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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Artists Draw Realistic Pokémon

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- [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee where we take dumb ideas

- [Jacob] And make even dumber drawings.

- I'm Nathan. - I'm Jacob

- [Julia] I'm Julia.

- [Nathan] And ooh boy we got a doozy of a suggestion

for you today because listen,

well actually don't listen too hard,

but what we're gonna do here

is we're gonna take this very good suggestion,

we're gonna make some drawings that are so good

you don't even notice all the craziness that's happening

in the audio - In the audio.

- [Nathan] We don't need to get into it,

but just focus on the drawings for this one.

- [Jacob] Focus on our beautiful pictures.

- [Nathan] Turn that volume way down.

- [Jacob] Imagine what we're saying.

- [Nathan] Imagine, just, just,

get the faintest hint of words

'cause we're drawing some Pokemon.

We're doing a Pokemon one,

but we're doing a special Pokemon suggestion

from Alejo Feran who says please draw

disgustingly realistic Pokemon

for the Detective Pikachu movie.

- [Jacob] Oh that new Detective Pikachu movie's

got that style.

It's got that gross flavor.

- [Nathan] I love, I love it.

- [Julia] That too many textures style.

- [Jacob] So many textures.

- [Nathan] It's just the right number of textures for me.

- [Jacob] Very untouchable.

- [Nathan] Here's the thing though,

is every Pokemon has already been drawn

super realistically.

- [Jacob] And really well too.

- [Nathan] And really well.

Like I think they tapped they guy,

what's his name R.J. Palmer,

the guy that does the real good

the real, real good realistic Pokemon.

- [Jacob] That stuff rules.

And we're idiots.

- [Nathan] And they got them to like

consult I think on the designs for the movie

which are a little bit more cartoony

than their drawings,

but we're going disgusting.

We're going disgusting on this episode

and we're gonna try,

try it with the new starters.

- [Jacob] Yeah, R.J. hadn't hit those new starters yet.

- [Nathan] At least not to our knowledge.

- At least not, not at the time of recording.

- [Jacob] Come at us, R.J.

- [Nathan] So I'm gonna, I'm gonna draw

a disgustingly realistic Scorbunny

to start us off. - The fire rabbit himself.

- [Nathan] Yeah, so I'm just gonna sorta start off

roughing in sort of a basic realistic looking rabbit form.

- [Jacob] We're gonna get a basic bun.

- [Nathan] We're gonna get a basic bun to start.

- [Julia] A basic b, a basic bun.

- [Nathan] A basic bun.

How you can tell if you're a basic bun.

- [Jacob] Do you have the dimensions and texture

of a normal rabbit?

- [Nathan] Are you always chewing on carrots

and asking hunters what's up?

- [Jacob] Then you're not a basic bun.

You're a cartoon bunny rabbit Bugs Bunny.

- [Nathan] If he, yeah, ladies,

if he's always eating carrots,

it's just that joke.

It's just that meme.

- You do the rest. - You get it.

- [Jacob] You do the rest at home.

We shouldn't have to do all the jokes.

- [Nathan] Listen, this is an episode about drawing.

The jokes, you can't even hear them that well.

Or you hear them too much.

There's a million echos in here.

- [Jacob] The jokes are bouncing around in your head

and your skull.

Nathan's drawing a perfect rabbit.

- [Nathan] I'm just drawing a rabbit,

but it's gotta be disgusting at some point.

- [Jacob] Yeah, I think it's really gonna have to be like,

- [Nathan] 'Cause what's Scorbunny's deal?

What's it doing?

- [Julia] He's kicking.

- [Nathan] It's kicking, it's got like some extra,

it's got some extra bits.

- [Julia] He's a real fluffy bun.

I think he's supposed to be one of those like,

long haired, what are the called?

Norwegian, like the big bunnies, maybe?

They got them long fur.

- [Jacob] Them big aggressive hoppers.

I thought you were gonna say he's like one of them

long hair soccer players.

The handsome ones that you look at on the TV.

- [Nathan] It does have a bandaid on it's nose

and so we're gonna need to really

realistic up that bandaid.

- [Jacob] Like somebody fucking decked this rabbit

at some point in the past.

And the rabbit is still recovering

from the punch that it got.

- [Nathan] I'm gonna get some bandage going, and then

- [Jacob] It's just a real bandage.

