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Hello everyone, my name is Jess and welcome to my channel if you're new here

And you're just liking my face. I guess you can continue watching for some fun content

So today we are on a mission

Once more to unveil Club Kenny

Praise be the lord.


Today we are making our Club Kenny

manual and so these are gonna be all the rules you must follow if you want to be in

Club Kenny, and if you have no idea what we're talking about watch last video get some insight and

Come back to this one. So for starters the colors are red and white. We got our red fancy-ass binder here

We got a white piece of paper

so red signifies the blood of our enemies and white signifies the innocence lost to Club Kenny

Truth, so we also got some red paint so the symbolizes also the blood 'cause it''s like wet

It's red blood

so I'd be pouring it

Oh, yeah do-do-do... oh

Blood splatter baby

We're gonna start by painting on Club Kenny it's gonna look really ratchet

So it took us a really long time to notice this in the yearbook

We just randomly looked at it and we're like, hey, we want to know what it is

So if you're not gonna let us know and it's just gonna be some inside bro joke

We're gonna make it our own inside joke, that's kind of how this happened. And then on the bottom, I'm gonna write

Neigh Because there mascot is a horse

Because it's also their mode of transportation as well we've established

Yes, and we've also established that the leaders transportation is a horse-drawn carriage and the horses are the members

We are all horses

in this world of Club Kenny

And there is no other color besides this

It's gonna be red because I'm to lazy to get other paints and also these are the official colors

So that means the official movie by default. It's gonna be High School Musical because they are the same colors

See wild cats. No wild horses bitch

Should I write "I like trains" on the bottom? because that's our slogan

I Like trains

Because you know trains is our leader

Not like that's so obvious who that is, but you know, if they ever find this like hello

We're just making a joke and we're not meaning to insult you. It's just funny.

Please don't hate us even though you didn't even know who we are.

Yeah if you don't even know who I am like it doesn't

Matter but still don't hate me. Don't come at me with sass or you know anger or whatever

it's honestly just a joke and

No one is gonna know who the members are

Unless they went to our high school and looked in the yearbook so you're safe here. This is a safe space

This is the same space. You can tell us anything. Mm-hmm

So this is what we have so far Club Kenny, neigh, I like trains?

so while this dries we're gonna

Open up our manual which used to be my geometry binder. So it has some

Pencil marks on the front. Well, we're gonna erase that. Well, we have no red. So I'm gonna go for a dark orange

because you know we can just paint it on in blood

If you don't think this is art guys, I'm an art major

I'm a science major. Mmm. This has nothing to do with science. This is everything to do with me

This is our Club Kenny

Bitch you're overthrown! we're not technically in Club Kenny though we have yet to go through yet to go through initiation

Which will be in the next video could be like

Official mouth click of Club Kenny.

That's the mating call of Club Kenny

Do you think we should like copy all like, you know the nicknames of the people?

oh, yeah members of Club Kenny and if if any of you want to join

Please let us know let us know in the comments we can add you to our list. I have membership members

membership members

Here at Club Kenny we're illiterate.

Thank you!

The Kenny Seal of Approval

The Kenny Seal of Approval

I CAN'T SPELL! Forgive me Kenny...


Forgive me my lord and savior.

I feel like if they find this and hear us saying like "lord and savior" and stuff that's gonna be taken the wrong way

This is a joke.

Disclaimer, this is a giant joke

this will continue on

For the REST of our lives

For a long time. We have 10 episodes planned of

Literally just this joke, so if you're not about this joke

They don't even bother to subscribing to me to be honest actually still subscribe to me

I need people. I need to be loved because no one in high school liked me. I was more irrelevant than than Burger King. So

We were saying they were irrelevant, but like we were lower on the totem pole.

We were like the bottom of the totem pole in high school.

I was at the poop at the bottom of the trashcan.

I wasn't even in the trashcan. I'm below the trashcan. Like I'm not even good enough to be in the trash can

Damn... my spit


now we're going to

establish like the general stuff

like we know that the mascot is a horse and also transportation and then

Transportation for ballers is a horse-drawn carriage

So all the horses pull the carriage see

that's us, but it has to be a princess carriage

it can't be anything else and then paint purple and

Sparkly. Here's a photo for reference

Ciao, you know it seems like we're trashing these people. We're really not this is just a big joke

Again, for disclaimer purposes. I'm saying it again because I don't want...

If any of you actual Club Kenny members are watching

We don't want you to be mad at us

hey, if you're mad, like take it up with her head advisor, and then the official restaurant was Burger King because

They gotta represent Burger King

We got to represent Burger King in some way because he wasn't fully represented himself

and if Burger King if you're watching please spon

Moving on. Is there anything else?

We need an official song

It was High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup

High School Never Ends (*singing poorly*)

I've never heard that song

But we're gonna do it anyway because

It's fitting since we're classy. We're not witing on the backs of the paper.

Hell. No, we we are Club Kenny we waste paper

In this household

We stand we stand for that.

this pencil is yellow. Nope, we've got a rep we gotta paint it red

we're gonna paint our pencils red

*red the blood of angry men*

*black the dark of ages past*... RED

Painting this like dun dun dun

Like actually put in the song

(Careless Whisper plays)

So see now our pencil's Kenny approved

the rules should be written in red. Well orangey-red whatever

Because we don't have red at the moment besides the paint two rules rules. Let's do a recap

That's Club Kenny Day

Of course! Can't forget that!

Thomas the Tank Engine must always be your icon

in it for life. No backing out

This is your future and will never die

Until you do and even then in club Kenny hell you will obey everything for the rest of eternity praise be Kenny and the horses

rest in peace yatta

Over time as we're doing this we will add in this rulebook and

At the end of the series whenever it ends, we're gonna have a reminiscence session.

And it's gonna be like our Kenny Club yearbook

And maybe one day if we ever find the people who were actually in Club Kenny, we will show them this book

Doubtful, but...

Okay, she's going in the cover

*wii theme music plays*

The Wii theme song, but only like the dopest Wii song

She's complete (children cheer)

Thank you for watching this piece of trash content

I'm sorry people

If you want more subscribe

It's not still subscribe. Stay safe children be good people do amazing things. I say don't do drugs

But you know smoke weed everyday (BUT SERIOUSLY DON'T)

Dandelions children not actually, no

No, we don't condone drugs

not in this household not under this Club Kenny roof. Stay wise Wyse Guys and ahhh

What team?


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