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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Donkeyote

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Come here!

Let's go, Zafrana.

Enough Zafrana!

Gorrión, come here boy!


Good boy.

Come on, let's go over here.

Or the fire will go out.



Hello! Hi!


Hello! Hi!

What's your na-me?

Come on Gorrión.

Let's not trip this time.

Take this, Frana.

See the difference? Give me your hands.

Let me see.

Give me one of your hands.

Watch your finger or I will take it off!

Give me the other one.

Now you.

Now you can do it.

- Here is where it hurts most. - I can see it's swollen.

- Your knee is really swollen too. - Nah...

Yes, it is swollen. You have arthritis.

Ouch! My blister is burning!

As if I have arthritis, Paquita. It's just tendinitis.

- No, it's not tendinitis! - Oh yes it is.

And it's only mild tendinitis. Just a little "tendi".

It's nothing.

Right there.

Must be sore here. It's very swollen, Dad.

You have a knot.

I like your lifestyle, Dad. I honestly do, but...

There comes a point where you have to hold back your imagination a bit.

- What are you worried about? - I'm worried about your knee.

I'm worried about your heart, I'm worried about your age.

I'm worried that you're alone in the countryside,

even though you say it's alright.

But Paquita...

You only have a dog and a donkey, that's not much protection.

A dog will always tell you when something is wrong.

I'm always careful.

Didn't you notice how I used a stick to cross the river?

- Yes, a stick. Come on, Dad! - To check...

That stick has nothing to do with this.

And with that knee of yours...

So should I just sit down and stay here?

- What if something happens? - I have my phone.

The other day there was no signal.

None at all, Dad.

If there was always reception wherever you went...

I can always dial 123.

- It's not 123! - What?

- So which is it? - Unbelievable...

Is it not 123?

Let's see... How do I check that?

123! You don't even know the emergency number, Dad!

The emergency number is 1... OK, wait. To show I'm not lying.

Look, Peñarroya Police Station. And the number.

Yeah, great.

957 56 03 37.

And I have more of these police numbers.

He looks pregnant.

What a belly!

Imagine that I am Gorrión.

These are Gorrión's teeth.

I take the bread. Now close your hand.

See? He thinks this is bread.

And he'll bite you without knowing it. So, flat hand.

Very good.

As flat as you can.


Really flat hand, ok?

Like this?

Very good!

Once I almost met my end for reasons I don't really know.

So grave it was, even the doctor did not know. Not then nor now.

I was about to pass away and barely lived to tell the tale

But by day and by night, my hound stayed by my side.

And when he sensed that death was closing in

He howled and gently whined

And licked my hands with such compassion in his eyes

That I swear he was crying for me!

My Lobite -

The greatest dog of all, a real stunner!

Now he's fallen for a beautiful greyhound, head over heels, he is.

And as I am in his debt, and know the power of newfound love

I follow on with him

Lest his love for the girl finds him trouble.

Ana, what did you like the most?

- Love? - Love.

Of course, love is beautiful. And you?

- The animals. - The animals, yeah?

Thanks, Dad.



Sit down, teacher.

Very good, Gorrión.

Do you remember the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage?

The night we stayed in that village where those boys were partying?

We couldn't sleep the whole night!

And do you remember that man and his donkey?


What a guy!


- I felt like staying with him. - I know.

And I'm grateful that you didn't.


I didn't like that man.

But why?

Because I didn't, Dad.

- He would have taken you... - Where?

He would've totally taken advantage of you.

So what? I wouldn't have cared.

- I keep thinking about walking. - I know.

I'm thinking of doing a long walk.

Very long?

What would you say?

That you should do it.

I can't imagine you any other way.

And I'll visit you whenever I can.

But how long a walk?


Dad, you scare me.

- What if I went to America? - To what?




Come on, Dad!

- I'm thinking about it - My God!

But that's so far away!

Very far.

With Gorrión.

My food is stuck.

How will you get to America, Dad?

- I'm thinking about it. - Really?


- How did it go? - Very well.

- You're looking well after your trip. - I needed it.


- Are you tired? - A little bit.

We can stop anytime you want.

To make sure you get it.


These are the numbers in English.

Listen and repeat.

Let's repeat because you said 'fan' or something.

OK, from five onwards.

Say 'hi'.

What did you say?

Now, sing along with me.

You've listened to this song a hundred times.

Keep singing.

I'm good at that one.

Good morning.

Hello, good morning.

I'm organizing a trip to the USA in June... do a walking route there.

I'd like to travel by boat and arrive in Miami or New York.

As they are the closest ports to where I want to go.

But I want to travel with an animal, as I'll be doing a walking route.

To be exact, the animal is a donkey. So...

It sounds like you are kidding me, but anyway, keep going.

No, no. I'm not kidding you. Why would that be?

