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It all started with a travel in South Korea in August 2013

A click: the reputation of French fashion in the world

An Inspiration from Korea: the Couple wear

Back to France in December 2013

Creation of the brand in January 2014

Production made in France

High quality

The theme: Seduction

Conscious brand

Purified style

Designed in Lyon

T-shirts made in Troyes

Vignettes supplier in Aix en Provence

Bracelets made near Toulouse

Logo Tags made near Saint-Etienne

Hems of T-shirts sewn

Woven stripes (not printed)

Pocket with flower pattern or made with different material

Work on cuts

Woven vignettes

Inspiration from Korea : Couple wear

Same color

Different cuts


Awareness for a local consumption in Europe

An important point for the French economy

The appeal for French products in Asia

An image built around the charm represented by the country and the big names of the Fashion industry

Why Us ?

Conscious brand

Support for local industry

Next collections made with organic cotton and recycled materials

Ambitious brand

Launching in Asia in 2016

Diversification in shorts, pants, socks...

The needs for the second production






If you are more generous ...

Developement of a collection made from recycled materials

Thanks for listening and supporting

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