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In this video we'll discuss Google Drive administration basics in Google Apps

will cover logging on to the admin console configuring google drive to

include sharing data setting policies templates and transfer of ownership of

data so we've navigated using a standard web browser to https admin google com

and being presented with this page this will allow us to select the user account

we want to use to log on to the Google Apps administration console so we're

going to log on to the let the wookie lusco dot uk' admin console we've typed

in our password and we're going to click Sign In okay and here we are at our

console Google Drive is an application and therefore resides in the app section

of the admin console this can be accessed by clicking on the apps icon by

pulling out the left hand menu and selecting apps Google Drive is a core

app of which currently there are eight by default other types of apps are

additional google services and also marketplace apps let's take a quick look

at the different types of apps that are available so we have calendar contacts

Drive gmail groups for business mobile sites and talk and hang out in previous

videos we showed how to select certain applications to be on or off for

individuals in a certain organizational unit as a recap we can see that we can

set via the right hand focus on for every

body on for some organizations or off these are our core apps in the previous

screen here we noticed additional google services these include these

applications blogger chrome management Chrome Web Store Google Adsense Google

AdWords Google Analytics chrome sync developers console google groups google

wallet google+ location history picasa wale barbell albums and youtube these

like the previous set of applications can be set on or off or only on for some

organizations the third type of app is the marketplace app

click and services to your domain will bring up an up to date list of the

Google Apps Marketplace it's important to note with these apps that Google will

not support or give technical support to these apps that support and licensing

will have to be obtained from the creator or owner of these apps let's go

back to our core apps

so for this video we're concerned with Google Drive let's select that again the

focus the top right hang side allows you to set it on on for some orgs or off

weirdness now to look at sharing settings it's important to note though

that Google Drive really is a way for users to access and share files and

folders not only Google Docs but anything you really put on google drive

at any time or any device will that be a smart device a tablet a PC a Chromebook

so we're going to go through an example

about sharing files within the company

let's click share settings

here we can see the default settings for sharing files or folders in Google Docs

or Google Drive so sharing options sharing outside of the organization let

the wookie lose so we want people to share in the entire organization so we

ensure that all is selected if we selected off only people in this

organization would be able to share the files no sub organizations so we want

everybody to collaborate within the company so we will select on the next

section for files owned by users warned when sharing this is very good when

reminding people that if you're sharing outside of your organizational unit or

team that you are sharing content now also we're going to allow people

externally to BRE view the file without a sign in what we're not going to do

though is allow users in the organization let the wookie lose to

publish files on the web or make them visible we want to keep our files for

ourselves so to do that we click on and remove the default option you'll notice

we've been prompted to save changes here and that these changes may take 24 hours

to propagate to all users

we're also going to allow people the shared documents files or folders if

they get sent a link and by that let's click on this section and save changes

should allow us to enable collaboration within our company all users within our

route organization have let the wookie loose and sub organizations will be able

to view any data that any other person within our company has on Google Drive

also we've allowed people to access data if they have a link we have removed the

functionality to allow users in the organization to publish files on the web

or make them visible now it's time to talk about offline access users such as

Salesforce people managers people who are generally out and about meeting

customers may need to have access to this data offline they may not be

anywhere near an active internet signal or mobile internet signal so we can

manage this via data access this page I believe has a slight problem on it where

it leads the fact that you can manage offline access and the general settings

if you select general settings it just states the URL where you can access your

drive and then uninstalling the drive however to do what we want to do we just

select an enable offline access that's done from the data access

section here you can see we've got several choices before us so offline is

selected by default allow users to enable offline Doc's copies of recent

files will be synchronized and saved on the user's computer that's what we want

allow users to download install and use google drive for pc and mac make sense

we can degrade this functionality by allowing the use of google drive for pc

or mac but how the download links in the drive interface or do not allow people

to download google drive there are apps for Google Drive and ditional add-ons so

we've ensured that people can have offline access to Google Drive

let's go back

take a look at the transfer of ownership as it states useful when deleting a user

file ownership transfer you can transfer the ownership of all files from one user

to another you can either step like this sepa like this when deleting a user in

the console as we demonstrate it in the user access basics video or we can do it

here from a user gig we're going to delete to another user or standard mail

box you might have set up or standard user account for having all these files

this could be a manager a team leader a standard user account for this sort of

process or appear who has taken over the person who's leaving their job enter the

from account and the to account and click transfer files as it states this

feature is used at the tight is useful at the time of deleting a user as it

ensures that the files created by the user being deleted are not lost

in this section we have templates enable templates for drive this will allow

users to submit templates for Google Drive in this organization and you can

select the templates that you want to allow storage space for Google Apps is

also very important and the user or individual kamar to that within Google

Drive addition to this as administrator you can also view in the report section

how much data a user is used

in addition to this if you need additional space a Google Drive you can

buy Google and limited Google unlimited allows you to store as much data as you

possibly want on Google Drive but this comes as a price you can assign some

licenses to individual users that have a greater amount of storage assigned to

them although it's probably wise to get people working in a way and implement a

records retention policy where old versions of old files are archived oft

perhaps in Google vault or replaced by up-to-date files thanks for watching

this brief and very brief administration of Google Drive video please look out

for more videos in this section

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