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Hey guys, how's it going it's Justine and today,

I'm hanging out with my friend Ro, Ro: hello, and this is a very very interesting video. You know

This is one of those things ( Ro Laughing in the background)

We're in the comments below you guys are gonna be saying you guys have run out of ideas!

Do you not have any video ideas!?! and the answer is actually I didn't have any and this was the best that I could come

up with but

Ro: Justine isat the store, and she's so creative and she's going through the store aisles if you text again

What about this idea and I was like yes

I show up to Ro's house with 4 potatoes, some Barbie dolls, a stapler and some lipstick. She's like wait

I've got a way to elevate this idea wait. I didn't tell me idea yet. Ro: Oh, oh oh ok what what are we doing?

Ro: What are we doing today? We are going to carve each other's faces into potatoes and the best

resemblance of each other

Wins and you guys are gonna be the judge of who wins because we won't be able to we won't we're both

such artists

Yes, so we won't be able to tell I will have to put one of the YouTube polls

So you guys can vote on who you think is the best so this is going to be very very very exciting and the winner

Will not get baked in the microwave

So, what do you got over here all right?

So I have some fondant tools that I thought would be helpful when sculpting a potato and I also got some clay

Sculpting tools. This is taking it to an entirely other level. I mean I was just picturing stabbing some eyes

I also got edible googly eyes

We have large and small have some chalk if we want to draw stuff on us pipe cleaners

Fuzzy balls gems hot glue guns, so we can really get creative with these potatoes

I look down check my email in two seconds later Ro has bought an entire craft store it had this table well

I guess we should get started. I mean, which one do you think would look most like me okay?

Well, let me pull them up. We got a friend one. That's most like your face now when you take those quizzes online

What do they say the shape of your faces? No there's like around the square or heart an oval I think I'm a moon face

That I don't even know what I am like when you see a moon and see it cheesin

I just think mine's a circle isn't it or is it a square?

Not a square. Let me look at you

Lucy which I feel like this is little it's a little tater. It's maybe that's me yeah

This isn't to be you know this is lopsided. Just steam so this is not you not you

This is more you it needs to be rounder. This one's real lumpy hmm, but it's nice and round

Yeah, what do you think we can also gonna go with this one this one's the most cuz you have very symmetrical face

That's so I think this is your potato this is you this is you because it's little cute

And we have another potato which we can use and cut up and add to our other potato so this is

Really, I don't know what's gonna happen at all. I don't know how to sculpt I don't need something

I'm sorry I can barely even whenever you're presented with a pumpkin and then like carve this pumpkin

I'm like have see those competitions online where it's like long carving competitions

I'll carve you yeah, they take like a stump like a log and they

And they do art

I mean, it's it's really impressive, and I'm wondering can you do that with a potato?

Do you think people do that actually let's look at potato Carbon?

Ya Askin is ask


potato carving because this was a genuine idea that I had in my mind because I really wanted to do a fun video for

Thanksgiving, and I'm not really good at cooking your eggs mashed potatoes

Thanksgiving you know what I did. I made mashed potatoes, and I just threw all the potatoes into the blender

Okay, I'm gonna need a stick I

Need a what it didn't work cuz when I went to pour my mashed potatoes out up. There's a full potato

Right there. I've got a recipe. I'll give you good patina the recipe I made mashed potatoes

There's some potato carving going on look whoa

How did they do that? Oh wow watching wow are using these tools?

They are the clay tools now. I feel defeated already know how they don't stray we can do this

I have faith, and I thought since you know

We would probably want to put hair on our potatoes. I asked these Barbie dolls a

Little bit like my color it's like brown with some red in it. I think that was you like a few months ago

Maybe when you had the more reddish color

And they're pretty on point Justine and this is just a basic blonde which I feel like it's a little too blonde

But whatever she's got and that's like really Platt. That's like Daenerys Targaryen

Plastically you know like we can just cut the hair because I don't want to ruin the doll because okay

It's a very nice. Doll that we could donate and somebody else can have that's really sweet

Yeah, if you guys are I don't know where you're doing it

I love to donate to Goodwill, but if you guys are at Goodwill and you see two dolls with little pixie cuts

They're from this video yup

Okay Wow in it. There's a lot of tools here. I've got some good ingredients in my fridge, too

Yeah, we bake these afterwards. I got the toppings. Oh I got potato topping. These are sharp - Justine

