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My fellow earthlings

Before I start I want to make an announcement.

As you can see I have changed my YouTube name.

I originally thought Avery Thing to be a clever name so I could have Avery History,

Avery Mythology, Avery Germany...

But autocorrect makes it very difficult to do this right.

So instead I have changed the name to History Scope - Avery Thing.

This is temporary as I will soon remove the Avery Thing.

I simply didnt want to confuse anyone with a completely different name just yet.

Also, this video is more of an extra video so I will mostly be using stock images and

animations from my previous videos instead of animating a complete video that most people

are probably not going to watch anyway.

So if you have a feeling of deja vu, this is why.

Alright, onto the meat of this video: Last year I made a video where I set 3 goals for

the year and now it's the time where I will review them, discuss the future of this channel,

and some behind the scenes things.

If you are the impatient type and don't really care about some of this and just want to go

to part that interests you, then you can find the time stamps in the description.


My first goal: get 5000 subscribers.

Well, we DEFINITELY reached that one! fact, I went from 1000 subscribers to 20.000

in a year.

So NOT ONLY did I reach my goal, I QUADRUPLED my goal

Now, the thing I should mention is that when I set goals I always make them unreasonably


For example, when I was in university I always strived for higher grades than I could reasonably


This way I wouldn't become complacent.

It makes me strive to become better than I am now.

It motivates me.

So when I decided to set a goal of going from 1000 to 5000

I never expected to reach 5000

I thought I would get 2 maybe 3000 AT MOST and 5000 was just a dream

Well, you guys were SO AWESOME that the channel has 20.000 freaking subscribers.

That's amazing!

Honestly, I still can't comprehend that

The concept of having fans still hasn't fully sank in yet and every time I read a

comment saying that you like my video or are looking forward to the next one

I have to pinch myself to make sure that this is real so thank you to all of you who


I hope to be worthy of your subscription.

My second goal was to make a video every 2 weeks.

So 26 videos in 1 year.

Last year I did once per month.

So I failed pretty miserably on that front.

Again, I didnt really think I would be able to make it since I had to look for an

internship, DO my internship, write my thesis, look for a job to pay the rent, look for a

job I actually STUDIED for, move to a new city, AND help my girlfriend emigrate to my


So its been a busy year!

And the third goal of creating a new art style and its 90% done.

I dont think I explained this before, but I never expected to get THIS MANY views on

any of my videos seriously this still doenst feel real to me so I never

really saw it as an issue to stea

Borrow somebody elses art style.

But now

I dont feel all that comfortable with that anymore.

So I changed my artstyle.

As you can see here, I have moved away from neckless, armless, legless, beanbag characters

to neckless, circular people instead.

I also incorporated some higher quality drawings as you can see here.

And I am also adding Isometric art here and there as I LOVE isometric art.


Isometric looks awesome.

So yeah, my first goal was done 4 times as good as hoped for.

My second goal is 46% complete.

And the third goal is 90% done.

So on average, I achieved 178% of my goals

Yeah, that seems about right.

This year's goals -

But what about this year!?

What are my goals going to be for 2019?

Well, lets start with the most important one that I didnt complete last year: making

1 video every 2 weeks.

This year will be easier as I dont expect to have to do a lot of things.

I mean, I have a job so I wont starve and yeah, thats it

I dont HAVE to do anything.

No school, nothing.

The only thing I WANT to do is to get a job that pays me more than I need to survive so

I can animate the rest of the time.

But just to clarify this isnt going to happen now all of a sudden overnight.

I am working towards it!

So at first it might be once every 3 weeks and slowly but methodically work towards the

2 weeks.

So please be patient, I am doing this all on my own from the voice, animating, LEARNING

how to animate, everything.

But well get there eventually!



Getting proper thumbnails.

Now, this might seem odd at first

But my thumbnails are all over the damned place.

I want to improve them so its recognizably ME but also so they stand out.

Now I kinda feel that they are not really that good in my opinion.

I dont know HOW I am going to do it yet, but if you notice my thumbnails are changing

one by one, then you know I have found the answer.

Third goal!

I want to set up a COMMUNITY!

Now that I have OVER 10.000 subscribers I think it would be nice to get people together

to talk about the videos and things related to it.

So I am going to make two community groups: 1 on Facebook and 1 on Reddit.

I am not exactly sure how to do this because I have never created a community before, but

I would like it if people could discuss their thoughts about the videos but also add more

to it.

For example, the Dutch land reclamation videos: People asked about what happened to all the

salt after the Dutch pumped water out of the sea to turn it into land

I dont know what happened!

