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Ok, go!?Comic"Yuri Hime !

Dorm life seems to be quite fun!

Unfortunately there is no student dormitory in our school.

Mei's cool reply...I'm freezing... :_(

You know. "TACHIBANA-KAN" This life is exciting every day!

Right. It is meaningful because to send a joint life can cultivate discipline and Cooperativeness.

Mei's cool reply...I'm freezing... :_(

Every day in the student dormitory seems to be lively and fun!

I am excited that there will be various happening events! hehehe!

If you cause problems in a shared life it will be a joint responsibility.

Your actions will be annoying to others.

Mei's cool reply...I feel strange...

At that time the student council president should help me!?

Do you want receive a humiliating punish from me? ;)

Wow!Wow! Mei's punish is a reward for me!!! Mei seduced me...<3

Ichijinsha !

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