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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Didier DESCHAMPS – France - Final Draw Reaction

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First question: what is your

opinion on this group and, above all, the

other teams? It's always difficult to

make a comment right after a

draw. Obviously it

could have been more diffcult for

us. Not that I think

it's an easy group, but

yes, there were other teams which perhaps

had a slightly bigger

international reputation. We're going to

face two teams that we

rarely get a chance to play, like Peru.

The last time that France

played against Peru was in 1982.

I don't know if you were alive then

but I barely was.

And then there's Australia, although we played

a friendly against them four years ago.

They're countries and

confederations which we don't often face.

Denmark are more like neighbours, and we're used

to playing them. But beyond our

opponents and knowing who we'll

face, what's important in

terms of planning our work and our

pre-World Cup preparations

is knowing the times of our

games, the cities, the

stadiums we'll play in and the days of the

matches, to be able to plan that whole

pre-tournament period.

Second question:

in 2014, France reached the

quarter-finals. What is your target in 2018?

Like in 2014, it's to go as far as


Obviously, I now have players

who have a little more experience, as well as

lots of young players who I

consider very talented, but they

are young and don't have much experience

at international level. After that, everything


obviously, we'll go goal by goal.

The first is to qualify for the

Round of 16 as group winners.

Then we'll undoubtedly come up against

teams who are increasingly more solid, stronger

and more experienced. But France

will go to this World

Cup in Russia with lots of

ambition, of course, but also with the humility

you need as well. Last question:

you were a player and captain

when France won their

only World Cup title.

Do you think this talented

generation, with

Mbappe, Griezmann and Pogba can lift

the trophy in 2018?

I hope so, for their sake. I got to

experience that a long time ago.

Kylian Mbappe wasn't

even born then. But we'll

do everything we can, collectively

and individually. The desire is there.

I have players who play for big

clubs, but there are other countries who

are very strong, stronger than us

at the moment. They have an experience

and international pedigree that's greater

than ours. But we'll do everything we can and we'll

give it our all.

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