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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Como apostar no SUPER FAVORITO?

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And then my Academy colleagues prepared me a surprise.

It is the game that we are going to play now, that is,

we will have some tables here,

with the goal moments, and I will try to predict

what will happen in these games, based only on those tables.


You can play with me too. Come on!

OK, then...

The first thing that can I tell you right now

is that we have a team that is a super favourite, right?

A team with these numbers is a super favourite,

even without knowing the teams.

It is a team that scores a lot more goals than it suffers,

so its one of those teams that usually wins many times.

In addition, we have these complementary numbers above.

I can also analyse it later, on another video.


This was already here to explore in this video...

I thought the approach was more on the goal table itself.

I didn't look for these values.

I apologize.

Later I will make another video to have these values into account too.

Ok, but for now, then...

That is what you get from surprises! If they had warned me...



I will try, no doubt, to take advantage of this goal here.

This period of time in which the home team is stronger

and in which the away team is weaker.

Another thing that I notice is that this team

is usually stronger on the second half,

consistent, with goals equally distributed by each period.

But notice that the home,

here, on the first half, you can see that

it scores more goals at the end of the first half

than in the first thirty minutes of the first half.

For me this is an indicator that

this may be one of those games that can make it worth waiting. Right?

It can pay off to wait.

It may be worth waiting to be in favour of this team.

So, I would say this:

I want to try to take advantage of this goal, no doubt.

How can I do it?

If within the first thirty minutes

this team is not winning yet,

I will enter in favour of this team.

If they are already winning, the odd should be so low

that it will be hard to find value.

So, in this situation I will probably enter the Overs,

at this point, to try to take advantage of this goal,

the one that I think there will be, based on this table.

That is it! Ok?

So, in summary, my scenario is:

I won't do anything at first, okay?

At thirty minutes, if the game is 0-0,

I will bet in favour of the home team.

If the home team is losing, I will also bet in favour of the home team.

But if the local team is already to winning, I will go for the Overs,

at thirty minutes.

Well, this is it.

What a mess!

You can't see it, right?


What a mess...

Because they missed a penalty at the end of the second part

and scored two goals.

All of this in stoppage time!


At the break it was 2-0, so, it confirms this table, that is,

indeed, Flamengo, in this case, that it is, it's the super favourite,

they scored when they usually score more goals.

Corinthians suffer when they usually suffer more goals.

And then in the second part, again, consistent in keeping up the pace.

Two more goals for Flamengo.

Corinthians also scored one.

Was it when they usually score more goals? In fact...

Sixty-one minutes? Yes... No, fifty-two...

In fact it really wasn't. In the case of the Corinthians

the goal came in a period when they hadn't scored yet.

But there it is...


once again, I hope I have managed

to show in this video

that we can use this table to anticipate good value scenarios

to place our bets, okay?

I hope this video has been useful to you.

A hug.

This video is over, but there are still four more videos

in which you can see me analyse these goal moment tables.

Until the next video. A hug.

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