- [Nathan] Just a real bandage,

- [Julia] An Angora bunny.

- [Jacob] Angora?

- [Julia] Angora bunnies have the long fur.

- [Jacob] Oh.

- [Julia] Oh.

- [Jacob] Delectable.

- [Julia] They're just, they're just a mess.

They're just a mess with fur.

- [Nathan] Oh boy, that's real fun.

- [Jacob] That's too much fur, I'm gonna be honest with you.

- [Julia] That's so much fur.

- [Nathan] Okay, so we're just gonna get some

fur coming in.

- [Jacob] Has anyone ever had a pet rabbit?

- [Julia] Out of the three of us?

Or you mean in general?

- [Nathan] Has anyone ever had a pet rabbit?

- [Julia] 'Cause I can tell you,

I know some people with bunnies.

- [Jacob] Get at me in the comments.

Has anyone ever had a pet rabbit?

- [Julia] I had one.

- [Jacob] You had a pet rabbit?

- [Julia] I did.

- [Jacob] You're lying.

- [Julia] I'm not.

- [Jacob] You're truthing?

- [Nathan] No it's rabbit, not lion.

- [Jacob] Oh, Nathan.

That's our Nathan.

- [Nathan] It does just have one sort of tooth.

Should I keep that?

- [Jacob] But like a realistic tooth.

- [Nathan] Okay, so we're gonna have the mouth open.

And we're gonna see some gum.

- [Jacob] Yeah some gum and then just one--

- [Nathan] And then just one tooth.

- [Jacob] One horrible tooth.

- [Nathan] Oh that's awful.

Oh no.

Oh that's real bad.

Oh that's real bad what I've done.

- [Julia] This previously adorable bun

is now like a grizzled, old detective man.

Just like real beat up and gross.

- [Nathan] The people wanted gross,

we're giving them gross.

- [Julia] Did they want gross?

- [Nathan] They said disgustingly realistic.

- [Jacob] They did say that.

- [Julia] I mean that just means very realistic,

like so much so you wish it wasn't.

- [Nathan] And now I think, because it does stand up,

- [Jacob] Yeah.

- [Nathan] So I think it's gotta be sort of--

- [Julia] Bunnies stand on their hind legs.

- [Nathan] I think it's gotta be like a human's body.

- [Julia] Oh.

- [Jacob] Is that what you think?

- [Nathan] I think that's what it's gotta be.

I think it's gotta be like, like it's a person's--

- [Jacob] I'm glad at least that like

one thing it seems that all of Drawfee can agree on

when drawing Scorbunny,

is that it should have a grown man's body.

So far that's been--

- [Nathan] This is more of a boy's body.

- [Jacob] This is a boy's body, my bad.

But it should have human form.

This is a hairy boy's body.

- [Nathan] Oh no.


- [Jacob] This fucking sucks.

- [Julia] This is a Hotline Miami character.

- [Nathan] I'm so sorry Scorbunny.

I'm so sorry, oh boy.

- [Jacob] You were so,

you were so cool and so cute.

- [Nathan] But it does still have,

it does still have the paws.

So it's just gonna have some like paws at the end.

- [Jacob] It looks like one of those like

raggedy old stuffed animals from like the 30's or something.

- [Nathan] Yeah I think that's sort of

what I was going for.

- [Jacob] That you find in the attic.

And you feel like you should keep it

because it's like it belonged to your great grandmother,

but at the same time it really spooks you out.

- [Nathan] It's just a bad,

it's just a bad time.

- [Jacob] It's a bad scene over here.

So are we going boy's legs, rabbit's feet?

Big rabbit feet?

- [Nathan] Yeah, 'cause that's sort of,

again that's sort of what we're working with here.

Like, I'm trying to stay as true to the original design

as I can.

- [Jacob] It's truly an honorable path you've taken, Nathan.

I hate to look at it.

- [Julia] I hate this wide stance.

- [Nathan] This is what you wanted, right?

- [Jacob] This is so aggressive.

There's such a dark energy emanating from this rabbit.

- [Julia] This is like the first round

of the Donnie Darko bunny.

- [Jacob] Yeah, it really is.

- [Nathan] This was the original concept.

- [Julia] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Just imagine this mother fucker

popping out of the tall grass.

- [Julia] You wanna catch me?