I want to go to the USA and do a walking route, the Trail of Tears,

the route taken by the Indians when they were forced west.

I want to do it. And I want to do it with a donkey.

So, I'm not kidding, I'm totally serious.

I'm calling to see if you can actually help me organize it...

...or at least give me some advice about the travel arrangements.

OK, I'm going to take your details. What's your name?

Manuel. But tell me first if you can help me with this or not?

I have no idea.

It's the first time someone has asked me something like this.

Have you not organized any animal transportation or anything?

No. That would be a cargo company.

We don't do that.

And would you have any phone numbers for cargo companies?

Hold on a second.

OK, thanks.

This guy wants to go to the USA to do a walking route...

...with a donkey.

I reckon it's a joke...

How's he going to take a donkey?

Yes, hello?

Only cargo shipping agents can do this.

Here in the port of Cadiz they will give you some information.

So could you give me the number of the Cadiz shipping agent?

I don't know. There are a few of them.

OK, I'll look it up. Thanks for the information.

Thanks very much, goodbye.

Damn it!

Gurriato! This is looking difficult, buddy.


A million pesetas (6000) to take you.

60 days of quarantine.

I guess another million pesetas to bring you back.

Where are we going to get all those million pesetas from?


Let's go upstairs and eat.

We'll get a couple of lettuces from the garden...

...and we'll eat.

- I'm going to put this on you, OK? - OK.

Turn around.

All the way round.

Hold the mask for a second.

Very good.

It's fixed now.

I'll adjust it a bit, OK?

- Too tight? - No.

Just one more.

Very good.

You're breathing 35 times per minute.

You're starting to suffer a bit.

Your heart rate is at 140 beats.

You're almost there.

One and a half minutes left.

You're approaching your 100%.

OK, good.

Very good.

Less than one and a half minutes left.

Are you OK, Manuel?

So so...

Good, good.

- Should we stop? - Stop, yes.


One second.

Let's give it a minute.

Now we'll see how your heart recovers.

Can I remove this?

No, I need that to see how you recover.

Are you OK, Dad?

- Are you short of breath? - Yes.

Breathe deeply.

The mask shouldn't interfere with that.

Breathe deeply.

Very good.

134 beats per minute maximum.

Maybe even a bit less.

125-130. That's your maximum.


Any time you are going to be out of town, take your mobile.

Walking on your own with your previous health problems... should have some kind of device, or not go alone.

I live in the village and I always walk in the countryside on my own.

I've done it all my life. Always.

He always goes with his donkey, his dogs, and that's it.


- He sleeps in the wilderness. - But always with the mobile phone.

You should take a mobile and also, these days...

...a whistle or something.

No. Maybe this could be a nice Christmas present from your family.

A GPS, so they know exactly where you are at all times.

It's not detecting the microchip, Manolo.

It's not finding it.

It won't detect it, Manolo.

I don't know.

Are you sure he has one? Were you there when they put it in?

I can't remember.

What have you done with the microchip, Gorrión?

It's OK, Gorrión.

The mouth does seem right...

...for an animal of around 10 years old.

- You want to keep the name Gorrión? - Yes.

Since he's learned it already.

The date of birth corresponds with the result of the mouth examination.

- I can hold it for you. - Thank you very much.

So, 2003.

It's a male.

And he's been castrated.

He's still a donkey.


These are things that don't change.


Over there.

Right there.

Good spot.

Let's start again.


Good evening. My name is Manuel Molera, I am 73 years old...

...and I have been retired for several years.

This is Gorrión, my inseparable fellow wanderer.

We've done many walking routes together.

For many years we have shared a dream.

I have told him about it many times.

To retrace the route of the Cherokee in the US

when forced from east to west.

The journey has many administrative and financial obstacles.

I've seen your website

and I think my idea fits with your objectives.

So, I'd like to meet you personally and explain my goal in more detail.

That's all. Thank you very much.


You have to ask them for help!

You go to a company for something, not just for them to meet you.


Good evening. My name is Manuel Molera, I am 73 years old...

...and I have been retired for several years.

This is Gorrión, my inseparable fellow wanderer.

We've done many walking routes together...


For many years we have shared a dream.

I have told him about it many times.



You can now.

OK, thanks. But Luis, you can keep watering if you need to.

Come on Gorrión.

Is he good here?

Lobita, enough!

Man, what a dog. Lobita, come here!

Leave her and start now. The sun is going...

Good evening. My name is Manuel Molera, I'm 73 years old...

...and I have been retired for several years.

This is Gorrión, my faithful travelling companion.

He has become very close to me; an inseparable friend.

For a long time, we've dreamed of doing a walk through the USA...

...retracing the displacement of the Cherokee from east to west...

...crossing the Mississippi, where so many Indians died.

