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hi guys welcome back to my China


yes guys so I just actually finished my

classes I only have two classes today so

right now it's uh I guess it's I started

8 to 9 9 to 10 so yes it's a 10:00 a.m.

right now here in France guys in the

morning and it's Monday back to work

Monday back to work everyone how's

everybody doing I hope everyone's doing

great so yes guys I'm here at school

right now and I'm gonna go back home

after doing some stops here so I'm just

preparing a warm I I set for tomorrow

so yes guys

hello everyone so yes guys it's starting

to be very cold here guys and it's very

foggy outside right now I mean I'm here

right now stealing the classroom I'm I

want to prepare for my lesson

hello doesn't mean it's a mic TV hello

good morning good afternoon we find

stuff I think it's afternoon there

knowing your place no actually just

finish Mike to every class everyone so


I'm supposed to go home right now but I

don't feel like going home yet I'm gonna

go home in my lesson


yes ma'am 12 noon deep though all of us

it's your lunch break just Mike teevee

right it's your lunch right

thank you so much for coming this is my

TV how is the weather there in your

place does my TV is the weather getting

getting any better or money hello our


welcome to my life sharing our money

actually stealing a classroom right now

harmony yep chica chica dice if you have

questions or things that you wanna talk

about just let me know yes guys I'm

making you my mirror everyone workers

hello Keillor well how are you I'm so

happy for you killer whale finally

teacher hello black/white then yes black

- but this thing weighs kind as long as

you are doing the right thing in the

claim that in the classroom not in the

classroom in the chat room to bring the

right thing in the chat what you see me

will be fine you know his plan is not

but night what is a scarier like that

because my blood is very straight you

know what comes to span words and things

like that so yeah

Taylor rail guy is actually from the US

and I think it's still very early in the

u.s. right now killer whale how are you


you get so much everyone for dropping

behind so yesterday after here I'm gonna

go home actually because I don't have

class anymore so I'm just trying to

prepare a little bit for this one

thank you so much guys for dropping by

everyone is here yes ma'am super I'm

gonna be in my warning yes guys same

company but the same material eid now

it's okay yeah caterer I'm good yeah

it's 3:00 a.m. there I know it's very

early right but you're awake killer

whale like then kill the real in that

bike then what a name huh yes they are

very scary guys every name I think their

names are scarier than but the same way

you know killer whale okay dick emoji -

animal guys killer whale guys is another

Filipino he's foreigners from the USA I

don't think he can understand what

you're saying in Filipino hello me and

Blahniks nice to see you welcome to my

lecture me on blogs how are you this

might be gone along Gandhi Kokila this

mic is from middle east guys hello soon

we judge regularly on me your name is

good too hi I so need to at the record

handy how are you look like they're

watching Sayoko nobody little height to

you yes killer real dices from the US

okay his American Sarah can't understand

Filipino he's trying to send a Filipino

actually but yes I don't think he's

ready to speak with you in Filipino

right but get away and fine you tell me

how are you um I am I am a little bit ok

getting better

sorry guys I wasn't able to go live for

3 days actually because I was not

feeling good but right now I'm feeling

better yes I hope really better yes

feeling better guys hello Jennifer

Alice you're so pretty ghost oh my god

think is so much me on blogs Jen

Cabela's how are you Jen Emilie's

is also from Middle East Jenna bolus and

me on lots also everyone if your middle

was oh my god Ben help you learn from me

toys general is just Mike teevee me on

blogs and yeah the three people are from

Middle East everyone very nice hair you

have wow wow thank you so much but yes

my hair is not very good anymore I'm

quick yes your increase and quick is in

Middle East right block - I join your ok

that's very good Christine hello ever

seen how are you pristine

yes my son just really pick their guys

is not very good you see mr. Santa

subpoenas man oh I am from Cebu Mia

blogs and from Cebu City but right now I

am hearing in France

thank you so much everyone for dropping

by you think we don't gonna come at

these stuff I love who looks like an

artist first times LS more yes I know me

and we met at Maria's Live Streaming I

guess yes and we have been connected for

quite some time already me I even I

always watch your live streaming but I

just don't leave a message because I I

don't stay long so I just watch you

there you actually go live and at the

same time you are working not live not

alone okay mom busy busy oh alright you

general is it come on a new cover to be

right back busy bum was so pretty I

think it's not much luck like them thank