I don't, I super don't.

I don't want you on my team.

- [Jacob] Come on.

You're not supposed to be able to speak.

What do you mean?

- [Julia] He just looks like he wants to do crimes.

- [Jacob] Yeah, he does look like

he's about to commit crimes.

- [Julia] He no longer wants to do sports,

he wants to do crimes.

- [Nathan] He is a crime.

- [Jacob] He is a crime.

- [Nathan] He is a crime.

What do real bunny's feet do?

- [Julia] He likes the crime and he is the crime.

- [Jacob] This is definitely like

the face of something that will hurt you.

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Like psychologically and physically.

- [Nathan] This is bad.

This is bad news, this is bad news for like

you do not want to, I mean Pokemon are dangerous

is the thing.

Like they shouldn't be allowed.

- [Jacob] Yeah, they're animals with magic powers.

- [Nathan] They're magic animals

that have been entrusted to 10 year olds.

I mean, this isn't a new take,

but I think it's worth repeating in this context.

- [Jacob] You mean the fact that like

a 10 year old can throw his special ball

at a god and capture it,

without any thought to the repercussions of such an action?

- [Nathan] Maybe it's dripping a little

from it's mouth, yeah.

- [Julia] He definitely can't close his mouth fully.

- [Jacob] No he definitely can't.

He has like a baby's mouth, I hate it so much.

I think that's really what's bothering me

is the baby's mouth.

- [Julia] That's what's bothering you?

That's what's bothering you?

Not the boy body?

- [Jacob] The baby's mouth on the boy body

- [Julia] I hate the big eyes and the boy body.

His eye is about as big as his shoulder.

- [Jacob] But his baby's mouth Julia.

Imagine it just like kinda gumming on you.

- [Julia] I don't want to.

- [Jacob] You have to now 'cause I said it.

- [Julia] I don't think I'm gonna.

- [Jacob] I've cursed you and I've cursed our audience.

They have to imagine it now.

- [Nathan] You must imagine it,

and it's a fire type so it should just have some fire.

- [Julia] It should just be holding like a torch

like it's about to start a riot.

- [Nathan] Okay, here we go, yeah.

- [Jacob] This is gonna fling a

fling a molotov.

- [Julia] Yeah.

- [Nathan] Yeah, it's like this,

this is a missing link bunny what like uses

it uses tools so I think it's just gonna be

like it clearly, it uses banadages at least.

- [Jacob] Yeah this bunny went through

like the Poke apocalypse and survived.

- [Julia] This is a riot bun.

- [Jacob] Riot bun sounds good though

and this is not cool.

- [Julia] Riot bun sounds like a new

take on a hairstyle.

- [Jacob] Oh it does.

- [Julia] You know?

- [Jacob] It's the newest craze sweeping the nation.

- [Julia] The riot bun.

- [Jacob] The riot bun.

- [Julia] I think that would be like a messy bun--

- [Nathan] It's a messy bun that riot girls use.

- [Julia] Yeah, but I think there's some sort of,

you know, accoutrement in there.

- [Jacob] Yeah, maybe there's like brightly colored twine.

- [Julia] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Maybe there's twine in there.

Do girls put twine in their hair?

- [Julia] See I wasn't picturing like a tiki torch.

- [Nathan] No?

- [Julia] No.

- [Nathan] Just like a full--

- [Julia] I was picturing like, I don't know.

- [Nathan] Like just like match.

- [Julia] Like the Beauty and the Beast riot song

sort of Indiana Jones torch.

- [Nathan] Okay so what's different,

that's like more like,

- It's shorter and more rugged - It's shorter.

- [Jacob] It's not like a staff.

- [Nathan] It's not like a staff.

- [Jacob] It's not like a cool wizard staff,

it's just a stick, a stick that's on fire.

- [Nathan] Well I think it,

it is a bunny size still.

So this is, this is just a stick.

This is just a stick that's on fire.

- [Jacob] Okay, as long as it's a stick that's on fire,

then I'm okay with it.

- [Julia] It's like carrot adjacent

looking right now.

- [Nathan] We want it to be very clear

that like he just found this stick

and then lit it on fire.

- [Jacob] And is about to do crime with it.

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Jacob] About to insight rebellion.

Insight riot.

- [Nathan] I hate this.

I hate what I've done.

