Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What is prism?

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in this nugget we will learn about prism

white light emitted by the Sun or an incandescent lamp

is a mixture of all wavelengths in the visible spectrum

its spectrum also contains radiation from the adjacent

infrared and ultraviolet regions

a well-known way of separating white light into its component wavelengths

is by means of a prism

the spectrum obtained in this way exhibits the familiar colours of the rainbow

viz. violet, blue, green

yellow, orange, and red

not all wavelengths produce the same impression of brightness

on the human eye

the highest eye sensitivity lies in the green region

at 555 Nanometre

using the electromagnetic wave theory it is possible to calculate

and predict not only the speed of light but also

aspects such as reflection, absorption,

transmission, refraction, interference

and polarization of light


the calculation of energy of radiation for different wavelengths

is not possible with the wave theory

for this purpose we have to apply the theory

in which light is seen as a quantum or

photon phenomenon

in the end of this nugget we conclude that prism can be used

to separate white light into a spectrum of colours

which can be identical to a rainbow thank you

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