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- May I come in? - Of course.

No need for help, its not heavy, thank you.

….we should get ready with the carrots very quickly. Could someone help?

On 12 July I posted in theSegítsük együtt a menekülteketgroup (Lets Help the Refugees):

what if we collected food for refugees here and cooked it and shared it.

Since then it has been going on non-stop.

About 600 lunches, 1000 sandwiches for breakfast, 1000-1500 sandwiches in the afternoonthats the amount

Plates please!

Lets go to the back

Two people should go with one bag.

There has not been a week that I hadnt had at least two days of 12-14-hour shifts of akitchen-lady”…

Every day 2-3 new volunteers arrive and the donations keep pouring in non-stop from different supporters.

I work in the health division, I give basic medical support to the migrants.

I collect our medicine supply, we have basic medicines.

Then I go out to the square or to the Transit Zone at Keleti Station and I ask around to see who needs help.

The Hungarian government had prepared for this whole situation with a giant poster campaign

and this meant only neglecting the problem. We can see how it escalated

I have been a migrant twice in my life, I migrated from Transylvania (Romania) in the early 2000s,

I know what it means not to have roots

Not only the hatred-campaign has support in this country but so does solidarity.

- Are there a lot of people with children? – No, luckily not, but we are taking nappies to babies.

(non-Hungarian talking)

Now thehealth divisionhave just arrived, they have brought nappies and sanitary issues for women.

The refugees help with handing them out, sending the others away telling them that this is not food

People are more and more tense because they have permanently been kept in uncertainty whether they can leave the country or not.

If the refugees who are on public grounds receive basic food more than once a day

then they are more relaxed, they wait for what would happen to them much more quietly

These people who arrive in Budapest having travelled thousands of kilometres don't receive any medical care

although the trip exhausts and shatters them. They have a lot of basic illnesses.

Its very difficult to find out about their medical history and what treatment they have had on the road - probably nothing at all.

Depression often occurs lately, but we cant help that, we do not give anti-depressants to anyone. Unattended diabetes, heart problems

Basic supply that is never too much is: sliced bread, rolls, cheese (in cubes), butter, margarine, fruit,

they are all needed, the refugees arrive here in very bad physical condition.

As the colder weather sets in they will need mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags in large quantities.

I need a boy to help with the shelves

That's all. Place it here so that the frame bears the weight.

So you could get something? Cheese is badly needed, the more the better. Thank you.

It needs to be said that around 90% of our volunteers are women.

It is obvious that women are much more sensitive to this problem.

Ive put my summer in this. Ive had so much in my life from people in need that I thought:

3 months in ones life is nothing if there is nobody else to do the job

There are many different things to join doing from cleaning vegetables to taking them to people.

We have about 40 permanent volunteers and about 150-200 spontaneous volunteers have come to us to help.

Wed like to reach 2000 people with our food supply more than once a day.

Id love to see that this can go on. This solidarity that has been shown to migrants may focus on our own poor.

I can feel this happening.

This is how you can help:

Volunteers, offers: Facebook: “Segítsünk együtt a menekülteknek” (“Lets help the migrants together”),(41 Bérkocsis street, VIII. district, Budapest)

Medical help and support: Facebook : “Több orvost a menekülteknek” (More doctors for the migrants”)

Further info: migrationaid.netand of course you can also organise programmes for children

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