I hope this is what you guy's wanted.

- [Jacob] It's disgustingly realistic.

- [Nathan] It's disgustingly, yeah.

- [Jacob] It's disgusting.

- [Nathan] It's disgusting.

It's at least disgusting.

- [Jacob] It's disgusting and you've upset me personally, so

- [Nathan] I think it's just like,

it's just

it's just like emerged.

- [Jacob] I just wanna watch the world burn.

- [Nathan] It's like set,

it's set the entire forest ablaze and it's like


- [Jacob] And it never looks back.

- [Nathan] Never looks back,

just keeps coming towards you.

- [Jacob] With these dead eyes.

These cold, dead eyes.

This is like the new Purge movie, stars this rabbit.

- [Nathan] Oh boy.

That's mine.

- [Jacob] It sure is.

- [Nathan] Gross.

- [Jacob] I'm gonna do it now.

- [Nathan] You do one.

- [Jacob] All right, it's Jacob's turn.

I'm gonna, I wanna cleanse our pallets

of what you've done.

- [Nathan] Thank you.

- [Jacob] I'm gonna do Grookey.

- [Nathan] Okay.

- [Jacob] And I gotta say you guys,

Grookey has really grown on me.

- [Nathan] Like how plants grow.

- [Jacob] Like how plants grow, Grookey's really grown on me

he might be my new fave.

- [Nathan] I love Grookey.

- [Jacob] There's just something so cute

about like his little face.

And I'm gonna make that bad now.

- [Nathan] I almost always go for the grass type.

I either do grass type or water type.

I hardly ever do the fire type when I play.

- [Jacob] I almost always do the fire type.

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Julia, what do you almost always do?

- [Julia] I don't.

I don't.

- [Jacob] You weren't even will to play with me

on that one, huh?

- [Nathan] Julia almost always never plays the game.

- [Julia] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Until now.

- [Julia] If I had to go for one,

I don't know, I like,

- [Nathan] I mean you're gonna be drawing Sobble

on this episode, how do you feel about Sobble?

- [Julia] I don't know what he is.

- [Nathan] Neither does he,

that's why he's so sad.

- [Julia] He's like an amalgamation

of different sorts of amphibians.

It's gonna be interesting.

I think I usually go for the plants.

The plant type, I think that's usually where I am.

- [Nathan] I was a big time Bulbasaur boy.

- [Jacob] The sounded like I think your memoir,

I Was A Big Time Bulbasaur.

- [Nathan] I was a big time Bulbasaur

and I was always disappointed the Bulbasaur

did not get to be on the box art

for the Pokemon games, the American Pokemon games.

- [Julia] What was it, it was like Ivysaur or something?

- [Nathan] Well no, it was red and blue.

So it was Charizard and Blastoise,

but then they finally came out with Leaf Green in America

and Ivysaur, or Venusaur rather finally got their chance.

- [Jacob] I always thought it was because

Bulbasaur sucked shit and was an embarrassment

and that was why.

- You. - Bulbasaur wasn't on

- [Nathan] Unbelievable.

- [Jacob] Any of the covers.

I mean I could be wrong there,

but I thought that was the reason.

- [Julia] I wasn't a big Bulbasaur fan.

- [Jacob] So I'm trying to just make like a

like a squirrel monkey version of Grookey, here.

- [Nathan] It looks majestic.

This is really nice Jacob.

- [Jacob] I wanna make it horrifying,

but Grookey's so dang cute.

= [Nathan] Grookey's pretty cute.

- [Jacob] He also like sits like a normal monkey does.

- [Nathan] Yeah, Grookey's just there with like,

it's just a monkey that found a twig.

- [Jacob] Yeah, I think,

my Scorbunny found a twig and immediately set it on fire.

- [Jacob] Yeah just immediately started inciting

a rebellion.

I think where this is gonna get upsetting

is gonna be in these eyes.

'cause squirrel monkeys just have these like black pits

of eyes and they're really not cute.

It's all just like, pupil.

- [Nathan] It's too let all that light in.

They can really see what's going on.

- [Julia] The Grookey that Jacob's drawn so far

looks like he's in a meeting he doesn't wanna be in.

Like someone just said something really stupid

and he's like ugh, God.

- [Nathan] It's like that person outranks me,

so I can't tell them how stupid what they said was.

