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Hey KLM, can I transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?

Let me explain!

Whether you can transfer at Schiphol depends on your destination...

...and the country youre travelling from.

Be sure to read the travel advisories that apply to the country youre coming from...

...the Netherlands and your destination country.

What kind of measures can I expect at the airport in Amsterdam?

Weve adopted numerous health and safety measures...

...for passengers to be able to travel safely and responsibly.

Airport staff will maintain their distance and wear face masks as far as possible.

Also, every second check-in desk and gate is closed... make sure that you can maintain your distance from other passengers.

Of course, the airport will be well-cleaned...

...and sanitising gel is provided at multiple locations.

As a traveller youre required to wear a face mask and follow the signs...

...and ground markings to maintain the required distance.

Are any health documents or checks necessary?


The Dutch government requires a health statement...

...from all passengers.

This statement will appear while checking-in.

Also, customers travelling to specific destinations...

...may need to produce additional forms, have their temperature checked...

...and/or present the negative results of a recent corona test.

OK, and will I be able to visit the KLM lounges?

Yes, our KLM Crown lounges are open for you to visit.

Please note that there may be adjusted opening hours...

...and catering services.

The Blue Bar and Restaurant remain closed.

What if Im continuing my journey with another airline?

You should contact the airline concerned for detailed information...

...about their flight schedule changes, travel restrictions or route suspensions.

All airlines regularly update their websites.

Clear, thanks KLM!

Youre welcome!

Be sure to check the latest news on travel rules, health requirements...

...and entry documentation before departure.

Have a safe trip!

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