you so much black life in Reno oh my god

it's not me me you're kidding me nah I

think me I want more killing more

density truth

Christine is so beautiful also I like

her yes she is she's very talented guys

she's very young mom has a house before

you know I am here in the classroom

right now I just finished my work

everyone so today I actually only have

three classes so I have 2 plus in the

morning that's from 8 a.m. to

I am so right now it's 10:10 a.m. and 12

minutes so I just finished my two

classes and then my next class will be

the afternoon that's gonna be at a 1:30

p.m. so yeah I'm after doing some stuffs

here in the classroom I'm gonna go back

home and you know prepare lunch and

stuff like that and of course yeah I'm

gonna be right to come back here someone

their life and you keep advice hello how

are you like when you give advice

welcome to the live stream hello cut the

limb TV welcome to my live stream got

someone TV how are you MSN kigali I

think Jen Jen must be very busy at work

thank you so much killer whale guys

Claire well guys let's congratulate

killer whale guys because after a long

time after his long journey on YT

finally he has been monetized everyone

and I'm so happy for him he deserves

that because he has helped a lot of

people you know me I'm so good in

English amazing telegin Daman thank you

so much mia blocks yes i teach english

ureña frames i actually teach english

you know that's why to me what my

channel is English teacher in France

because I am an English teacher here

banana man

whoa CatholicTV come on you're kidding

Thank You teen unknown in the air I

suppose this material Oh actually it's

because of the weather I think I it's

very foggy outside right now I feel like

I'm gonna catch a cold

actually I haven't been feeling good

with everything here selamat okay that's

the s hello and welcome to my friend

that's why you're so good in English yes

we cannot teach if we don't

you know yes so yes guys if you went up

enough with people please do it the

right way okay don't use the spamming

words please understand hi okay you can

say hi to everyone and if you like the

streaming everyone if you like my face

please don't forget to hit that like

button for me guys my major know how are

you huh really

welcome at emia

break time focus again you know alright

just got home teacher nothing it's a

baby the school more washing

it's just nothing I lied okay take your

time liking you give advice

is she 14 did enemies here thank you so

much for a thumbs up everyone

oh very sexy lips killer whale huh okay

yep I'll come back with mom but thank

you guys for making me feel better

there's actually guys whitey or the

people I met in one whitey always make

me feel better

Beauty parents among guide major powers

versus yes guys and it wasn't really

like this but during my second class it

was very hard everyone because uh

actually there they are old yeah

there are fifteen years old and they're

very noisy guys so I felt it in the

blast because uh I couldn't stop them

from making noise and we actually did a

kind of listening activity but they were

very noisy so I thought I miss you I

hope I can use a stream your guys any

any any day this week and if there are

people who would like to join me live

you can actually join me like Filipina

be sorry another land

hello Lisa least greet Filipina design

another land everyone she actually at

the gate right now so I cannot type a

message to her because I'm using my

phone you know oh yeah but this thing

weighs welcoming okay it's just my glass

for them everyone

memory flower written on the little card

and victory on my men squad some

teachers some teachers go dance at night

victory and oh hello victory under

welcome to my life's dream well when I

was in Philippines victory I know yes

when I was in Philippines I actually

used to you know enjoy with friends

after work do you know and wine we go

dancing we go drink e4z are also you

minobii are teachers but we enjoy as

well after work so yeah when I was in

Philippines yeah but here I have no

friends here everyone so yeah Filipino

there now thank you so much for coming

victory I know I don't know what victory

under these guys thank you so much very

thoughts up everyone victory I know I

miss what Amezcua where are you know

something here's gogo dance at night

Victoriana Amezcua I think

Victoriana Amezcua is a student everyone

I think he is trying to learn English so

yes guys you guys have questions for in

my situation friends please don't

hesitate to ask okay yes victory and for

Pina Messiah

is my friend chuckling at hello cheffy

now is the thing I didn't see your

prenup this is China alone pictures

channel welcome to my lecture welcome

back to my channel welcome back to my

Lightroom fixes channel this channel

guys is from the US I found a that's

right no no no he's from the UK I'm


yeah jimena and mom hello welcome to my

lecture in Japan I am mom mom I think

it's your first time here at my live

streaming so yeah alright see more scary

than I think I mean yes it will just be

nothing mom where are you from to be