- [Jacob] I can't really say shit,

but I hope they know.

- [Julia] Now that you've shaded it in

it's a little less eye roll-y.

- [Jacob] Yeah it's definitely not, I see what you mean

it looked like an eye roll.

- [Julia] Yeah like, ugh.

- [Jacob] No those are just the shines.

Everything else is the eye.

- [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They got--

- [Jacob] Just these big domes,

these vacuous domes.

I don't like it when things don't have cute eyes.

That's my take.

- [Nathan] And neither does this Grookey apparently.

It looks so displeased.

- [Jacob] It is displeased.

- [Nathan] You're not drawing a disgusting creature

you're drawing a disgusted creature.

- [Jacob] Disgusted and disgusting.


- [Nathan] It's just looking over at my Scorbunny,

like why did you do this?

- [Jacob] Yeah, like what's the,

what are you doing?

I live in the forest.

Why are you doing this?

- [Nathan] Why are you doing this?

And Scorbunny just stares dead ahead and goes

(chattering noises)

- [Jacob] What does that mean?

Are you okay?

I don't know what any of this means.

Why are you doing this?

- [Nathan] Just giving you a little bit more reason to

again, turn that volume down.

You don't need to--

(chattering noises)

- [Jacob] We're good at content.

- [Nathan] Listen, a million people can't be wrong.

- [Jacob] Yeah they can.


- [Nathan] If history has taught us anything,

- [Jacob] They super, super can.

It happens all the time.

- [Nathan] Yeah, well.

You know, we had a good run.

They'll never figure it out.

They've come with us this far.

- [Jacob] We've tricked them into thinking that we're good.

- [Nathan] Ah, Jacob, this monkey's still cute.

The eyes are not my favorite, but it's still pretty cute.

- [Jacob] Yeah I'm not good at

drawing things that aren't cute.

- [Nathan] That's okay, this is the pallet cleanser

between me and Julia.

- [Jacob] Even when I try I can't do it.

I got cuteness running through my damn veins.

- [Julia] It's what you're best at.

- [Nathan] Yeah, Grookey.

- [Julia] We all excel at something.

You excel at making people feel nice and warm and cozy

and I excel at crushing that.

- [Jacob] Maybe this Grookey has like a bottle of whiskey.

- Oh. - Oh.

- [Jacob] Maybe this Grookey has a drinking problem

and that's what's upsettingly realistic.

- [Nathan] Okay yeah, that.

Just an upsettingly realistic depiction of

- [Jacob] A depiction of the horrors of alcoholism.

- [Nathan] Of addiction yeah.

- [Jacob] I'm sure that that will be covered

in the Detective Pikachu movie.

- [Nathan] Yeah, I'm sure that Pokemon

partake in all sorts of vices.

- [Jacob] Well how else are they gonna get through the day?

Like they spend all their time fighting each other.

- [Nathan] It must be a brutal existence.

You would think a grass type would be

you know, addicted to

- [Jacob] That kind herb?

- [Nathan] That, yeah.

- [Jacob] No sir.

- No. - Not Grookey.

- [Nathan] Skipped right ahead.

Or maybe it uses it's grass powers to like

speed up the distilling process for the grains

that go into, what's whiskey made from?

- [Jacob] It's made, yeah it's made from like

- [Nathan] Is it grains?

- [Jacob] Like grains.

- [Nathan] Is it some sort of grain?

- [Jacob] It's some sort of grain.

- [Nathan] Some sort of thing that has a gluten

that can be broken down.

- [Jacob] It's like corn or, some bull shit.

- [Nathan] Some bull shit.

Let us know, oh my God.

- [Jacob] That's like a monkey foot right?

- [Nathan] Grookey's got such cute little feet.

And you done

you done made them all handsy down there.

- [Jacob] There we go, there we go.

Now we're in business,

let's give him like a little butt.

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Maybe give him like some more stubble.

- [Nathan] Why is this my life?

- [Julia] Give him some more eye bags.

- [Nathan] Yeah, really bag up those eyes.

- [Jacob] To really just kinda make it look like

he's staring off and being like

where did I go wrong?

- [Nathan] Grookey no!

I'm looking at the real Grookey and it,

- [Julia] So full of hope.

- [Nathan] He's so sweet.

- [Jacob] I lost everything in the fire.

