Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SoOn OW - PREMIER ET DERNIER MATCH À HOUSTON

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Hey everyone, we're off for another vlog

So now we're already in Houston, we took the plane in the morning

And then we got to the hotel, it's another Hyatt just like when we were in Washington last week

They're really good hotels, it seems pretty big

So we're going to the hotel, we'll grab a bite and then we're off to the meet & greet

because there are already matches being played but we're playing tomorrow

So we're going to the meet & greet

The last match is about to end, it's Houston against London

So right now, Greyy, NoSmite and I are going

It wasn't supposed to be us at first

But yeah, the 3 substitute players are going so the guys who are playing tomorrow can get some rest

That way they're ready for the match since they're sick

We're done with the meet & greet

And now we're going back to the hotel

Tomorrow, practice and then the match

Ciao, see you tomorrow

*Match day against Atlanta* Hi everyone ! Today's Sunday

And it's match day, we're playing at 2pm here

Right now it's 9 in the morning

We're joining the rest of the team in the lobby

And we have our luggage with us

and once the match is over, we can leave

we can go directly to the airport to go home

there's no point staying the whole day since there's no meet & greet, that was last night

And there's only one per homestand, so since we did it yesterday

After our match, we're free, and we're off

*Almost everyone's sick*

*On our way to practice*

So, bad news, there are only 8 PCs

As I said before, the League asks for 8 players minimum

Ans because of that, they only installed 8 PCs

So for the internal scrims

Greyy won't play but our coach Levi, who's still in New Jersey, will play

because he was sick and he didn't come with us

So we'll play with him in internal scrims

And of course, Smex who's still not here, he's in England

But it's fine because Houston is central time, it's between West and East

So the ping should be fine

And, if you wanted some news about Smex, you should know that he'll be there in 2 weeks

Almost certain that he will, because he had some health problems

End of the scrims, now we're going to the homestand for the next match

And of course, the other teams are coming here to practice

Each team has about 2 hours of scrims in the room so we have to share

As you saw before anyway, when Boston was there

So it's the end of the homestand in Houston

We won 3-1 on that match, and next week we're playing in Washington against Houston and Philadelphia

So, see you next week, ciao !