nothing mom thank you so much Filipina

messiah another land okay okay welcome

to my livestream area sis so sorry this

until you might know you in my classroom

yeah vixx's job okay clicks this channel

thank you so much because Chanel me a

dummy okay the guy no money

debate I went I'm like Mary Florida

enough she know you a present but gonna

stay long yes hello Murph Lauren Gretna

how are you being a more 13 in the house

think it's not so but black-white been

so busy me a good time everyone is have

a good

everyone just going up the right way

guys because yeah if you don't do it the

right way you will get timed out by

night but I actually had night but and

with the single box but the same way is

responsible for welcoming people and

nightbot is responsible for spamming you

know spam messages Sarah not what is

very strict with that okay okay Mary

floor and I said and I'm still beautiful

as my oh you're very pleased

I will try Mary flooring been done but

it was so yes guys I think many of you

are new to each other so you guys guys

if you're interested in each other

please just connect the right way okay

sorry am I gonna add something in my

hands I can't see if I'm partying my

gosh sorry guys

we do it don't do it tada

yes bTW for more black piping guys thank

you so much for dropping guys dropping

by guys so actually this won't really be

a long screaming so maybe I'm going home

after Christine's anomaly being a cop I

don't mind Kristine Sande coming in host

I am here in France and I am in the

classroom so yes maybe later I'm gonna

should be looking at

so you can see there is internet heater

for my class because we have computer

and you can actually see myself here so

yes guys and then Hitler well thank you

so much and then with this live

streaming online I use my internet from

my phone Christine because I I paid for

my internet every month with my focus

why I paid every month so usually every

routine is the new you know beta for my

phone and yeah maybe some of you know

that when it's almost the 18 for example

15 16 17 like that my internet is a bit

low because you know guys this is a

chocolate I didn't have that first yet I

left this one because this is milk


okay cookie you know who thank you so

much only a hundred the supposes no it's

not only it's a I forgot how much I

guess but I I forgot how much for that

1500 not 15 euros every month yeah if my

memory serves me right and steal your

web startup aunty true





yes guys I'm going home right now guys

so I'll take you with me okay


I'm gonna wear my this is my these are

my gloves last week burgers it's not

winter yet but I'm gonna take you home

but maybe you cannot see my face only

the view outside because I broke my

window blood guys in I ordered on Amazon

but it hasn't arrived so I'm still

waiting for my mother pie but this one

of what is actually a 14-1 so one of my

tripod and I forgot the others but yeah

I ordered I know Jane can still use our


so you just a national female teacher no

my husband did


I'm gonna go out now guys tell have

victory by your spicy noodles and we

hope that yeah well we are not in good

terms right now long life in your gated

paths so I'm going down advice is that

the stairs it's very cold

I hope you guys can still see this clean

really I hope it's clear

well I'm no it's not very cold outside

huh okay I'll just remove my my so this

is where the kids play guys during break

time so every after two classes the

students actually have a break time

there's a 10-minute break so they

usually spend it here there is a

basketball court and ping-pong and they

can run everywhere here young guys oh I

didn't get you

became among one minute doctors and

nothing good times I don't think so and

I don't want not again

sorry guys I'm moving on because there

are some kids there I cannot show them

in the camera I'm gonna go in now he's

over at the gate all right here we go

because the outside is guys

Wow look at all the leaves there

these are the leaves I took a video of

before but now all the leaves have

fallen oh it's very cold now I thought

it wasn't so I'm wearing my oh my god

it's not very clear wait okay here okay

so I hope you guys can see it clearly

same you teachers same whether you're

very cold oh my god guys but there's a

bit of Sun coming out you see ya real a

Sun is coming out mr. Sun Sun oh my god

it's cool we cover it in a topic like a

disease yes think it's a mystique

undergone with tobacco

oh my God my guru guru Gotham corner on

yes uh shaking guys travel on food TV

hello how are you travel on food TV

where are you from Oh in an ahkam use of

in the fog

oh yeah guys that there guys this

one is a very popular here actually the

place where I live guys is one of the

tourist spots here so a lot of tourists

come here flora you know sightseeing and

stuff like that so I'm gonna walk over

there oh look at guys you cannot see the

view over there because of the fog now

I'm in a DS long waiting nose oh thanks

so much Jane Costigan is our mentor from

Poland okay Oh

toy poodle Minnie hello toy poodle

Minnie welcome to the live stream how