We have high hopes of doing this and I think it fits...

...with the objectives proposed on your website.

Combatting sedentary lifestyles, promoting physical activity.

I would like to meet you personally and explain my plans in detail.

Thank you very much. That's all.

Manolito, that was perfect!

You looked at the camera convincingly.

This was the best one...

...but I couldn't hear a thing with all the dogs barking.

Damn it! I don't want to hear a single fucking dog!

- Enough! - It was the best one because... looked comfortable, you didn't hide behind your hat.

Let me know when you're ready.

OK, now.

Good evening...

Good bonfire.

Who would have thought, seeing how small it was.

Just like you were when we were in La Encinilla.

- You don't remember that! - How can I not remember that?

- No way, Paquita. - Of course I do.

I remember perfectly.

I remember I was waiting for you at Grandma Candida's house.

I think you and Mum had already separated when you came...


- You picked me up in the Land Rover. - Yes.

I remember that I was waiting for you.

I was constantly causing trouble, saying -

"You've never taken me to a hotel" "You've never taken me to a hotel"

"My friends have all gone to hotels"

I remember perfectly. My dream was to see the sunrise.

- I took you to a good hotel. - You took me to a hotel.

You said "Have you seen the ceiling?".

Look Dad!

Like in the hotel.

You said "Look at the ceiling of this hotel".

And so you showed me the stars.

And then you woke me up to see the sunrise.

We slept on the mattress in the long Land Rover.

- Those were tough years, huh? - Yes. I was just about to say that.

Yes, they were hard.

They were more distressing than hard, as if we couldn't breathe properly.


Lobete, come here boy.

Lobete, not Lobita.

Please, let the other dogs eat.

You're not coming, but let them eat.

And don't get sad, I will be back soon.

Paquita treats you much better than me anyway.


Take care of the man.

We'll stay in touch, sweetheart.

Don't be a hero, Dad.

Please don't.

I'll call you regularly to let you know how we're doing.

We're almost ready to make tracks.

You don't want to leave your buddies behind!

Take Gorrión.



This dog...

Lie there.

Motherfucker. Damn kid!

Fucking dog!


Come here!


Look what you've done to the bag.

Bloody hell!

Come here!

Zafrana, come here!

Look what you've done to the bag.

Now we don't have a bag!

Look, where shall I keep the bed now?

The hound!

What a dog!

You need to pass a course to put the bed in the bag.

How am I going to make a new one now?

Who knows how I'll manage it... Come and have a good look at it!

Tell her off. You too Gorrión!

Tell her off, boy, tell her off.

So that she realizes she can't break stuff.

Very good Zafrana.


Hello, good morning.

I'm calling because I sent a couple of emails asking for an...

...appointment to see if you could sponsor a trip I would like to do.

And I haven't heard back from you.

Which email did you send it to?

To Ana Villar.

Ah, OK. Ana is away. She will be back tomorrow.

The problem is that I'm here right now.

I've come to Seville specifically for this.

And well... I am...

Couldn't you see if...


Or let me know about...

No. She's the only one dealing with this.

Sure. But I'm out here in front of your factory... the grassy area. I have come specifically for this.

I'm sorry but it's going to be impossible.

I'm afraid it's just bad luck, as she left about half an hour ago.

I've been calling for a while but nobody picked up the phone.

Couldn't you perhaps phone her?

No, because she's on the train.

But she can talk from the train, can't she?

Please let me explain the situation.

I applied for sponsorship because I want to take a trip to the USA.

And I'm here with a donkey, which I want to take with me.

I've come specifically for this.

I'm here with the donkey outside the factory.

It's impossible for me to wait here with this animal until tomorrow.

I just can't. I'm going to Algeciras. If you could please call her...

...for some information and I will phone you back whenever suits best

If that's possible.

I'm sorry but I can't help you. It's just been bad luck, that's all.


I'm really sorry, but it's impossible.

But impossible because you can't phone her?

No, because she switches her phone off in the train.

She switches her phone off?

Yes, yes, yes...

On the train?

Yes, yes, yes...

Well...Well, then...

She...well, OK. That's it. Thank you very much.

You are welcome.

OK, bye.


Look, we're not staying here, putting up with all this shit.

We can try and phone another day or whatever.

This is just all so frustrating.

Let's go.

We are getting our bums wet. Damn it!

Quick, come over here!

Such is the attitude of human beings.

- Are you returning home? - No, on my way to Algeciras.

I want to find out about shipping containers and cargo ships.

I've heard about cargo ships that allow passengers on board.

I'll see what I can find out.

Is it easy to get a donkey on board?

It's not easy. There is so much paperwork.

Is there a space on the boat reserved for animals?

There is.

What I don't know is whether I can travel on the same boat or not.

Money fixes everything. There are companies that take care of it all.