- [Nathan] He's just reaching out his hand going like

hey man, don't worry about it.

- [Jacob] What's the point



- [Nathan] I love when things that already have hair

also have stubble.

- [Jacob] Have five o' clock shadow.

- [Nathan] How does that?

- [Jacob] There's just some like darker, sadder hair

that's just growing there.

- [Nathan] That's just dirty hair.



- [Jacob] Make this done here.

Okay what else does Grookey got going on?

- [Julia] Long tail.

- [Jacob] Oh the tail, yeah.

- [Nathan] He's got his little tail.

- [Jacob] That's still cute.

- [Nathan] That's okay.

- [Julia] Unless that tail is also

holding a bottle of whiskey.

- [Nathan] Oh yeah double.

- [Jacob] OH my God, it's where it keeps its supply.

Grookey I believe in you, you can get through it.

- [Nathan] You know there are resources out there

if you're struggling, or you know someone who is.

You can get help.

- [Jacob] Don't be like Grookey.

- [Nathan] Don't be like Grookey.

- [Julia] Don't be like this Grookey.

- [Jacob] Don't be like this Grookey,

be like the real Grookey.

A kind beacon, source of light and hope

in this bleak world.

Pokemon! - Pokemon!

We all live in a bleak Pokemon world.

- [Jacob] A bleak Pokemon world.

And maybe he's just saying like why God?

- [Nathan] Why Arceus?


- [Jacob] Why


- [Nathan] Is it Arkeus, or Arceus?

I always pronounced it Arkeus.

- [Jacob] I think it's Arceus.

- [Nathan] Yeah, I haven't watched the anime in a while.

- [Jacob] This is done, I think I did good.

- [Nathan] You did great.

- [Jacob] I think I did a great job.

- [Nathan] That's a good Grookey.

- [Jacob] It's a perfect Grookey

and Julia,

you, you're here now.

- I am here now. - It's time for you.

You go.

- [Nathan] Draw that sad, wet lizard for us please.

- [Julia] Okay so I'm drawing the third one.

- Sobble. - Sobble.

- Sobble. - Sobble.

- [Julia] I'm drawing the sad lizard.

- [Jacob] Everyone's favorite sad, wet lizard.

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Julia] Yeah, so I think, I mean,

I'm looking at his little feet, right?

And his little curly tail and he looks

kinda chameleon adjacent.

So I'm going chameleon.

- [Nathan] Sort of like a wet chameleon.

- [Julia] Yeah, a wet chameleon.

- [Nathan] It's got like a fish fin on top also.

- [Julia] Yeah like a little,

I don't know, a tadpole?

I don't know why I keep thinking tadpole,

but that is what I'm thinking.

- [Jacob] Imagine if chameleon was amphibian.

That's what Sobble is.

- [Nathan] Camphibian.

- [Jacob] Camphibian.

- [Julia] All right, so he's a bunch of round shapes

so thank you for that.

Thank you for leaving me with the round shape one.

- [Jacob] They're all round.

- [Nathan] They're all pretty round.

- [Jacob] Every single one of them

is nothing but round shapes.

- [Julia] Scorbunny's pretty tall at least.

- [Nathan] Yeah, you could have,

well you already got to draw your Scorbunny.

- [Jacob] You made it into a samurai.

- [Nathan] Yeah, you made a rad Scorbunny.

We're trying to mess these guys up now.

- [Julia] Okay, so that's,

the bases in which we will play.

- [Jacob] It looks like a little car.

- [Julia] Yep, vroom vroom.

- [Jacob] A little lizard car.

- [Julia] I just want him to have a very big eye.

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Yeah, it's gotta be big,

and it's gotta be wet.

Them's the rules of Sobble.

- [Nathan] Them's the rules of Sobble.

I don't make the rules of Sobble,

but I, God damn it if you don't follow them.

- [Jacob] I don't know what I'll do.

- [Nathan] I don't know what I'll do, so help me.

- [Jacob] I can't be held responsible for my actions

if you don't follow the rules of Sobble.

- [Nathan] Everything's so light and then this eye is just


- [Julia] Okay, chameleons just got

the weirdest little skulls.

- [Jacob] Yeah, they do.

They go back, it's like their bodies

just kinda slot into their heads.

- [Julia] Yeah, a little bit.

There's the other eye.