are you - toy poodle minion

how are you thanks for coming

oh my god I'm shaking guys so guys I'm

sorry if I can see all your messages

okay because actually I'm just using my

phone you can see us

it's strange there's moon over there

there's moon

oh my god it's very cold well kinda know

in general I mean oh yea 5tq what is 550

I find thank you okay

oh these you're shaking guys is a foggy

day even here in my place yes Augean is

very cold guys it's very cold you know I

have shown you this river many times

guys this river moose and it's very

popular here you can sit here you can

have a date with your boyfriend or

whatever whoever yeah can you guys see

the the view clearly is it clear it's

very cool guys that sea need to

get some hot drink in your hand

yeah late-term and I got home I'm gonna

have my breakfast actually because I

haven't had my breakfast oh my god I

don't know if it's fog or smoke of

course this fog right oh my God look at

that so yes guys we are walking now so

this is my view every time I go home and

go to school oh look at the bird over

there flying woah it looks very cool

what time yeah it's 10 a.m. here toy

poodle Minnie it's 10 a.m. and it's very

cold I think a winter is gonna start

very soon oh my god dee sure is shaking

hello teacher and everyone hello shiny

man how are you good morning shiny man

yes guys this used to have a fountain

that there but I think they are still

fixing something there so there's no

fountain for now yeah so this place here

is the very beautiful and when there is

an event it's usually held here they put

stage or something like that there's

concert or things like that they hold it

here and yeah a lot of restaurants over


in pubs and that is a very popular

monument of radon so the place where I

live is weirding everyone and that is

the post office that building is post

office and that one is an old hotel and

it's not used anymore only birds stay

there a lot of birds on the windows guys

and that old hotel misty but your cam is

very clear yeah because I have enough

data Chinaman because you know I just

got my data back on the 18th

every 18th it's a new thing you see I

hope you guys enjoy this yes is very

beautiful and there are some shots

there's an boutique there and boutiques

but it's really foggy guys so I'm

turning around right now nice mug bit

bit of travel mug with hot choco my god

while walking I'll go a carrying the mug

I don't think it's possible so I think

you have seen my video about fall I took

it here and you see all the leaves right


the leaves are absolutely dead you see

it was very beautiful before but now the

colour has gone you see

please connect the right way everyone I

kasaya old hotel yes it's old hotel guys

and I'm gonna show you the front side

that's how it looks like and this one I

think you have seen this in many places

the telephone thing but it's not used

anymore of course it's very old you see

no more telephone there no more and yeah

that's this that's the front side of the


I don't know Lu and there is a chicken

and Hardy I didn't know what it means


maybe shiny man can explain everyone so

yeah I always and this December guys

there is a marshy do Noel marshy is

market Noel is Christmas oh they have I

think I have shown in my video this one

I hope this they have started decorating


the color is param param pum horror

movie so yeah they have started

decorating this place yeah and here

there will be some some kiosk later in

December I think when they start the

Christmas market thank you for sharing

this Christine I want to come again

Christine I'm not Christine

toy poodle I am Catherine okay I am

Catherine or maybe you are talking to

Christine there what beautiful pass the

ass welcome to my live stream Pat BS how

are you see ya guys and I mean tsubame

trees now along the Honea the name is la

like coke hardy oh coupe means rooster

oh yeah that's rooster lay is the tha

and that there is a rooster hardy I

don't know what it means

yeah and this is post office guys very

big post office yeah

post office and bank

la Banque postal yeah and shall we pass

here okay let us pass here I'm going to

show you the I have sullen I have shown

to some of you actually before and they

have big balls there look can you see

the decoration big balls thank you so

much everyone for visiting here so yes

guys that's how it is in the streets no

more leaves but they still have fruits I

don't know what it is really to be


so maybe shiny man can tell us what it


wait a guy shiny minutes from France he

is of course French yeah and a lot of

boutiques here where you can go shopping

yeah but of course if your pocket is

empty that is so sad and we also have

your orange it's a electronic shop you

can buy some cell phones in electronic

devices in electronic accessories yeah

you see this will be very beautiful the

lights here will be very beautiful at

night especially in December they

haven't started lighting it I mean they

have started some but not all yet and

yes guys I'm gonna show you that there

we're gonna go up there and I forgot how

many stairs on it in one of my videos I

