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This years, Nurses Day Theme

decided by the International Council of Nurses is

Nurses, a voice to lead, Health is a Human right.

Why is International Council of Nurses,

focusing on, health as a human right?

This broad focus,

enables nurses,

to understand, the philosophical basis

of all of our practice

whether that is in health promotion,

illness or, trauma prevention,

or in acute and chronic treatment.

It enables us to locate

the health effects,

of the social determinants of health

such as sanitation, adequate food,

decent housing, good working conditions,

education, equality

and a clean environment.

This years International Nurses day

builds on the messages of the 2017 International

2017 International Nurses day,

by now exploring,

issues of access to health care

and the impact of access issues, on health outcomes.

In September 2015,

193 countries

formally endorsed, a new blueprint

for the world that we want

this included UHC i,e Universal Heath Care

the right to health without financial hardship.

At least 400 million people globally,

lack access to one or more essential health services

Each year 100 million people,

fall into poverty paying for essential services.

On an average

about 32% of each countrys health expenditure

comes from outofpocket payments.

40% of the worlds population

lack social protection

A minimum of US $44

is needed per person per year

to provide basic lifesaving health services

26 WHO Member States,

spent, less than this in 2011

Key elements of a right approach to a health system

A core building block of the right to health

and the aspiration

for the highest attainable standard of health

is an effective and integrated health system

that encompasses health care,

that is concerned about the determinants of health.

This health system, also needs to be responsive to

both local and national priorities

and be accessible to all.

When this is achieved

the foundations are set in place

for a healthy and equitable society.

The general principles of a health system

based on the right to health

1)Outcomes and Processes

Concerned with how the health system works

and how it does fit

(i.e. transparent, participatory

and without discrimination)

2)Culturally Appropriate

A health system should be respectful

of cultural differences.

3)Progressive Realisation

The right to the highest attainable standard of health

is subject to

progressive realization and resource availability.

4)Equity, Equality and Nondiscrimination

A health system should be accessible to all

without discrimination including those living in poverty,

minorities, indigenous people,

women, children,

people with disabilities the elderly, etc.

5) Determinants of health

The health of individuals and communities

require more than medical care.

It includes addressing the determinants of health


Health service must be of good quality

with access to essential medicines.

Quality also extends to how

patients are treated within the health system

The six core elements of a functioning health system

1.Health Services




Person centered

Minimum waste

2.Health Workforce



and efficient

sufficient numbers

and mix of staff


Fairly Distributed


and Productive

3.Health Informatics

Enables the production, analysis dissemination

as use of reliable and timely information

Utilized to monitor and improve performance

4. Health Financing

Funds are provided to health systems

so that needed services can be provided

People are protected from financial catastrophe

or getting impoverished ,

as a result of having to pay for them

5.Medical Products, Vaccines and Technologies

Equitable access

Assured quality

Scientifically sound

Cost effectively used

6.Leadership, Governance and Stewardship

Provision of appropriate regulations and incentives

Development of strategic policy frameworks

Why should nurses be interested in the right to health

as an approach to health care?

a) It is evidence based

the right to health approach, to health systems

is evidence based

and is an important proven way of improving health

and equity within a population.

b) Each person has intrinsic value/worth

and an expression of humanity

c) Legal obligation

There are numerous legally binding obligations

related to the right to the highest attainable health

d) Nurses have a critical contribution to make

Nurses need to be making the decisive contribution

to this process

as they possess the scientific reasoning

philosophical underpinnings

and proximity to the patient, family and community.

e) The success of Universal Health Coverage

This includes forming and fostering partnerships

with individuals and communities,

policy makers, governments,

and other health professionals

to modify the effects

of the social determinants of health

to conceptualize health care providers

as inclusive of the community

and to develop and scale up

innovative models of health service delivery.

The final word

Nurses are essential in transforming health care

and health systems

so that no person is left behind.

Nurses can be a voice to lead

by improving access to care

enabling a people centred approach to health

and by ensuring their voices are heard

in influencing health policy,

planning and provision.

In 2018

it is now time

to stand together and speak as one.

We must speak louder.

We need to speak clearer.

With the resources that we currently

have available to us,

it is no longer acceptable

to deny any human the right to health care.

Make 2018

your year to be the voice to lead

For health, is a human right

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