I've drawn Kermit the Frog - This is Kermit

God damn it, Julia.

- [Julia] I'm drawing Kermit the Frog.

- [Nathan] Oh no, it's Kermit.

- [Jacob] All Julia did all weekend

was draw Kermit the Frog over and over again.

- [Julia] Here's Kermit the Frog, you're sad Kermit.

- [Jacob] Did you get cursed by like a Muppet wizard?

What happened?

- [Nathan] What happened, Julia?

- [Jacob] All you can do is draw Kermit now.

- [Julia] I think that's, yep.

That's the only thing I can do now.

I have to accept my role

in this life and it's just drawing cursed Kermits.

- [Nathan] Julia immediately makes the transition

from drawing cool Noire dudes to

just Kermit.

- [Julia] It was a real hard turn.

- [Nathan] Yeah and not, not,

like it's a very specific Kermit you do.

It's always a very sort of--

- [Julia] It's always a bad Kermit.

- [Nathan] Just like Kermit at the end of his rope

a little bit.

- [Jacob] It's a Kermit we don't get to see often.

- [Julia] A sad Kermit,

Kermit that's not full of hope for once.

Some day we'll find it, the rainbow connection,

except for me, I don't deserve it.

I guess I just don't deserve the rainbow connection.

- [Jacob] After what I've done.

- [Julia] After what I've done.

- [Nathan] After what I've seen.

Scorbunny torched that whole forest

and I just stood there and watched.

- [Jacob] I did nothing.

- [Nathan] I did nothing.

The screams of the other animals haunt me to this day.

- [Jacob] I could have used my water,

but I was afraid of what Scorbunny would do

if he found out.

- [Nathan] You try standing up to Scorbunny.

- [Jacob] Those eyes.

- [Nathan] Those eyes.

- [Jacob] That voice.

(chattering sounds)

- [Nathan] Scorbunny's the only one in this head cannon

that does not use language.

- [Jacob] Yeah.

Just makes horrible gagging noises.

- [Nathan] Just got the one tooth.

- [Julia] All right, so what's going on with our buddy?

He's got a lot.

- [Jacob] We have a lot of Sobble elements we need here.

- [Nathan] Yeah we need that sail.

That big fin up top.

- [Jacob] Sail.

- [Julia] Sail.

- [Jacob] Oh you get to draw a head sail again.

- [Julia] I do!

- [Jacob] Finally!

- [Nathan] You did such a good job

with the last water starter with a head sail that you drew.

- [Julia] Okay, and let's, his, I mean,

he really is, he really got baby chameleon vibes going on.

- [Jacob] I love his little bean feet.

- [Julia] I know, they're very cute.

- [Jacob] His feet are little macaronis.

I just wanna eat them up.

- [Nathan] Just wanna nibble on them a little.

- [Jacob] Yeah I just wanna take a bite.

- [Nathan] Kraft macaroni,

if you wanna make some Sobble shaped macaronis.

- [Julia] Don't tell me this.

I wanna eat it now.

- [Jacob] I want it yummy.

- [Nathan] Is that still a think they do?

They make the macaroni shaped like the pop culture?

- [Julia] Yep, shaped like the pop culture.

- [Nathan] If you wanna know what the kids are into

just see what shapes the macaronis are these days.

- [Jacob] You'll have your answer.

- [Nathan] You'll have your answer.

- [Julia] Last time I saw it was Frozen and Star Wars

which is a very interesting mix.

- [Nathan] You can eat your very own Luke.

- [Julia] He's got little nose holes.

And he's gotta have some wrinkles

'cause that's what chameleons got.

- [Jacob] Really accentuates the despair of this expression.

- [Nathan] Oh gosh yeah.

- [Jacob] What have I done?

- [Nathan] I like that all of our drawings are

disturbing in different ways.

I think that's important.

- [Julia] That is important.

- [Jacob] It's very important.

- [Julia] It's good that we covered our bases.

- [Nathan] It's important to know just like

there's more than one way to be upsetting in art.

Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just because your art isn't upsetting

the way someone else's is,

doesn't mean it's not upsetting on its own.

- [Jacob] Take it from Drawfee.

- [Nathan] Oh, he's on a little lily pad?

- [Jacob] He's an amphibian.

That's how you know.

- [Nathan] They love lily pads.

- [Jacob] He's watching the world burn around him.