have actually shown and I have written

there how many stairs are here I think

70 I forgot anyway and I'm gonna thank

you so much follow bloggers the chicken

hotel newfound Hunter Ingalls family

welcome oh I'm so sorry yes I'm

Katherine no problem toy poodle Minnie

seems so quiet there is better to

hibernate so very cool

heartbeat can mean daring also it's a

the daring rooster Oh interesting huh

there are so many traditional buildings

yes this is actually historical place

hello wandering rural how are you yes

with lights is very beautiful at night

yeah hello everyone so yes guys so this

year guys these are flowers so the

flowers here are actually changed every

season so uh they've just put new new

sets of flowers guys they use in summer

last summer they put roses on it a lot

of roses so now they have changed I

think um last week or two weeks ago they

have changed the flowers flowers for

good for autumn season and winter I

guess yes anyway they are dying now

because of the coldness you see yeah so

that's the whole view guys this is the

monument everyone and there's actually

something inside you can get in and

there are some weapons over there it's

historical place you know and at night

everyone there's also like they put some

Christmas lights on that so at night

that the view is very beautiful so these

are the flowers over here I don't know

what flowers these are yeah what kind of

flowers so yeah the flowers here are

changed every season so I don't know is

that vegetable or flower

it's very look I didn't know guys yeah

and a lot of visitors come here I'm

interest actually visit and yak to

Therese over there

yeah and over here the plants you see

flowers yeah Manju yeah and oh my god

I'm going up we're going up guys I

forgot how many now Cassie pilla who

guys for now okay thank you wandering

world yes it's beautiful guys I'm gonna

show you later

oh my god they overlooking view oh my

gosh I'm running out of breath everyone

because of the stairs this is the fault

of the stairs you know wow I love the

place teacher yeah it's flower I think

parang decorative cabbage look looking

yes yeah and there are some weapons

there and I don't know how to read that

maybe you guys can read everything is in

French shiny a man can read that muscle

was the limo was the song Bria I don't

know I'm not very good at reading guys

and there are some weapons over there

and actually you can get it get it get

inside but I think there's entrance I

haven't been inside but there's a

schedule to get in cabbage flower yes

maybe cabbage flower and there's another

weapon over there so let's go up guys in


and I'm gonna show you the view

overlooking view that's it guys okay we

go upstairs a little life I don't know

why these cabbages are so trendy yeah

they they look like cabbage right that's

why I said we're fruits that's why I

said are they flowers are actually

vegetables yeah but they look beautiful

you know so this is the view on top guys

so yeah that's it and you have the

weapon here this is old weapon of course

it's not new yeah it's very cool guys

yeah that's it it's a weapon and its

really foggy okay we turn around there

oh my god where oh I'm giving you a

headache now and turning around

okay oh the Sun is coming out look bye

bye see you next time bye pass the ass

have a good day yeah I saw that in

Baguio Oh Angie I mean you news really

yeah so this is the overlooking view

guys see that

hello color maker China I'm going home

color make your channel but I'm just

showing my way home a little bit you

know yeah guys I think you cannot see

clearly I'm gonna go over there that's

my way to go home yeah

so oh the leaves here still alive but a

lot on the floor I mean on the ground

see these guys let's go to the other

side let's go to the other side I don't

feel like going home guys oh yeah

my class is uh 1:30 so I'm gonna go home

prepare lunch and you know so that's

there those are the flowers I showed you

over there and yeah that's the view down

there really oh thank you so much we'll

bring some Sun please yes very cool yeah

so this is friends guys okay I mean this

is riddle I am in France everyone for

those people who don't know and I am

here in gray dog if you check on the

internet about radon radon is a popular

place uh historical place especially

when it comes to to war war things and

stuff oh my god the bird over there look


Oh am I so beautiful thank you so yeah

guys over there you can't see clearly

because it's against the light so yeah

I'm on their side I'm on the left side a

while ago I brought you two I brought

you there on the right side now I'm on

the left side no we were on the left

side over there and now I am here on the

right side oh my god teacher you don't

know right on left yeah look at the

trees guys no more trees uh no more

trees no more leaves yes you can come

here follow bloggers and everyone you

can visit here and yeah

that's right over there let's this check

okay those are the buildings down there

yep and that there okay

you are very welcome everyone I hope you

guys are enjoying this sudden tour of

