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This poultry is delicately flavoured with lemon and rosemary

for a sensational supper.

It is grilled in the oven, but a little bit smoky.

To minimise the smokiness, you may use the rotisserie oven

or barbeque and your dish will be delicious.

To make the lemon rosemary roasted chicken, you will need

vegetable oil, butter, lemon, garlic,

chicken stock, white wine, rosemary, kitchen string,

salt, pepper and of course the chicken.

Cut the lemon in half, then into 8 wedges.

Slice the garlic.

So make sure the garlic is seeded and of course remove the germ of the garlic.

Add the sliced garlic to the lemon.

Prepare the rosemary. Make sure you wash it first.

Then separate the leaves from the stem. Chop the leaves.

Add them to the lemon garlic mixture.

And toss.

To roast the chicken, you need to prepare it.

So first of all, you have to cut the chicken wings, ok.

So the tip of the wings, cut it off because those will burn in the oven.

So find the joint, right there. And cut through with the knife.

Remove the fat from the side of the chicken here.

Ok. Put your hand in the cavity and pick up anything.

Sometimes chicken will be sold with their neck and pieces in it. Ok.

So make sure chicken is clean. Mine doesnt have anything in there.

Season the inside.

Then season the lemon and garlic mixture.

Insert into the chicken. Garlic of course.

Perfect. Close it. Get 3-4 feet of kitchen string.

Divide it, place the bird in front of you.

So divide the string just behind the butt, right there.

Make 3 knots. 1, 2 and 3.

Tie it up. Cross the leg and tie them up.

So 3 times. 1,2,3,4. cross the leg again and tie it.

So when you make 3 knots, so when you pull, the string wont get lose again.

Then pass behind the leg like so,

ok, flip the chicken and tie it, 1,2, 3. make 3 knots again.

As you see, it doesnt get lose again.

Then pass behind the wings, ok and you pull back.

This is what I call the Wonder bra method,

because we are pushing up the breast to show them. Ok.

Then do 3 knots again.

If you have the skin from the neck, just pull it

And bring it under the string right here.

Then make a double knot over a triple knot and cut the kitchen string.

Now your chicken is thrust,

it has no piercing in the skin or the flesh and of course, no tattoos!

It is ready for cooking.

Prepare your roasting pan. Butter the dish.

Add the chicken in. Add the vegetable oil over.

Over the skin, over the breast. The remaining butter.

Just place it on the sides of the legs.

It will melt and we will use it later on to baste the bird.

Season with salt and pepper all over.

And bake the bird in a preheated oven at 450 degrees F

or about 220 degree C.

Place the bowl not on the middle, may be one rack lower than the middle, ok.

And right in the centre of the oven. See you in 15.

Its been 15 minutes. Its time now to baste the bird.

I like to use a spoon.

With the spoon, scoop the fat and pour it over the bird.

Baste the chicken every 15 minutes

and turn down the heat to 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C after 45 minutes.

Cook the chicken for about an hour and 10 minutes

or until it reaches the internal temperature of 170 degrees into the leg.

Our chicken is ready.

I have checked the temperature, when it reached 170 degrees F

and its totally cooked. So perfect.

Remove the string. Here we go.

Take the lemon wedges from the cavity and

use them as a decoration on your platter.

So I think I have another one somewhere.

2,4,6. here we go.

Then place the chicken on your platter.

Look at the colour! Very hungry!

Cover the chicken with foil to keep it warm.

And now, lets make the jus. Discard the fat.

You may reserve like a tablespoon of fat. Thats it.

Turn the heat on.

Deglaze the pan with white wine.

And scrape the pan to dissolve the bits of flavour,

the caramel on the bottom of the pan.

And bring that to a boil.

So those bits here, its not burned, its concentrated chicken juices.

So its full of flavour. So you must use it in your jus.

or in your gravy if you are going to thicken the jus with a little bit of flour.

In French cuisine we call it that we will use white roux

or a beurre-manié, which are cooked an equal amount of butter and flour.

Here we are going to make a jus.

So we wont thicken it.

Dissolve those bits of flavour here in your wine and in your stock.

Ok. So add your stock.

Then transfer your jus to a saucepan to finish the sauce.

Bring your jus to a boil and reduce it by a third.

Keep reducing to concentrate the flavour of your jus.

taste your jus. Wow!

Lots of flavour, it doesnt need any seasoning

because its very strong in flavour with the acidity of the wine.


Then strain the jus into your saucer,

garnish the chicken cavity with parsley

because it does not look too sexy.

And garnish with a few little pieces of rosemary all around.

Here we go. And may be one on the top.

Roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary. Bon appétit!

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