Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Is this thing on? | Wolves Foundation Outtakes

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We good? Yeah

Is this on? No

Hi guys...

I've got an itch

I'm here today to...

Not mess this up.

I've completely lost what i'm saying

Put it down lower

Nighttime...daytime! Nighttime...


Hi, my name is Liam and i'm the lead coach of the U10s

Oh my god, okay. Happy, happy, happy

Look at him!

He just keeps appearing!

Can i do it again

It was that good, she wants me to do it again!

It''s too much

The Foundation has been working across the city to improve...


Nah nah nah nah nah nah


I can't do it, go away! (You just said stand there!) Go away!

Am I Sandra Bullock?

Is it Academy?


This is going to take a long time

I can't walk AND think, I can barely walk and breathe

Oh man

I've forgot what I was saying now

This is so hard! I don't know how players do it

Ugh! Where are the lads?!

Does anybody else have to do this?

Don't forget to wear your sunhat, Pip. Said Posy...

You know what I mean, I've got him laughing at me in the background!!

I'm trying to put some effort into this, it's for the kids!

You know what i mean!

Looking forward to seeing you at Soccer Schools...

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