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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Poetry Critical Appreciation "LONDON" William Blake, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute I'm

Professor Abba Sharma these days I'm

doing quite rich appreciation and today

I am going to take up William Blake's

very famous form London William Blake

yes he lived between the time period

1757 to 1827 he was a pre Romantic poet

that means the transitional poet was a

contemporary of Gray Collins culper

Thompson so he's the most complex and

the controversial point of the 18th

century he did not have much of formal

schooling he was a painter and poet and

he even joined Royal Academy

he has written two main collections as

the song of innocence which were

published in 1789 and Songs of

Experience published in 1794 so his work

is characterized by a spirit of revolt

and questioning see these two innocence

and experience are juxtaposed their two

contrastive volumes of his thoughts his

questioning his revolt he had the

ability to observe the unusual and

penned down in the form of poetry so

let's take up London so this was

published in songs of experience the

poet says that modern civilization has

made the life of a common man very hard

painful and miserable so he exposes the

evils of the city life of London he

shows the ugly face in this form of

model civilization taking account of the

soldiers of the harlots of chimney

sweepers and all so Blake was a humanist

he attacks the society which is based on

exploitation of poor and downtrodden

section of the society in spite of the

comforts and luck

and the like people are not happy they

are bounded by so many shackles of woes

pains they exploited people are corrupt

those who are in part so he talks about

all these things let's take the first

answer I wandered through each charted

street near where the chartered things

does flow unmarked in every face I meet

marks of weakness marks of war so in the

very first stanza he says that he is

wandering the street of London which is

situated on the bank of river Thames he

calls the street and rivet dirty

Chartered means dirty as the street is

full of rubbish rubbish not only

physically not only by dust rubbish

means the people walking on the street

are corrupted they have got evil soul in

them that's why they have made this city

and even the river dirty so everyone

seems to be in pain and sorrow and the

faces are pale as if they are going

through terrible sufferings marks of

weakness marks of flow in every cry of

every man in every infant cry of fear in

every voice in every band the mind

forged manacles I hear so he says that

every man's voice you will find a lot of

pain and suffering then not at all happy

even the newborn baby is not safe from

the things of this world even his cries

the baby's cries up full of fear and

pain the bands and the proclamations

made by these powerful people of the

society they make rest of the innocent

common man suffer so they exploited and

the fearful men are all shocked

they are all in shackles that means

they're all chained up they are not free

their mental attitudes are not free at

all mind forged miracles means the minds

are all chained with all the

responsibility with poverty with so many

other things and more Oh moreover they

are exploited by the powerful people

next how the chimney sweepers crying

every blackening Church a pass and the

hapless soldiers sign runs and blood

down palace walls

so in this he talks about the the

situation of child labor actually it was

later banned because all these social

workers they brought the the pain of

these little people little children

because they were made to work work in

such conditions where they used to get

exhausted and even dying so he talks

about the chimney sweepers chimneys a

very narrow and little children who

could get inside the chimneys were

supposed to clean the chimneys so many

times they got exhausted claustrophobic

and died so he's making people aware

that don't be so rude do not exploit

these little Souls so and then he says

the churches are have also turned pale

with shame corruption he says that the

soldiers of London

they're also bounded under the egos of

the powerful men they have to sacrifice

their lives just to shake it the ego of

the king or the queen they have to relay

their life because they have to fight on

behalf of their egos they're far so

also become the victim of this corrupt

system runs and blood down these palace

roads palaces or the Kings are

exploiting them laying their lives next

but most through midnight streets I hear

how the youthful college curves blast

the newborn infants clear and lights

with plays the marriage falls here the

poet criticizes the social laws which

are responsible for the exploitation of

the society

it has become the wigs victim of

physical diseases also the social

diseases which are bred in this society

you do social injustice so he's given a

complete scene of the prostitutes where

they are made to work they had to do

such a shameful job still they are not

accepted by the society still they have

no right to marry or continue with their

life in a respectful disrespectful

manner so he says that the prostitution

has destroyed many lives the newly born

babies who do not find their

surroundings Pleasant the laws of

marriage and other social life are so we

that they do not allow the harlots or

the prostitutes to be a part of that


so these harlots because the society

that means the society is deteriorating

because of the corruption because of the

unequal laws because of the slavery

prevailing there so life of London is

totally destroyed or say has become

corrupted and the last line is also the

same unlights with plates plates means

they're rebuking that this was the

marriage laws virus

the marriage laws which do not allow the

downtrodden people like Hollis and all

to marry so overall it shows the plight

of the common man against the bar

against the corruption against the

exploitation so I hope you must have

understood the poem please like comment

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come with the next point thank you




The Description of Poetry Critical Appreciation "LONDON" William Blake, UGC/NET/JRF/MA/BA