mine yes because this is you know Hotel

de la Paix

oh it's also hotel over there guys Hotel

de la Paix it means to say the hotel of

peace peppy 8ix it actually means peace

hotel yes hotel is hotel but in French

they don't pronounce age they say Hotel

no age sound in French that's Hotel de

la Paix it means hotel of peace uh-huh

so there's a very small thing anyway so

yeah and that's down there I showed you


over there and look at the bird flying

oh you can't see that into communist

anti-german photoshoot Cassander Lee I

already had my photo shoot here

Christine Tampa's many times yeah and I

think you can see that what one there

I'm gonna make it I'm gonna zoom it in a

little bit there those are the weapons -

weapons on each side I mean one weapon

on each side so there are two take care

always be sure thank you so much color

maker channel so yes guys oh my god I

really need the chain issues my oh my

God my feet are feeling like frozen oh

my gosh okay

so that's it guys here on this side so I

think we will drop by the river again we

will pass on that side so let me just

let me show you the okay let's zoom it


you already saw that we were there a

while ago we were walking there that

there we were walking that there and

there is the river in the hotel the big

hotel yep

so yeah that's it and

okay let's have a look at the flowers

again and we go down you look at the

flowers because I'm looking at my steps

okay because oh my god what a shame if I

hold down here and a lot of people hello

Elgin how are you Elgin how are you


guys elgyn guys we have to congratulate

him he just got money ties everyone on

and so so happy for our friend who just

got money ties plumbers yes you should

you should answer this question are they

flowers or vegetables guests because

follow bloggers like flowers she likes

flowers guys well love it yeah are they

flowers or vegetables that you want to

cook them yeah look they put cabbages

here cabbage this is for food actually

guys the first the counter I think the

collar at first is violet or purple and

then it becomes white the same look at

the color is the combination you see or

I don't know it's just maybe a

combination of two colors

that is flower Mubarak a teacher yes I

will go viral if I fall down guys but I

will also have Brielle because I will

die this is very you know very high a

lot of stairs here it's very high yeah

over there

so flowers are dying because it's very

cold see

I have to find that here and I put on my

garden yes it's very beautiful everyone

and here is a real flower of course and

this flower is very popular I mean we

know these flowers we know that they're

dying guys I see oh they're dead because

of the cold weather so that's it over

there on top guys very high I forgot how

many stairs the small ones are pansy

pansy upon see ah this one these are

fancy yeah they look like they look like

a weak flowers anyway they are flowers

for autumn or oh what's that fall so yes

guys we're gonna go there and I'm gonna

no I'm not gonna pass here I'm gonna go

there and pass there to go home they can

go through cold temperatures I'll really

become a duelist in on steps now booty

Trina duck no no - no yes these plans

are actually for a coal they can live

they can live they can yeah they can

survive with cold weather

according to shine amen okay shiny mess

from friends so he knows better than me

yes guys see all those flowers over


oh my god it fell down guys

you should fix that look it's removed


and this place is very beautiful guys

because they change the the flowers

sometimes they put flowers there which

actually which color is actually like

the the color of the flag of France

sometimes they put some flowers with

blue and red color something like that

so yeah it's very beautiful actually

let's go home now and walk more

okay that's a truck oh my god follow

bloggers thank you so much

penny just one of luggers I think it's

so much very supportive friend yes the

small ones but not sure at all about


but the cabbages shy name and they look

they look so healthy look at the bird

guy he flew over me and a lot of if they

hear hello hello


so yes guys follow bloggers thank you so

much my dear you see guys he never sweet

how can I be sweet with someone because

I think I am NOT sweet at all okay guys

let's leave let's leave those sweet

birds over there my god I have pain on

my feet guys because of coldness my

shoes are not good for cold I should

have worn the other shoes I have so yes

guys so we gonna go we were actually

from the left so now we're gonna go to

the right and I'm gonna show you the I'm

gonna show you the the road I'm gonna

show you my way but I can't show you my

face everyone because you know I am

using my tripod right now and tripod is

very very how can I say very short yeah

as I've said my monopod that's actually

four in one monopod right but and no

whatsoever still yeah it hasn't arrived

yet look guys all the fog over here yeah

you can hardly see the the view guys

because it's very cold I think I'm gonna

I'm gonna go down there yep oh my gosh

okay okay and I'm gonna put you here

