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Everyone is afraid of something.

Maybe you freeze up when you see a spider crawling across the wall.

Perhaps public speaking turns your legs into jello.

Or maybe even the thought of a clown keeps you up at night.

Whatever the case, itd be hard to find a person who doesnt have at least one thing

that breaks them into a cold sweat.

Just be thankful you dont have any of the following phobias, or spiders and clowns would

be the least of your worries.

Join us, as we once again enter the exciting world of fearheres ten more of the

most bizarre phobias that people actually have.

Chaetophobia Anyone whos seen a Japanese ghost movie

knows you can make hair scary.

However, if you suffer from ChaetophobiaThe Irrational Fear of Hairyou really dont

need the help.

The name is derived from the Greek word forloose flowing hair” – khaite.

Sufferers can develop pathological anxiety around anything even remotely related to the

subjectwhether its hair on peoples heads, loose hair on peoples clothes, or

even going bald.

People with Chaetophobia often experience the belief that hair is dirty, or somehow

has the ability to harm them.

This results in the desire to avoid it at all costs.

Emily Whitea teenager from the UKdescribed her experiences with Chaetophobia as debilitating.

She told British newspaper The Daily Mail that she can only date men with shaved heads,

and that she once cried for a solid hour and a half after seeing a hair floating in the


Its a condition that puts a huge strain on all social interactions, public and private.

Like most phobias, Chaetophobia is best treated with controlled exposure and cognitive behavioural


Allodoxaphobia If you asked someone with Allodoxaphobia what

they thought of their condition, theyd have no problem telling you.

However, if you told them your thoughts on the matter, they might have a panic attack.

Thats because Allodoxaphobia is the fear of opinions.

The name is derived from the Greek wordsallo”, meaningdifferent”, and the Greek word

dox”, meaningopinion.”

Its a sister phobia to Doxophobiathe fear of expressing your own opinionsexcept

with Allodoxaphobia, youre afraid of other people expressing their opinions to you.

While this may seem almost comical at face value, the psychological roots of this phobia

are often tragic.

Children who are verbally abused or overly-criticised by teachers and caregivers are more likely

to develop Allodoxaphobia.

The phobia can also be caused by traumatic events involving the transfer of opinions.

Sadly, the results of this condition are equally tragic.

People with Allodoxaphobia are likely to withdraw from social situations in order to limit their

risk of exposure to other peoples opinions.

The resulting isolation often leads to loneliness and depression.

Heliophobia Vampires.

Theyre exciting, mysterious creatures of myth.

But imagine if you had one of the biggest drawbacks of being a vampire, without any

of the cool powers to show for it.

If thats the case for you, then you may be experiencing Heliophobia: a pathological

fear of the Sun.

The name is derived from the Greek word Helios, meaningyou guessed itSun.

This fear often comes from concerns about developing skin cancer, but even more extreme

cases can stem from a fear of photoaging or wrinkling.

Severe instances of sun damage, such as a particularly nasty sunburn, can be one of

the many triggers that sets the condition off.

Single mother Lucy Jeffries gave an interview to a British newspaper appropriately named

The Sun.

In this interview, she claimed that shes barely left the house in daylight for two

years because of her Heliophobia.

The condition is often comorbid with Nosophobia, the fear of disease.

The cruel irony is that people suffering from Heliophobia are actually more likely to get

sick than people who arent.

Abstaining from natural light can cause serious Vitamin D deficiencies.

This can result in numerous health issues such as a weakened immune system.

fatigue, and bone pain.

When youre suffering from Heliophobia, its literally hard to look on the bright


Oikophobia If Xenophobia is the fear of whats different

often used in the context of bigotry towards other nationalitiesthen Oikophobia is

the exact opposite: The fear of the familiar.

Its name is derived from the Greek wordOikos”, meaning, loosely, ones family, property,

and home.

People suffering from Oikophobia develop a fear of being inside their own home, or even

homes in general.

As well as a general anxiety and suspicion of common household items and appliancessuch

as toasters and fridges.

Predictably, one of the chief causes of Oikophobia is experiencing some kind of trauma in the


Much like Xenophobia, the term Oikophobia has also taken on a political connotation.

People experiencing national or political Oikophobia are likely to become suspicious

of their own country and fellow citizens within it.

Unsurprisingly, usage of this term spiked in the US during the divisive 2016 election.

If you suffered from Oikophobia and Agoraphobiathe fear of having a panic attack in wide-open

spacesthered be pretty much nowhere you could feel at ease.

Decidophobia We all have to make tricky decisions in life.

For example: Which college we attend, which career path we pursue, and which partner we


Perhaps these decisions leave us feeling stressed, maybe even a little afraid.

But imagine if even minor decisions - like what to have for breakfast or what colour

socks to wear - could bring you to the edge of a panic attack?

Thats Decidophobiathe fear of making decisions.

Decidophobia is derived from the Greek and Latin worddecido”, meaning bothto

decide”, “to fall”, and in some translations, “to cut.”

People with Decidophobia are so clinically terrified of making decisions that some can

get panic attacks from even thinking about it.

Experts speculate that the root of Decidophobia is not the making of the decision itself,

but the possibilities lost to the sufferer when they settle upon that one decision.

In other words, theyre paralysed by the potential regret of the options they dont


It goes without saying that this phobia can seriously impact your ability to live a productive


Ombrophobia There are thousands of videos on YouTube of

ambient rain noise, meant to help people study, chill, and even fall asleep.

