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In case you couldnt tell from my recent content, Ive been reading a LOT of Shounen

Jump manga lately. Their mobile app, which grants access to nearly every title in their

massive back catalogue for just two bucks a month, has made it way too easy for me to

go on the kind of comfy nostalgia binges that lead to my latest Yu-Gi-Oh deep dive. But

its also given me a chance to see whats new in the magazineas the app includes

simul-publishedchapters of their currently running series.

As a kid I never really got into the habit of reading manga beyond the event then-ancient

stuff I could buy at indigo books, and Doctor Stone was the first time I ever got to experience

the anime hipster delights of loving a series BEFORE IT WAS COOL. Now, though, Im reading

a whole whack of great manga that have anime coming down the pipe, along with a few whose

adaptations have yet to even be announced. And I really cant recommend this totally

unjustified feeling of superiority enough. Or the manga themselves, I guess. Although

I did have to wade through a whole mess of mediocre slop and straight up

diarrhea to find em, so I guess it might be a good idea to help

you guys get started with one of my patented lists of things I like and think youd like

too. First up, we have Tatsuki Fujimotos Chainsaw

Mana Manga that Ive been hooked on since I first downloaded the jump app a year

ago. Andlook, Im aware that this ones already about as cool as un-animated manga

get, but I still REALLY wanna talk about it. I mean, it only makes up a quarter of this

video, but it accounts for, like, 85% of my motivation for writing it. The series JUST

pulled off one of the greatest twists Ive ever seen inanything, and I really wanna

make a video essay about how it did it, but obviously that would need to be MAD spoilery,

and I dont wanna ruin it before you have a chance to read it. So take this as your

two monthish warning to get caught up before that drops.

I do promise Ill make the silent voice book club video before that happens, though.

Of course, I dont expect you guys to instantly jump on a manga based on the promise that

something good happens several dozen chapters into iteven if that thing is REALLY GOOD

so lemme give you a brief rundown of the story, to convey some of its more immediately

obvious charms. To say that Denji is a kid down on his luck

would be an understatement. Trapped under the crushing weight of his formerly deadbeat

- now just dead - dads debt to the Yakuza, the boy spends every day fighting and killing

devils with the help of pochita, his pet chainsaw dog, and selling their body partsas well

some of his own - to the mob for pocket change. Itsnot a great life, but it sure beats

getting hacked to pieces by zombies and stuffed in a dumpster oh fuck, sorry Denji, I totally

jinxed that. Luckily for him, he dies with Pochita by his

side, and in one last act of love, the adorable little devil dog gives up his body to fuse

with the boy and revive him as a man. A CHAINSAW MAN. Shortly thereafter, some public security

devil hunters show up to take out the zombie devil, only to find that Denji has beaten

them to the chainsaw punch, and their leader, the lovely Makima, takes him in as a new recruit

under threat of execution if refuses. Not that she really needs to take such a coercive

tackafter the life Denjis lead, hed to put it on the line just to get some jam

with his toast. Plus, hes got a bit of a thing for Makima on account of her being

the first girl hes ever met, and hell do anything for boobs. I mean love. Even if

it means he has to work alongside an annoying stuffed shirt, like his new boss, Aki, or

an annoying demon with a VERY stuffed shirt like his fellow rookie, power.

From that setup, you might expect hilarious shounen Hijinx to ensue. And they do. But

at the same time, the series has a way of subverting expectations and swerving without

warning into some of the most profoundly disturbing horror youll find in any manga without

Junji Itos name on it. Not just fucked up body horroralthough, boy howdy, there

sure is a lot of thatbut also the kind of cold, creeping dread that sticks with you

long after you put it down, fueled by an unnerving nightmare logic that permeates even the mangas

lightest moments. If you like to laugh your ass off and then

stare up at the ceiling contemplating your own mortality as sleep escapes your fear-addled

mind, this is the manga for you! With all that said, there is a chainsaw man

anime already rumored to be in the works, and I can understand wanting to wait for that

to drop. But if you do, you should know that youll be waiting a while yet, and even

when it does finally come out, theres basically no way for an efficiently-animated work to

fully capture the gruesome detail and raw atmosphere of Fujimotos artwork. Some genres

just work better in manga form, and Horror is at the top of that list.

Soread Chainsaw Man, please. Im asking for your sake, really, but if not for yourselves,

do it for me. ‘Cause I REALLY wanna make that video essay.

