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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Jim" Mo Jing

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hi hello my name is Jim I'm from yong-jo

City which is located in the east coast

of China when I come to AEI my own skill

was level five and our dodgy level was

level six I learned the English in in

the east coast of the US in 2013 one of

my good friend he was in AI in 2013 then

he was rotated to the U of he recommend

me to come to the AI because he said AI

is a great dilemma Center at that moment

I also wanted to change a new

environment so I decided to move from

the east coast to the west coast

why get to Oregon I just I love it there

are so many green things and outdoor

stuff to do Eugene is also a small

college town which is good for me to

stay here three to four years to get my


avi is like a family everyone cares you

while walking to the ai building I feel

like the people are willing to talk to


I feel those process process are

priceless I made a bunch of students and

friends here and this turn I'm

graduating when you come here try to

talk to more whatever you're the

American people or international

students just try to you know me more

people make your life colorful

any activities my instructors my

advisors conversation partners they are

all positive things for me so those

positive things it actually shakes my

personality from a shy person to an

outgoing type person I can feel more

confident and comfortable in college

right now my favorite part of being in

AI is to join the AAA activities every

Friday and Saturday ai has a bunch of

events in using area

such as hiking campaign volunteer events

and they also have the trip to the

Portland to the coast to the queerly

to the blue pool and as a foreign

students here

I feel like studying is not the only

things for me you know so those events I

can more experience in US and I have

more understanding about US culture III

helps me to have a global view there's

other things in United State called

volunteered like for example in Eugene

area area there are so many nonprofit

organizations they really need

volunteers to work with them you don't

have to like be here every day like

twice a month this is really good

like after whatever you do an intern

wasn't here with them or just regular

willing here walk with them in the end

and they could give you you know like a

paperwork to prove you are hard worker

you are great team members and these are

very good for your career plan for your

future professional skills since I

joined the a I volunteer team

I'm with in so many places in Eugene

also I did lots of volunteer activities

such as retirement house mostly children

center for fallen hungee cross rock

garden you know as a asian student here

this experience are fresh for me it's

priceless from 2015 as a student to a

student worker right now I met bunch of

friends and students here these people

they're just awesome everyone our unit

with different backgrounds which makes

me have more interest

in them yeah I feel like they're

priceless for me also here I won't

mention my office I have to boss Zach

and Daria they're super nice person they

give me a lot of lot of freedom and the

opportunities on practice my whatever

the present presenting in front of a

bunch of students organize the events I

really push it that I won't say thank

you to them here also I made so many

co-workers in a high activity office


they're just awesome yeah I can notice

all their names here because they are

too much but I just want to say thank


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