Logistics, paperwork, everything. But it costs a lot of money.

When we go to England the truck goes on the lower levels.

And you go on the upper floor?

For example, the truck goes on the second floor

and we go on the eleventh.

When hunger seizes, I whistle for him

And both we go with neither shotgun nor bullets, at God's will.

Heading for palm groves or seeking to rid our sorrows

Dark fears which the poor count in their thousands.

If you saw him chasing hares

He'd relish the praise given after the hunt:

First he leaves them be, calm and collected

Prancing proudly with their blundering moves.

He then gives chase with so elegant a force

That not the swiftest hare

Envy of the mighty wind can contend.

And off they go, playing with a merry flourish

Here he pushes it, barking. There he stops it leaping.

He is entertained, and so am I.

Till finally he tosses her, dead, into the air!

Moody with hunger I was in the morning

Fully laden and humming I return

With bread for a week and joy for my people.

He's plenty greyhound my greyhound He's the pick of the bunch!

Thanks to him, life is worth living and there is food on my plate.

If the world has enough gold for mindless whims

To afford this treasure you'd need more money

Than the Moors have turbans and the Gitanos have tinkers.

I cannot agree

That Manuel has been forgotten

Manuel Caparrós exists

In the memory of the town

No longer they give us work and yet you have to pay

For the crooks to come and take it all away

Non-violent struggle must be restored

A people without culture is easy to control

Well done, Juanito!

It may have been worth it or not.

I don't care what the critics say!

Come on, Gorrión.

Well done!

Very good, Gorrión. Let's go.

Very good.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Gorrión, let's go.

Very good.

Alright, have a good smell.

Come on, let's go, come on boy.

Come on boy, come on.

Come on, smell it. It's OK, boy.

Very good, Gorrión.

Let's go, come on.

Come on!

Now you know where you are and you don't want to cross.

You don't want to, eh? Let's go boy!

That's enough, let's go.

What are we going to do with Gorrión, Zafrana?

What are we going to do with Gorrión?


What are we going to do?

He's a stubborn chap, eh?

Gurriato, I think that you... want to be reasonable.

I really want to see you over here, boy.

So, are you coming?

What is it?

Are you coming?

You're coming.


That's good, Gorrión.

Good boy.

That's it, good little boy.

You've got so many flies. Are you coming then?

We'll go nice and slow.

Nothing is going to happen to you.

Just relax.

Wait a second.

OK, let's go. Slowly.

That's great.

Very good.

You see? Nothing happens, boy.

Very good, Gurrupete.

Good boy.

Have some bread. You've earned it.


Now we have another one.

You're very good, with those tiny ears of yours.


Hi sweetheart, how you doing?

We're on the boat now. The scenery is beautiful!

Gorrión behaved like a lion. He came on board no problem.

He was contemplating it for a long time.

But now he's made it...

He's pushing me with his head now.

Isn't he queasy at all?

Not at all. He's relaxed and looking quietly at the water.

I think he's happy.

He was stressed and scared at first, but now he's relaxed.

I think he's enjoying the trip.

Are you OK, uncle?

What's up?

That trip...

That trip is quite something.

When they place us behind the line.

One whole hour standing behind that line.

And they repeat: "You must not step onto the line".

I don't know what to tell you.

I don't know about that.

And the shipping container. What do you reckon, Gorrión?

You inside a container like a sardine in a tin.

Alone. Because I can't be there with you.

You don't seem to like that idea, eh?

I'm liking it less and less myself.

The huge trucks.

The industrial estates. My God!

Too many trucks. Too many containers.

It's too big a story.

Zafrana, go and see if you can change his mind!

Come here!

Come here, Gorrión!

Stop it Zafrana! No you don't!

Shut up!

Come here, boy!

Come here, Gorrión!

Very good!

It feels like it's going to swallow us up, yeah?

You're going to knock my hat off, boy!

But the traveller who flees

Sooner or later must call it a day

And even if oblivion, which destroys everything

Has killed my old illusion

I still possess a hidden humble hope

That is all the fortune of my heart


Let's go, Gorrión!

Last night you were mistaken for a drug smuggler, my friend.

What an asshole he was.

What am I doing?”

I just happen to be here with a donkey!

At 3am. He's got balls, eh?

He should've said he was a policeman in the first place...


He ruined the night, huh?


With my forehead wrinkled

The snows of time silvering my temples

Feeling that life has flashed by

That twenty years is nothing

That a feverish gaze

Wandering in the shadows

Seeks you and names you

Living with my soul clinging onto

A sweet memory

That now I weep for once more

I'm afraid of the nights

Like the one with the policeman

The bastard scared the hell out of me

The policeman scared the hell out of us

The motherfucker who scared us

Son of a bitch...

Ask for documentation...

We are perfectly documented!

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