Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CostaLab EchoLab review by Edoardo Scordo

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\f0\fs32 \cf2 \cb3 Hello, I am Edo Scordo and today I want to talk about Costalab Echolab.\

\ \

\ Born from the passion and the sparkling \cf4

genius of\cf2 costalab and inspired by the immortal classic and vintage sounds of the

old tape echo, Echolab is an analog delay, characterized by a warm sound, deliberately

darkened in repetitions and that adds depth and elegance to our sound.\

Regardless \cf4 the kind\cf2 or musical context in which it is inserted, Echolab, thanks to

its ease of use and versatility in its possession, will always be able to offer the right color

and the right environment to our tone but keeping \cf4 present the\cf2 direct sound

of the instrument.\ \

\ \

\ \

by using 2 switches, and 4 controls, set the amount of repetition and echo will be simple

and immediate, and thanks to the dual-mode Green or Red of delay time, you can recall

the two settings with the switch on the left.\ \

\ \

\ We hear now some example of Echolab in multiple

contexts and with various settings.\ \

\ \

\ But the time has come to testing Echolab in

a full mix, you will observe that, due to the unusual color of the repeats, these will

appear in a range of frequencies just below those of the original signal, leaving it so

easily distinguishable and adding three-dimensionality and heat.\

\ \

\ \

I hope you get the idea of the possibilities offered by this pedal sound, thanks to the

perfect blend of vintage sounds and modern technology is perfectly suited to many musical

contexts.\ I would add that , as all CostaLab products,


\ \

\ \

\ Well, that's all, thanks for your attention

, I salute you and I invite you to the next review, CIAO !}

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