You might like this. This is like a mini knife. It is this looks like something. I see if the dentist

I've never seen an individually wrapped potato me either, and that's why I was like. This is cool and triple washed

Okay, okay. I got a horror on I got a pic where noses. I'm gonna pick where you're okay

It's here do we just go for it. I guess. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing here

this word nose needs to be oh

Oh, I bet you're told that's okay. You can bring my gosh. No no no that's calling. That's ah that's fine

Okay, Ben - back nothing has happened. Okay. We need it now. Let me see here wait um, okay

Major nose too big um. I need it. Okay. This was supposed to look like a contoured nose. I was trying to contour

Looks like a potato your eyes are very

Deep set I'm so sorry Wow Justine can you cut her free like kidnapped Barbies, okay?

All the brothers she is

Really, there's gonna be you if you got like a pixie. Cut okay, okay that you're just gonna

Do this give her a chop and it's gonna be a really cool thing

I don't know. I'm so nervous. Oh my gosh. No


So I should always should have done it the other way cuz now this is a mullet

This is party Jessie listen. She's professional in the friend a party in the back oh

My gosh so great now. I got to glue your hair on. I'm trying to make a nose

Let's get that hair on there and the other half gotta lay the other way look at you

when I was hoping for


This isn't also not good because the glue only six is the first layer. I gotta cleanse us on in layers

I gotta like try to form some of this glue to the to the nose. I don't want you to be offended because that

I'm okay, okay. It's just hot dude about one Justine. I'll never be offended

Don't ever


Trying to give you gorgeous hair. I'm trying to give you

Luscious gorgeous locks like Goldilocks. I'm trying to give you Goldilocks

Here here, it's just gonna. I gotta build it

I feel like I want to pause everything I'm doing and just watch what you're doing is incredible

Justine I'm gonna make you look so good just wait to the end it really is


I just seem I have glued your hair to myself

I have hot glued you guys just like gosh he went to Jared


Okay, now. I got two options here. I got googly eyes

Are they blue or green I can even spell the day Justine?

I want to say blue, but there's a bunch of green in there, but it's blue, but there's a bunch of green

Yeah, they change colors depending upon

How much caffeine I've had today

Really, I just made that up. Oh they do change colors, so sometimes you wear pigtails right like yeah

Maybe not like that often, but not at all. I've finally seen it alright. Yeah

I do I really liked the pigtail so I'm just gonna

The problem too is I watched that video of that guy carving, and he was doing a lot of things. Oh good at it

Oh, okay, your haircut is way better than mullet like that actually looks good like she's fashion. Yeah, that's really cute

Let me okay. Here's green. I'm gonna shade your eyes. Here's green. I'm gonna staple your hair ripped up shady

Tree green let me add a little blue blue green here. We go um anyway. I'm gonna try to glue your hair on

I hope that this works. I think I see I need a gym. I need a job Oh quick quick

So many designer color pink I like penis

Oh god. That's hot I also like yellow. Okay. Look at Justine's eyes

They're green with a little bit of let my are. They blue it with a little bit of green

We don't know they're both. This is gonna be actually my new Twitter profile pic now. We need some little cute. Oh, yes, rosy cheeks

Bling about glue guns are really just like jam it in there. Yeah. I just yeah here girl

Okay, okay, and it won't it will it will latch on your latch on. Thank you anything on here. This is really coming together

We've got Justine's blonde hair and the gorgeous eyes the green blue eyes and your high cheekbones

But the blush well, I've got a lot of things going on over here, so I hope that you're excited for it

I'm really excited okay. Now. I gotta figure out your nose because I really tried to contour it. That's cute

It's super a cuter than what I got I need to figure out your nose. Oh, I thought I was gonna

You know when life makeup guru artists. They like contour the nose

Yes, so I thought all I'm gonna do this contour did it not we're not shit. No now it just looks like a bird

Well, I'm filling your eye sockets with hot glue so I hope that you're enjoying. It. Well. Let me put on some

Eyelashes you need some eyelash idea. You look like an angry bird. Why is that?