Now on the subject of future ambitions, Time Paradox Ghostwriter accounts for another solid

10% of this videos existence. Its one of the newest additions to Jumps lineup,

and already its shaping up to be one of the best, too. But Jump is constantly fielding

pitches for great new manga, and competition for space in the magazine is fierce, so series

have to do numbers fast and keep doing them if they wanna stick around.

So, having just been disappointed by the rushed ending of The Promised Neverland and too soon

cancellation of Zipman, I have chosen to weaponize your collective eyeballs to keep this cartoon

I like around. This is a responsible use of my platform.

And I feel comfortable being so up front about the fact that Im using all of you like

this because the premise of Time Travel Ghostwriter is so neat that youre gonna want to read

it anyway. And that premise is actually tied to the fierce competition I was just talking

about. Teppei Sasaki is a young wannabe manga-ka

whos spent years spinning his wheels, sending unsuccessful pitches to his jump editor, after

winning a runner up prize for a new manga artist competition in his teens. For all his

talent as an artist, he just cant seem to come up with any truly great ideas, that

is until one night, right when hes ready to quit forever, a flash of inspiration strikes

and fuses his microwave with a toy robot and his refrigerator.

Sorry, did I say inspiration? I meant lightning. Now, if you know anything about microwaves,

then you can guess what happens nextall of a sudden, the timer dings, and Teppei discovers

that its cooked up a brand new issue of shounen jump from ten years in the future.

In that issue he finds the debut chapter of a brand new manga seriesWhite Night,

an instant-classic work of fantasy fiction so audaciously brilliant that he cant help

but run outside and shout a whole essay about it immediately after reading it.

When he returns, the manga he left inside has mysteriously vanished, leading him to

believe that he was dreaming or hallucinatingeither way, theres only one conclusion:

the blueprint for THE NEXT ONE PIECE just leaped, fully formed, from his subconscious,

and now he need only put it to paper. The next day, his pitch is acceptednot just

as a one shot, but as a new series to be launched immediatelyits THAT good. Overnight,

Sasakis dream has come true. His future looks bright. And he walks on air all week

until the next chapter of White Knight zaps into his microwave.

Yeah, it turns out he wasnt dreaming. Itsuki Aino is very real, and, as shes currently

working on an early draft of White Knight, VERY pissed. Thoughthe story doesnt

take that in the direction youd expect. Time Paradox Ghostwriters delightfully

off-kilter high concept is tempered somewhat by an impressive devotion to realism, both

in its astoundingly detailed, textured artwork and its depiction of jumps editorial practices

and the manga industry at large. Beneath all the sci-fi shenanigans lies a surprisingly

relatable tale of frustrated ambition, artistic soul-searching and imposter syndrome, with

a small but strong cast of supporting characters. Its not just the time travel stuff thats

givin off steins;gate vibes, is what Im sayin’.

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If great character interactions are what youre looking for, youre also gonna wanna give

Spy x Family a read. Or, uhjust Spy Family, maybe? Not sure if that titles a Hunter

x Hunter deal or what. But regardless of what exactly its called, one things for sure:

this manga is an absolute delight. The neighbouring nations of Ostania and Westalis

have long stood teetering on the brink of all out war. Even the tiniest political incident

could be the spark that sets both countries ablazethough a few brave souls are working

diligently to douse the flames of conflict behind the scenes. One such man is Twilight,

agent of Wise, Westanias intelligence bureau, and master of disguise capable of imitating

any target and infiltrating any stronghold. He works undercover in the Ostanian capital,

Berlint, and despite their best efforts, the only thing the government knows about him

is his code namehe truly is the perfect spy. But his latest mission, project strix,

calls for him to go even further above and beyond: in order to make contact with Donovan

Desmond, reclusive president of Ostanias Far-right National Unity Party, he must build

a fake family in just seven days, and enroll his new child at the same prestigious private

school as Desmonds son. The child comes easy enoughdisguised

as psychiatrist Loid Forger, twilight simply adopts the brightest-seeming kid he can find

at a local orphanage, a young girl named Anya. Shortly thereafter, he lucks into meeting

Yor Briar, a clerk at city hall who needs a pretend boyfriend to get her nosy family

and coworkers off her back about being single, and ends up getting a pretend husband after

a hilarious miscommunication. With his cover complete, Twilight begins working to infiltrate

Eden Academy, but there are two small wrinkles in his plan that hes overlooked.