However, for some people out therenamely, sufferers of Ombrophobiathis would be

like watching a horror movie to relax.

Ombrophobiaalso known as Pluviophobia - is the irrational fear of rain.

Its name is derived from the Greek wordOmbros”, which meansstorm of rain.”

This particular phobia is more common in children than adults, and tends to be comorbid with

a number of other phobias.

These include Antlophobia (the fear of flooding), Astraphobia (the fear of thunder), and Aquaphobia

(the fear of drowning).

Interestingly, Ombrophobia is a biological term as well as a psychological one.

In Botany, Ombrophobia refers to plants that cannot withstand heavy rain.

Ombrophobia is also more likely to occur in locations where heavy rain and monsoons have,

on occasion, proven to be dangerous, such as India and communities along the Amazon.

Thankfully for sufferers of this phobia still in adolescence, its common to simply grow

out of it once you mature.

Adults are recommended to try mild exposure therapy to treat their condition.

Spectrophobia Have you ever averted your eyes while walking

past a mirror?

Maybe its because you saw a horror movie where a ghost was watching from behind the


Maybe you suffer from low self-esteem, and just dont like being reminded of the way

you look.

Or maybe you dont even know whyyou just feel this weird sense of dread whenever

youre near one.

What you might have is a very mild case of Spectrophobiadefined as both a fear of

mirrors, and a fear of what you might see lurking within them.

Spectrophobia is derived from the Greek wordSpectro”, meaningimageorto


It covers a wide umbrella of mirror-related anxieties.

The conditions purview can even extend to the fear of getting seven years bad luck

from smashing a mirror.

Spectrophobiaalso referred to as Catoptrophobiais often developed very early on in life

from traumatic personal experiences.

The fact that there are also countless horror movies that utilise mirrors for their scares

- from the 1979 movie Phantasm to the 2013 movie Oculusdefinitely doesnt hurt

the spooky reputation around this harmless household item.

But for Spectrophobes, the horror around mirrors doesnt stop when the credits roll.

Linonophobia Theres no shortage of people who will happily

tell you that puppets are creepy.

From the murderous dummies in the popular Goosebumps series, to the more threatening

moments in the Disney classic Pinocchio.

However, imagine if you had no problem with puppets, but were utterly terrified of the

thing keeping them in the air?

If that sounds relatable to you, then you probably have an extremely rare condition

called Linonophobia: An irrational fear of string.

Yes, really.

This is an actual phobia, we checked.

Derived from the Greek wordLino”, meaning simplyString”, people suffering from

Linonophobia can experience extreme anxiety from even thinking about string.

If they ever actually see a piece of stringor, god forbid, a balla panic attack

is a possible outcome.

Linonophobes are likely to avoid any location that could possibly expose them to string,

such as fabric or craft stores.

Even seeing a loose string on someones clothes can be a traumatic event.

How someone actually gets Linonophobia, beyond the vague idea ofa traumatic incident

involving string”, is largely a mystery.

The phobia is so rare it can be difficult to obtain a decent sample size for scientific


Optophobia Its likely that everyone watching this

had to get up early at some point in their lives.

As you try to wake, part of you really, really wants to keep your eyes closed, and sleep

for just a little bit longer.

Or, maybe, youre at the movie theaterwatching what critics have calledThe scariest movie

of the decade!”

During the first big scare, you clamp your eyes shut, and hope nothing can get through

to them.

This is an extremely mild version of everyday life for a person suffering from Optophobia.

That is, the irrational fear of opening your eyes.

The name is derived from the Greek wordOpto”, meaningeye.”

People suffering from Optophobia experience an immense fear that theyll be exposed

to frightening stimuli if they open their eyes.

Often comorbid with other phobias and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the core concept of Optophobia

is shielding yourself from things that might frighten you further.

Optophobes seek to isolate themselves into areas they perceive as safe, and lacking threatening

visual stimuli.

Suffering from this phobia can prevent you from doing pretty much anything, so its

crucial to get it treated with anti-anxiety medication and therapy as soon as possible.

Arachibutyrophobia Hard to spell, hard to pronounce, and even

harder to understand.

For millions of people worldwide suffering from peanut allergies, its totally rational

to be frightened of peanut butter.

In mild cases, peanut consumption can result in rashes, and in severe cases, anaphylactic

shock and even death.

Arachibutyrophobia, however, is not just the fear of peanut butter.

Specifically, its the irrational fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of

your mouth.


This strange phobia often comes as a package deal with pseudodysphagia, the fear of swallowing

or choking while swallowing.

Its name is derived from the Greekarachis” (meaning ground nut) andbutyrum” (meaning


The upside of this strange and extremely specific phobia is that it can be avoided by not eating

Reeses Pieces and turning down PB+J sandwiches.

However, if youre part of the extremely small demographic of Arachibutyrophobes who

also happen to really love peanut butter, there are other solutions.

Like most phobias, Arachibutyrophobia can be treated by controlled exposure in a clinical

setting and a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

If the treatment goes well, rest assured, youll be back to eating handfuls of peanut

butter M&Ms in no time.

So, there you have it, folks.

Some of the most bizarre phobias people actually experience.

Maybe the next time you see a spider, or youre asked to give a presentation at work, or youre

sleepless with the thought of clowns, youll think about this.

At least, once the fear is over, youll be able to open your eyes, look at yourself

in the mirror, and enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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