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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kevin Hart Hates Everything About Nick Cannon & His Squad ? Wild 'N Out | #WNOTHROWBACK

Difficulty: 0

- Dj D-Wrek, drop the beat.

(audience clapping) (hip hop beat)

- Ooh.

Okay, check, check, okay, look. ♪

Doughboy, you too big to be cool. ♪

Come on man, you not a leader at a new school. ♪

Your lips are chapped, they look like his ass. ♪

I don't like that. ♪

It's a better pass. ♪

I hate his beard. ♪

Your whole team stink. ♪

Take that vest, it's not even a mink. ♪


I hate the white boy. ♪

At the end of the day, he's a white boy. ♪

Yeah. (audience laughing)

That's all I got. ♪

I'm not a rapper, but I'm coming out on top. ♪

- [Audience Member] Woo!

- I'm not done! (audience laughing)

Hold up! Yo.

These leather shorts aint leather. ♪

I know what they is. ♪

It's a wallet, you expressed it kid. ♪

(audience laughing) (audience cheering)

- Hold up, look, look, look.

Kevin Hart is four feet tall. ♪

Hella dark skinned. ♪

Whenever he drive his car, his windows look tinted. ♪

(audience laughing) (ding)

- Hold up, I got him Kev. I got him Kev.

I got him. Don't go nowhere.

Do go nowhere.

Uh, yeah. ♪

You talking trash about the squad, but you know

You need to stop this. ♪

This (beep) stomach is holding his (beep) hostage. ♪

(audience laughing) (audience cheering)


(audience laughing)

- ♪ Now, Ima YouTube to-do. ♪

I go viral. Then I go to set. ♪

You feel me? No you don't. ♪

Cause you aint on that level yet. ♪

- [Audience] Oh!

- ♪ Let's be honest, and tell some truths here. ♪

About why you hired me this season. ♪

We all know you wan to tap this ass for work reasons. ♪

(buzzer buzzing)

- ♪ You wanna rap against me. ♪

Yeah how sweet. ♪

That last thing you did, put the whole team to sleep. ♪

But you can ask Prodigy, cause I Mobbs deep. ♪

Ima give it to you, let you know you wanna

Talk about my sex life. ♪

You wouldn't even be my ex wife. ♪

(audience hollering) (audience clapping)

- Nick! (audience clapping)

- A-yo D-Wrek.

Stop the beat.

- Oh! (audience cheering)

(horn blowing)

- ♪ When I get the mic, y'all know I'm flowing hot. ♪

I should piss in his dreads so y'all

Can call him Goldie Locks. ♪

(audience laughing) (ding)

Now this is the truth, you hate it. ♪

Why the hell everything you like gotta be food related? ♪

(audience laughing) (ding)

Why don't you just sit here and tell the public? ♪

His favorite basketball team is the Denver Nuggets. ♪

(audience laughing) (ding)

Now, that's what I do. ♪

I'm killin em' in here. ♪

This (beep) feminine, he's scared, he's horrified

Of vending machines cause he heard Eminem's in there. ♪

(audience laughing) (ding)

(ding, ding, ding, ding) (eruptive cheering)

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