Firstly, it turns out Yor is kind of an, uh, assassin whos using him as a cover story

too. And secondly, Anya is an escaped human experiment with telepathic powers that have

instantly made her privy to both of her adopted parentssecrets. Which shes fine with,

because as a TV-addledand, frankly, pretty stupid5 year old, she thinks all the

spy stuff and clandestine murder is just super cool.

Spy x Family is an absolute riot, with, sharp, darkly comic writing made all the funnier

by its wildly expressive artwork. That core comedic trio is funny enough all on its own

Loids deadpan is flawless, Yors flustered reactions and twisted sense of social

standards always get laughs, and Anyas just endlessly endearing - but the mangas

kept layering great supprting characters on top of them, each one zanier than the last.

You have not seen comedy until youve seen a siscon secret police officer interrogate

his undercover inlaw. Whats kept me coming back to the series,

though, is its surprisingly warm heart. Despite their strange circumstances and ulterior motives,

each member of the forger family quickly develops a sincere affection for the others, and as

the series has gone on, those bonds have only gotten stronger. Spy x Family strikes just

the right balance of light and darkness in its storytelling, and if you need a good wholesome

smile amid all the everything right now, it will more than deliver.

By the way, if, after youre done with it, youre still craving some gag manga goodness,

the recently launchedMagu-chan: God of Destructionis also a lot of fun. The whole

regular kids living with a cute would-be world conquerorschtick is a bit played

out at this point, and since only two chapters have been released as of this recording I

cant FULLY vouch for its quality yet, but itsidiot genki girl and ancient eldritch

deitydynamic feels decently fresh and fun, as these things go, and those two chapters

have made me laugh out loud more than a few times.

On the other hand, if youre looking for another series with a lot of heart, then youll

enjoy my fourth proper recommendation, Act-Agewait, act-Aaaahj? REALLY? Okay.

Act-age tells the tale of Kei Yonagi, a gorgeous but unsociable teenage girl with a surprising

hidden talent: shes a natural method actor, able to instantly recall any emotion shes

experienced previously and convey it with absolute accuracy. With her mother dead and

savings running low, Kei wants to use her abilities to support her siblings, but her

untrained talent a double-edged sword. Those intense, at times traumatic emotions affect

Yonagi just as strongly as when she first felt them, and she has a tendency to get so

immersed in her roles that she can be a danger to herself and her fellow performers.

Still, shes got a lot of potential, and while she fails her first audition at a major

talent agency, one of the Judges, a passionate auteur director named Sumiji Kuroyama, sees

potential in her. Taking her under his wing, he plans to polish this diamond in the rough

until she shines brighter than any other star, all so he can use those refined talents to

make his dream movie. As the sole Talent represented by his newly

formed studio, Daikokuten, he sends Kei to work on commercials, Netflix original dramas,

movies, and other projects, stealing the skills of her costars in each production.

This novel story structure allows Act-Age to explore many sides of acting, from the

stage to the screen, and the amount of research that Tatsuya Matsuki has clearly done into

the subject is impressive. Obviously the series takes some very anime liberties in both streamlining

and dramatizing the production process of films and the like, but theres keen attention

paid to the details at every turn, and from my own experience as an actor, I see a lot

of truth in how the series portrays different approaches to the craft.

Those approaches are embodied in a broad cast of vividly realized characters, established

actors and fellow newbies alike whose lives and careers intersect with Keis on the

various projects she works on. And as the development of her acting abilities is intrinsically

tied to her emotional development, it follows naturally that these big personalities collide

to create some deliciously compelling melodrama. As was the case with Beastars, the high school

drama geek in me was all but bound to fall in love with Act-Age the second I learned

of its premise. But its that tight narrative constructionwhere each aspect of the

story feeds in to all the othersthat really makes this manga remarkable. Act-age

is one of the best dang dramas Ive ever read, period, and if ya ask me, you should

read it too. Thats all the manga recommendations Ive

got in me today, at least for new series. I would also highly recommend checking out

the original Yu-Gi-Oh manga if you havent read it already, because it is WILD and my

wacky worldbuilding video barely scratched the surface of some of the messed up stuff

that happens in it. For now, I will leave you at that.

Im Geoff Thew, Professional Shitbag, Signing out from my mothers basement.

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