But then THIS comment answered it

But want you probably didn't see that.

Well, what if there IS place where you CAN discuss this and share answers like this that

ISN'T a hatefest like the YouTube comments often are!?

And you can share more stuff as well, about the delta works or maybe you will wathc my

videos on the Aztec Empire and decided you want to talk about the Mayans or the Incas.

Well, I want to create a platform where we can do that.

This will happen within the coming months and I will make a dedicated video about that

once I have figured everything out.

If YOU have experience setting up a community or have experience as a moderator, then please

dont hesitate to contact me.

I will leave my email in the description below.

And the final goal: how many subscribers should I strive for.

At the moment I get about 50-100 new subscribers per day.

So that means an increase of 18k to 36k for this year and thats without making new


So by next year I should have 38k to 56k subscribers.

So setting a goal like 50k doesnt seem all that challenging to me and doesnt really

motivate me to make better content

But 100k?

Now THAT is going to be a challange!

So 100k by next year an insane objective in my opinion so HELL YEAH!


Future goals -

Alright, so those are the MAIN goals for this year

But there are more goals that are not time specific

You see, I have been doing this for 2 years and over those 2 years you start to fantasise

a bit.

You look at the big channels, the ones with over 100.000 subscribers and you start

to think what if by some freak miracle I might get 100.000 subscribers?

Well, I like my dreams to be realistic so I made a plan!


I will get to that once I have 50k subscribers.

I do put the link in the description for every video

But its not active.

But once patron gets activated time, I will let you know in a video!

Merch store!

Again, too early to do it now but I will get around to it someday.

I dont know of anything I have made that I can put in there yet so I will need to think

about that.

When its time I will make a video asking for your suggestions and feel free to let

me know of ideas in the comment section.

Making YouTube my living!


I am not fond of that one just yet.

My viewcount is fluctuating WAY too much!

If I get AT LEAST 1 million views on a regular basis then maybe but even then, YouTube

could change one piece of its algorithm and I will be left wondering how the hell I am

going to pay my bills.

Behind the scenes -

Now that I have told you whats been happening on screen, lets look at whats going

on behind the screens.

First: data storage.

Up until recently, most of the files are stored on my computer.

So if a fire happens or my computer decides to be an ass

I will have lost almost everything.

So I have gotten 2 terabytes of cloud space on Google Drive.

Might seem a lot but keep in mind that all my videos are in HD with file sizes close

to a gigabyte, plus the adobe files, plus the scripts, plus individual assets

So better safe than sorry.

Secondly, legal stuff.

Youtube gives me money every month but in my country tax fraud is a serious offence.

So I'm afraid to touch this money or else I will be fined for tax evasion

Especially because I have 3 degrees in business and economics so I think the phrase I didn't

know I had to pay taxes won't go over very well with G-men.

So I will have to register as a company before I even CONSIDER touching this money.

Registering isn't the hard part though

The hard part is setting up my finances, registering with an organisation for self-employed businesses,

figuring out legal stuff, and probably a bunch of other things I don't even know about yet.

So I am working on this now so I can actually use the money I get.

Now I know what you're thinking: Avery, do you only care about the money!?


Not at all.

I care about buying new and better equipment so I can make more videos!

I'm currently using my laptop which absolutely SUCKS!

Here, look at this shit!

2 buttons are missing without me doing really anything!

On top of that, the S and C keys dont work half the time, and one of my RAM cards stopped

working so I am left with only 2 gigabytes of RAM.

This laptop has been the worst purchase I have made in my ENTIRE life!

And you know what REALLY makes me angry?

I bought this drawing tablet to make the videos a bit faster.

Well, thats nice and all but my laptop WONT RUN THE SOFTWARE PROPERLY.

But thats not an issue, I just need to restart my computer that takes SEVENTEEN

MINUTES to start up.

So this tablet is USELESS without either completetly reinstalling windows OR restarting my computer

every time I want to animate

Jesus christ!

So all that YouTube money at the moment is going towards getting a computer that DOESNT

suck, as well as 3 new computer screens, and buying research materials for the videos.

I think I already made clear why I need a new laptop, but why three screens?

Isnt one enough?

Well, I need 3 screens so I can use 3 programs at once without having to switch between them

on one screen even worse is having splitting up the small screen that I already have


Especially during the last stages of making videos this becomes a NECESSITY as I spot

mistakes in Adobe premiere, then need to go to Adobe animate to correct it, then I need

Adobe media encoder to convert the files to mp4, and I need my audio editor because I

always spot a few mistakes in my final editing.