I don't know

I feel like I got to put a little more hair up here because

It's like you're missing like like we're here. You know yeah, like oh yeah. Oh no use it this helps. Oh

Oh boy oh gosh

You don't what I'm gonna move up your mouth. It's gonna be right here

Ah, hot glue is hot yeah, you need some lipstick here

So I think maybe I'm gonna just see if like I could put this outfit on you

Oh, you think it will make me well. No looking oh

This is a great color combo I wish you would fit in this outfit, but I just don't think you're gonna fit in this

Work with this I can work with this okay, oh I can work with babies let me see if I can't come home

You know what there's velcro. Yep, maybe I can get the velcro

Yep, this. Yeah. This is a way better idea than my camo idea for you

This looks really good like if if I were a fashionista

Which obviously I am yes. Yes. Oh my gosh. You're adorable

I just gotta paint your lips. Do you like your shoes? I?

Love heels you

This is good because excuse my girl doesn't have heels on the nose

Situation is beginning to be a problem here. This is gonna. Be really cute

Do you need ice cubes coffee put

You put your feet haha put your fingers on it ladies and cold okay, I gotta get you on the body

Let me put you on your body. Let me get this off. Oh gosh

Okay, now add your fingers on here nice and cold nice and cold it's a really cool drink

I said I said look at your shoes

it's like you I

Mean I have to say worth it look at that shoes looking good

It's worth the oh jeez maybe not worth that no no maybe nothing's worth there

I'm like I feel like I'm in that no doubt long as I got walking in a spider way oh

The accessories were too much Justine, what is the age on glue guns?

I don't know, but I think we went to extra we should just stuck with the face oh

This is really good

Are you okay, yes, but are you okay here, let me help oh no, it's not helping oh my gosh, okay?

I'm actually pretty surprised. This is a lot better than I thought it was gonna look which is not saying very much

I can't stop touching it wait. I say I sit

There is hair all over you it looks like you have like a dog that is shedding

Everywhere, but it got me. It's your hair. Well. I gotta add a little bit of blush on here for you. This is the power

the pellet that we're using it's looking at

I just rub it in a little bit right here the object when I add a light art and saw if anybody's interested

Its fashion this is from budding really good. This is from the new kylie jenner. Lip kit. Yep

I think I'm ready okay, cuz I want to show you mine because I am ready just okay you first potato Justine is

Completely done. Let me show you off what I got Katie. Okay? Oh?

I know look good. I'm so glad you got the shoes look at those shoes

She's a beaut. Let me walk you through a night gorgeous

blonde hair luscious locks

There's a lot of blonde hair too second feature

We have

Your green blue eyes or blue green eyes

Cuz she's got green eyes with a lot of blue in it or blue eyes a lot of green in it something

Something kind of like that so I've shaded it, so he's got pretty colors. I try to contour your nose

What I covered it up. That looks good alright festive, and then we've got your high cheekbones nice cheekbones

And your rosy cheeks beautiful lips, and then your little outfit and at the bottom

She's wearing flats because that's just seen likes to be cozy and sneakers or flats oh

Yeah, we got your flats. This is you just team pretend. I love it, and I like the pink little outfit well

I would say that's an A+


Definitely nailed it and this is my borough potato

So what I've got here is I know you like wearing different colored lipsticks, so you always look very fashionable so I went with

Way today we use the elf palette


added some nice artist blocks

Contouring for your cheekbones your nose a lot of things happen

I also tried to contour it, but then I ended up just turning it inside out

Nose is for the trickiest. Yeah. It was very difficult

I think the hair turned out pretty well because you always have very cute little hair style

I love Lenox style yeah, it's so cute if you look at the back


Here's your outfit. It's a cute little butterfly print and I finished it off right here

I closed it with a nice little gem mm-hmm alright guys, so which one do you think?

Resembles us more here. I should give you this one cuz oh

Yeah, we got to hold them to our faces so you can see okay. Are you ready careful?

I don't want to just vote on YouTube cool and click who do you think is the winner?

Which one looks the most like us

Where's the voting thing I'm uniting down they're not alright

I think it will be up where's the ayat here well guys. Thanks for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this

We've been making some really fun videos together, so be sure to go check out rose channel

I'll put all the links in the description and also annotations wherever those happen to be you know what I'm really excited about

Hmm the fact that we didn't use the second potato yeah

Because that means we think to bake it for ourselves yes baked potato lunch

Yes, please and I got all the toppings in my fridge. I got a ton of topping love it

This is uh this is something that I never thought I would be doing Justine. This is amazing

Thanks for coming up with this idea because I never knew you could carve a potato I didn't either now

I'm gonna go watch carving potato videos on YouTube. Let's go down a rabbit hole. Let's go with potatoes.

I'll see you guys later bye