- [Nathan] Yeah, it's like,

I'm in the water but I've got legs and arms

that are more suited to climbing trees.

I don't have any webbed feet,

I am not gonna be good at swimming.

- [Julia] Listen, you just,

you haven't done your research about me.

I can't, I'm not, I don't do water.

- [Nathan] Is he just in a tank?

- [Julia] Yeah.

- [Jacob] Are you gonna give him his head sail?

- [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold on.

- [Nathan] Julia's saving it for last.

She's gonna do a very good goof on it, I bet.

- [Julia] So let's just really quickly bring this in.

Great now I have The Rainbow Connection

stuck in my head again.

- [Nathan] Some day we'll find it.

- [Julia] Not this guy.

- [Nathan] No.

- [Julia] This guy won't.

- [Nathan] Well he's neither a lover nor a dreamer.

- [Jacob] Nor me.

- [Nathan] Nor me.

- [Jacob] So fuck him I guess.

- [Julia] It's okay Nathan.

- [Nathan] You know Rainbow Connection

was my parent's wedding song.

- [Julia] Is it?

- [Nathan] Yeah.

- [Julia] Rainbow Connection makes my mom cry.

- [Nathan] Yeah it's a sweet song.

- [Julia] Oh, she thinks it's very depressing.

I don't know why.

That's just how my mom do.

- [Nathan] It's wistful.

It's a song about

rainbows and the connections.

- [Jacob] Which they make.

- [Nathan] That they make,

- [Jacob] This tank is way to small

for this Sobble to be in.

- [Julia] Yeah, he's not very happy.


- [Nathan] Water.

- [Jacob] Water chameleon?

- [Nathan] New, the pet shop worker's just like

I don't know.

- [Jacob] He's in the water.

- [Nathan] He's in the water.

- [Jacob] He's also gonna be for sale.

But in a different way.

- [Nathan] There's the fin.

- [Julia] It has been taped on.

- [Nathan] Oh.

They just took a chameleon and taped

and put it on water.

And it's like I don't belong here.

- [Julia] I'm so scared of water, I don't do that.

I belong in trees.

- [Nathan] Give me a tree to latch onto.

I'm gonna fall off this lily pad any second.

- [Julia] So my, what's my dude's name, Sobble?

- [Nathan] Sobble.

- [Julia] My Sobble is realistic in the way that

pet shops are bad and don't do their research

about anything.

- [Jacob] Wow coming out hard against pet shops.

- [Julia] Yeah.

- [Nathan] Makes you think.

- [Julia] Makes you think, you know?

Is there anything else that,

oh he has, he has,

I don't know I'm just gonna give him a lot of just

some spots, he's not healthy.

He hasn't eaten a leaf.

- [Nathan] That's not it's patterning, that's disease.

- [Jacob] He's just covered in filth.

- [Julia] He's just like please,

I need someone to take better care of me.

Anyway, that's my disgustingly realistic Pokemon.

- [Nathan] Great.

- [Jacob] You really shed a grim light on

the pet industry today.

- [Julia] You know it.

Do your research before getting your pets everyone.

- [Nathan] We've got sort of imprisoned victim.

We've got self destructive,

and we've got just sort of psychopath.

Those are the three bads.

- [Jacob] They're gonna be in Detective Pikachu two.

Rated R.

- [Nathan] Rated R, yeah.

I think after this one,

there's definitely gonna be a rated R version.

For the real Pokemon fans.

The adults.

- [Jacob] The adults.

I need more edge.

- [Nathan] People who were alive

when Pokemon originally came out.

- [Jacob] It's about time we got something.

- [Nathan] Where's the stuff specifically catered to me.

Oh everything?

Oh it's everything?

- Oh. - Oh.

- [Nathan] But where's more please?

- [Jacob] Where's more please?

- [Nathan] Well great.

- Great. - Did we do it?

- [Julia] We've certainly brought the mood down.

- [Nathan] Were we real enough for you?

Internet, YouTube?

This is what happens when you make Pokemon real.

It gets to real for us and we end up

making ourselves sad.

Just kidding, we had fun.

Someday we'll find it

The rainbow connection

The Sobble

The Scorbunny

And Grookey

- [Jacob] We're sorry.

- We're sorry. - Sorry.

The Description of Artists Draw Realistic Pokémon