This is a CHORE!

I HATE this part of the process.

If you ever see me in the train or the bus on my laptop with a giant annoyed frown on

my face

THIS is what I am doing.

And a new computer with 3 screens will make the whole process SO MUCH better.

And there are also things like scientific articles and books I want to have to research

the subjects more indepth.

A lot of the videos Ive made thus far have used free sources online

But they are not always the best as quite often I get conflicting data in them.

Instead I want in depth analyses of the topic I am covering.

As you may have noticed with my Tulip Mania series, the Nuremberg Trial, and as youll

see with the Aztec series I am going far more in depth.

The Aztec series especially will have an analysis that you probably havent heard of before.

And thats thanks to me buying a few scientific articles on the subject which I can now do

thanks to all that YouTube money!

How much money do I earn?

- But how much money do I get?

Well I earn gahhh, this is where we run into a problem.

I've heard that YouTube doesn't want its content creators to talk about how much money they

make and that they're therefore contractually bound to keep silent

I haven't found this in my contact

Such taboos might not be legal to put in contracts in my country but I'm not taking ANY RISKS.

I dont want to be shut down because I showed you a screenshot with my YouTube income.

so let's find a middle ground here.

Well, I found this article stating that, on average, a YouTuber in my country makes 1000

Euro per 1 million views.

So lets stick with that.

According to this I have about 2000 Euro by now.

My microphone costed 80 and my drawing tablet was another 140 and I have spent 20 on scientific


So, according to the article I have 1760 euro left.

How will I spend the YouTube money -

Well, I have a daytime job that pays 1000 euro per month and my monthly living expenses

are 800 so NONE of this will be used for myself because I earn enough money as is.

EVERYTHING I earn from YouTube goes STRAIGHT back into making more video!

So how am I going to spend this YouTube money?

Well, as mentioned before I need to register a company under my name for legal reasons

before I can even touch this money.

I will also need a corporate bank account, accounting software, and probably some other

things I havent fully figured out yet.

So far, all of this costs about 80 euro but I am guessing that there will be additional

costs so lets make this an even 150.

Alright, now the computer screens.

I need them before I can even get the computer I want because a desktop doesnt come with

computer screen.

I looked online and so far it looks like they each cost 100 euro.

I am not going to buy a cheap crappy one I need to replace after a year.

As my mother once told me cheap often means expensive in the long term.

So 3 times 100 and its another 300 euro.

The computer I want to buy costs 1664.

This might sound like a lot but let me explain.

You see, I need a computer that can run several adobe programs at once flawlessly.

I need a quality computer I can animate on properly or else I might as well stick with

what Ive got.

Well, to do that I will need 32 gigabytes of RAM, a good videocard, an SSD card, and

a good processor.

And over here that costs 1664.

I know someone who is an expert on computer hardware so I will ask them if there is perhaps

a cheaper option but it wont be much cheaper, I think.

But if YOU are a computer expert then maybe you can help.

This is the computer I am currently aiming to get.

Should I change something here?

Is there a place I can get this hardware cheaper in Europe?

Do you have advice in general?

Please let me know.

Again, my email is in the description or if you prefer to comment then thats fine too.

My channel only gets a couple dozen comments per day so I read ALL of them.

Now, there is one silver lining to all of this: Once you register as a business you

dont need to pay any VAT.

So that means that I am going to get some of it back.




Those 150 startup costs are nothing compared to the money Id save on a computer!

When will I get the new equipment -

Well, I currently get about 150k to 300k views per month.

So according to this article, I will need about another month until I can get all of


I will make a short video when the computer comes so you can see what your views contribute

to the channel.

I hope you liked this in depth view of this channel, my goals, and what the future will


I also tried to put more personality into it as this is one of the few times I get to

talk to my you directly.

Please let me know in the comments what you think on all of this.

If youve been listening to this whole video then youre probably a fan rather than a

casual viewer, so I am ESPECIALLY interested in what you think about all this.

Hell, tell me anything you want.

Do you hate the way I speak?

Tell me so I know what to improve!

Do you like my art?

Tell me so I know what I DON'T need to spend extra time on improving.

Do you have questions?

Ask away!

I will try to answer all of them in the comments.

I might not reply immediately, but I will at some point

Unless you're like this guy and are the 50th person asking me

In that case I'll pin a comment with FAQs so you can find the answers in there.


Ask or tell me anything related to the channel!

I want to know!

And A BIG thank you to anyone who watched, liked, commented, or watched ads.

I promise: it will not be in vein.

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