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Ready to assign your first video lesson on Edpuzzle?

Let's go!

There are two different ways you can find the window to assign a video lesson on Edpuzzle:

right after you finish editing a video

by selecting "Assign" from the right side menu,

or by clicking on your video in "My Content"

and selecting "Assign" from the bottom menu.

Once you open the window to assign your video,

you can choose the class or classes you want to assign your video to.

You also have the option to assign your video lesson to all of your students,

or assign it manually and select only a few students.

Choose a start date and a due date for your video lesson,

and don't forget to check the "Prevent skipping" option

to make sure that your students watch your entire video.

Here you can also enable closed captions

by toggling on the "Turn on CCs" option.

Click the blue "Assign" button, and you're done!

The next time your students log in to Edpuzzle,

they'll see that your assignment is waiting for them.

You can also click on "Share assignment" in the right side menu

to get a direct link to your assignment to share with your class.

Remember, assignment links are unique to each class,

so if you've assigned your video lesson to multiple classes,

you'll have a different link for every class.

Now you can share assignments with your students!

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to learn more insider tips about Edpuzzle!

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