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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Spending a Day on Earth 200 Million Years Ago

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Earth's 200 million Years ago was a very different place from now for starters Earth only had one continent pangaea

Which later with tectonic plates moving split into many more continents that we have today?

So all of today's continents can fit inside pangaea almost perfectly pangaea was surrounded by a gigantic ocean

[Ponte] [Lhasa] or old Pacific which covered 70% of the whole surface

So then what would going back in time and spending a day [on] Earth

200 million years ago be like it should be noted that a day in Earth 200 million years ago was around

23 hours not

24 hours so let's put you in North American part of pangaea

which was ruled by dinosaurs as well as the whole surface and

Generally reptiles and cold-blooded creatures were all over pangaea

So let's say you were roaming around in one of the forests there it would be quite an experience

You would see many alien like species or at least many different species

That didn't survive or adapt and are not present in today's world. I mean [Justin] think about it. It is estimated that

[99%] of all species that ever existed went extinct and

20 million Years ago many more mass extinction events were to come

So just in the [forests] you would see many species of fascinating trees

insects and reptiles that didn't get to survive you would see how they move eat act and

It would be the greatest throw back in time, but there would be no flowers bees ants

Snakes and any mammals and tons upon tons of species and nurse that are present today

The whole Surface would look somewhat different

Many Mountains have been formed that are not here today as well as many ancient deserts interestingly

Part of [antarctica] was not covered in snow there were no snowy

Wasteland and since that article was a bit closer to the equator meaning there

Maybe was a huge hunk of desert, but as well parts that were covered [with] vegetation

So today's antarctica is nothing alike old

Antarctica which possibly had forests with many organisms living in it the climate of the whole planet?

Was as well very different distribution of cold and warm

temperature was very different because of continents which changed wind paths

Occasionally while roaming around Asian forests a group of flying reptiles petrol soars with their 10 meter Wingspan

Would fly over finding dinosaurs on pangaea as well wouldn't be very hard since they are the top

Predators before mammals from finding a raptors which are actually just 1 metre in length?

Not that big to finding the biggest dinosaurs and biggest

Organisms to have ever walked the surface of Earth Toria Sars super source and many other

Gigantic dinosaurs, they were 39 meters in length, which is comparable to the height of the ten story building

Still you should keep a distance from these giants, but if they spot you they likely wouldn't try to eat

You since they likely only ate?

Vegetation who knows what would go through their brains was seeing a creature from future

But there were predatory dinosaurs, so keeping a distance is good

So then let's travel to see panthalassa the big ocean the water seems inviting as always

But this time it has more sharks and other species that are predators just a hundred metres off the coast

The danger will rise drastically taking a deep dive again same as in the surface there would be unrecognizable

species living in the ocean from large Sharks to reptile like fish to other unknown species

so this would be all great, but the big problem is that

Just a single human could contaminate the whole world with its

viruses from the future which we are immune to but at this time there was the earliest evidence of virus presence through cells being

infected so you might pick up some type [of] virus [that] is deadly to

Today's humans still there might have been even earlier viruses viruses are poorly understood

And we can't even decide whether or not they are alive, so

Then we can see that if we had a time machine

it would be worth it to go back in time 200 million years ago to see what was before the existence of

Whole humanity which arised very early compared to organisms that were here before us

It would be one of the best throwbacks. We never got to experience


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