because I'm gonna hello everyone very

cool everyone so I put you on the floor

with the tripod take my arm teacher I

wish I could sign even

oh my god guys thank you so much for

staying everyone if you guys need to

make friends so please do so everyone

just do it the right way okay yeah here

we are

we are beside the river guys


I will just remove this I think it's not

very cold anymore the Sun has come out

and let's hot chocolate guys I have one

one buck one box of this one one song hi

pretty host guapa Malaga I anymore

yes guys I'm using my tripod right now

yeah see your messages because I'm

actually oh my god no no no wait where

is that okay is that footage for new

intro no shiny man this is not oh my god

let's laugh guys every problem we just

need to laugh you know

so yes guys let's eat chocolate a little

guys anyway I just need to cook rice

when I get home because there's a body

food I cooked last night

I cooked a big big one so you could not


same here in Japan right winter Nana

mine oh yeah is it winter wait guys if

you like this dream please don't forget

to hit that like button for me thank you

so much

can you guys see me clearly some of my

students are over there

yes guys let's go over there I'll put

you on the food and saffet with them

okay there you are not good the view is

not good

I want to walk over there guys but you

know I left my bag over there nobody

will steal it's okay

Oh a lot of students are there I mean

kids so yeah here teacher is on the

bridge but let's be careful because I'm

gonna drop my phone

whoa I'm gonna drop my phone

oh my god not good everyone I'm gonna

get my bag over there because I will

lose my bag



kind of games over there they're in line


children ever noisy guys they said when

June 18 2000 K maybe 19 oh my god kids

are very cute they're looking at me why

I'm talking alone looking at me I think

they said what is she doing why she

talking alone

freezing guys suddenly schools again

I'm wondering why they turn on the light

over there so yes guys let's go now

let's go back home


someone is watching behind you oh yeah

nobody what are you talking about live

in UK we buzz I think you're talking

about the kids right I mean there was a


my bag is happy guys I've got four books

in my bag imagine the books so yeah guys

this it oh can you hear the sound of the

birds I just


their roots weird sound guns can you

hear that

I'm gonna put this on the boat so I can

stay there on the bridge a little you

know thing that one I'm gonna walk over

there my crazy oh I have something to

put the camera right here all right here

we go

okay there you are look at my hands my

hands are red red hands because it's

cold you know

I look like raising your wife


okay guys I'm gonna hide my face now

here we go

there you are

somebody's watching behind you okay it's

finished okay guys so yeah we're going

home now

haha funny white funny huh white funny

funny funny funny pristine oh my god the

Sun is coming out shiny men

what do you see a cold anyway

hi Dex Dex was that Dex gay very hello

welcome to my livestream

Dex gay Barry I will put you here guys

so we can talk to each other over there

see can you guys see me oh my god you

only see the the trash this garbage bin

here so the place is very clean because

you've got no reason not to you know

throw your garbage properly because

there are some like this for you to

throw your trash yes yeah yeah yeah

sunny afternoon the pinks

sorry guys with my I'm so sorry for my

my what my being ridiculous

yep my being ridiculous let's go home

that way features a go home me oppa

Jenny go home do drugs are falling video

quality so good thank you so much shine

amen that's the view over there everyone

yeah see

and here the restaurants I told you

thank you so much this glide Irie fear

on the roads over here restaurants

yep but still close usually I know

because this Monday guys though a lot of

shops are closed here on Mondays shops

are closed and yeah

and they have been finished putting some

Christmas lights over there yeah like

that businesslike

they put every trees on Christmas lights

it's very funky guys it's not so clear

the ground is full of leaves guys

there is st. Nikola yes there's gonna be

very soon December 8 there's gonna be

parade st. Nicholas or Nicola on

Francaise because in French guys they

don't pronounce the consonant ending

sound they don't pronounce it since that

is a Nicholas is Nicola okay that's over

there I will never get tired of showing

you these guys because it's very

beautiful this part here no okay so now

we're gonna go home it's time to go home

everyone see ya we go right over there

and walking there's another Bank

so a lot of boutiques guys on the road

and my way home a lot of boutiques and



i glasses shop but what is insurance

thing I think is it it's an insurance

company a shiny man and this is a big

shop here which I hate I don't like to

go there anymore because yeah and

they're also there on there under the on

top you can see also decoration

and over there they were gonna go home


guys come in peace

nice husband out

