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Left your wallet at home?

Or just want a quicker and easier way of paying?

Seqr is an independent app that allows you to pay for what you need with your phone.

By pairing bank accounts with your smart phone

youll be able to simply tap and pay at any contactless terminal.

And its all free of charge.

Keeping you in control of your finances securely anytime, anywhere

Spending money, we all do it.

Buying gifts, treating ourselves, or just paying for lifes necessities.

We are always lookin for more simple and secure ways to pay

as well as being updated with daily discounts and special offers.

Scan the QR code with Seqr

available in a vast number of shops, online and in-store.

And its done, paid for. Simple and secure.

Allowing you to manage receipts and get the most of out what youre spending.

As a bonus you always get up to 3% back on all your purchases.

So, youre on holiday in...

Lets say Spain.

But back home, your friend is buying tickets to a festival

and you want to go but they are selling out fast.

You could visit a bank office? Go to an internet café?

Or use Seqr.

With Seqr you can send money to friends, family and colleagues.

Which means you can instantly transfer money at anytime, anywhere from your mobile.

Meaning youll never miss a thing.

Parking permits are boring.

Pieces of paper that can get easily lost.

But unless you want to get fined, you need them.

With Seqr, youll be able to pay, manage and extend parking permits.

Simply scan the ticket machines' QR code and thats it!

Paying for parking has never been easier.

Youre working abroad

and you need a way of transferring money back home or to another country.

Seqr gives users the ability to transfer cross currency funds around the world.

Tell us who and where you wish to send the money, and once that is confirmed

all you do is send the collection code you receive to the recipient and they can collect the money

from any number of agents in that country.

Guaranteeing a quick, safe and reliable way of transferring money.

Seqr, the standard way to pay.

Download now.

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