethiopian woman

this is what they said has the Lord indeed spoken only through

Moses has he not spoken to us also and the Lord heard it I want you to note

that please you know we look at sexual sins and an immorality and and and all

these these sins of the flesh and say well as long as I'm not doing that then

I'm gonna keep my crown you're wrong because you see the thing is we've

categorized and put into priorities whereas what God says is different he

sees things a little different I don't know if Moses did the wrong thing I

don't know if he wasn't supposed to marry Ethiopian woman and we never hear

anything about it again but the Lord heard them say these words

has God only spoken through him and they started questioning Moses and

questioning the authority and are questioning the anointing and

questioning his character and it's so easy to do with a spiritual leader

because he's so vulnerable and so open and candid with those around him that

it's easily easy to question sometimes what God is may be saying to him because

of a little fault so are you hearing me please so yeah we have a questioning of

his authority his sacred thing because of a silly stupid thing he may have done

did that active he is by marrying an Ethiopian woman take away the sacredness

of his gift well apparently God thinks of it little

differently and the Lord heard them say that now verse 3 God qualifies how he

saw Moses now the man Moses was very humble more than all the men who on the

face of the how come he we don't know that because we not God God knows things

about you that nobody else knows God knows things about the beauty of your

nature that a lot of people don't see he judges

differently he's a judge of equity he's not like some of us that point fingers

so easily because we see something visible that may have been a mistake and

we are so apt to not forgive or suddenly the Lord said to Moses Aaron Miriam come

out you three to the tabernacle of meeting so the three went out Moses

Aaron and Miriam I don't want to go through the whole

story I'm trying to show you something the Lord came down the pillar of cloud

stood in the door and called Aaron and Miriam said you know that that's our

principal in school even in the army who knows the army they say two of you step

forward and there is two you stand so we'd have to stay to step forward and

then we'd be the ones in trouble so they Moses stood back and the two step

forward and then God said this he evaluated the situation here my words if

there is a prophet among you the Lord make the law either Lord make myself

known to him in a vision I speak to him in a dream I want you to see something

here and I can go on but I don't have the time he basically says

Moses's a cut above that I don't really speak to him in dreams and visions he

recognizes the the form or the image of God and he is faithful in my entire

house in other words God didn't even address the issue up and not giving you

a reason to send by the way he is not did not deal with the Ethiopian

situation because that was not within his thinking what was more important to

God that Moses was the most humble man on the face of the earth that he was

faithful in his household and he spoke to God face to face not meaning that if

you do that you can make a mistake but that's one of the ways of losing your

authority they were judged leprosy took over the body of Miriam and then God

said if you want them to live I listen to Moses that has not changed you may be

losing your authority or anointing your prosperity and everything because you

did a stupid thing like that and you thought it wasn't that big a deal I know

people are very quiet when they said because well Kim you know you get these

control freaks that are in in the kingdom they tell us we got to obey

everything they say that is not what I'm saying I do not believe that but if

something you touch the sacred part of a human being that has been touched by God

be careful because Jesus himself said these words he said that all the sins

can be forgiven but the sin against the Holy Spirit will not be given in this

life nor the life to come now people are very afraid when that is spoken but let

me say something to you if you are questioning whether you've done that you

haven't done it because you wouldn't be convicted by the spirit anymore that's

how you know and you just get more and more perverse and more and more and you

deteriorate more and more and the Holy Spirit can never bring you back most

people are not in that position I'm just trying to show you why Jesus said that

let's go back a little bit as to why Jesus made that statement jesus said

that because they had called him the Lord of the Flies the son the son our be

hell's ABAB in other words the Holy Spirit was speaking through Jesus and

they were judging his actions and his culture and the things that he was doing

and them to eat on the Sabbath or all kinds

of stuff and so they used all these little things and they touch something

and they said you are not the voice of God you are the voice of Satan and the

minute that they said that Jesus said you know what I have no control of this

now because this is a sin against the Holy Spirit because when it is the Holy

Spirit and you touch if you say it's not you have just touched something that may

exclude you in this life - one of the greatest most powerful blessings in the

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