whoa it's a nice place yes gene it is so

yeah guys in many shops now guys they

have they have Christmas decoration are

many shots like this shot I think you

have seen one of my videos about draggy

Brockie I don't know how to pronounce it

shiny mail so now they have changed

their decoration the spirit of personal

si si yeah over there this is a shop

chocolate shop sweet confectionary shop

see yeah but it's closed because Monday

guys a lot of shops are closed Monday

Monday and Sunday see

so it's really it I gotta go home now

people are looking at me what I'm doing

I'm just doing here talking to my

friends it's none of your business

asylum in Asylum is actually a tattoo

shop tattoo yeah

and another villain jury over there and

there is also fish shop over there

see ya Oh breathing is freezing

so that's the bakeshop hmm yeah that

wasn't and this is another big shop here

but it's closed anyway they don't have

many customers that place but the big

shop which I don't like they always have

many people yeah it's actually franchise

or something like that

anyway I'll um gaku china welcome to my

life screams I got Paterno this past the

other way let's make our walk long it

should be nearer if we pass over there

but yeah I want this walk to take long

time so we walk more okay so this is how

peaceful the way home and there is a

small shop there you can have coffee and

beer something like that

and this place here this is used for

like markets every Friday there is

market here every Friday so it's usually

inside this oh my god dog scary birds

flying over there yeah those are the

signs okay you have seen this place many

times anyway you need a joint cap in

coop 505 hello welcome to my livestream

what do you mean you need a joint the

Sun look at the Sun guys

so the road is very wet I know when I

when I went out of the house this

morning everyone

everything seems so I mean what is that

there was moist because you know very

cold so I thought oh snow but there

wasn't any just a moist whoa I'm gonna

mention host thank you so much nautical


so I have showed you that I'm nya Paula

behind my teacher you know my house is

not really far but I just move around

the corner to make it long but it's not

really for and that's a parking area

over there and my house is right over


right there yeah so let's have a little

thing here and this place you can talk

with your friend you can have a date a

little this place there is bench over

there and there is this statue of radon

I think I have shown you before that

statue over there for don't I'm not even

sure if you can see clearly yeah that an

origin host I think it's almost 11 a.m.

now nook which I know

so yeah the Sun is coming out and

there's bench here so I'm gonna sit a

little here okay chink oh and where

should I put my okay should put my

camera here

I hope it won't drop on the river if it

drops I'm dead

around us a late-day oh no I can't do it

it's a it's gonna drop ooh you you there

is something disgusting the only way the

guy diary hosts okay

yes guys so uh that's really it guys I'm

gonna yeah I'm gonna go home now

everyone oh you can hear the bell that's

the church everyone that's the church

Church get up with you here

yeah that's it everyone so very near the

house right now maybe 20 more steps and

I'm home

bail bail yes yes we heard yes

bail bail go away

bail bail no rain rain go away so yes

guys thank you so much everyone for

dropping by and yes I'm gonna end the

show right now I only have oh my god

it's over now

Filipina Bisaya Netherland thank you so

much sir yes guys a big shout out to all

my angels out there big shout out to

live in UK with bats banana us a nut

bananas nurse aide in America an

American shot uh

101 foot travel Marcus rich and Ruby's

foreign family big shout out to you

follow bloggers yes who else

Jennifer a Bella's in Russia in Japan

and of course Mary flower in Vietnam

stop copy Anna Marie with your hair yes

and Amory I like it

cover my face with my hair yeah like

that scary teacher yes and big shout out

to everyone Filipina beside another land

shiny men of course fans though big

shout out to you Dan folder thought

police they drew a shout out to you and

shout out to everyone black Python big

lie diary Langa co-channel shout out to


shout out to christine tempest shout out

to tap and cook 505 and everyone i can't

mention all your names but you guys are

amazing thank you so much and who else

they shout out to killer whale

yeah can you see my breath is a smoke oh

you cannot see this move people think

what is she doing here she's talking

alone so yes guys thank you so much

everyone say oh yeah once again this is

English teacher in France if you're new

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bell below to get more updates about my

channel everyone so yes guys this is the

end of my livestream you guys so thank

you so much I hope you guys gonna have a

wonderful Monday everyone and I'm gonna

also try to have my wonderful Monday

okay yes and yes take care everyone gun

Venna here take your t-shirt and

everyone yes thank you so much bye bye