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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cafe Bustelo Scholarship Winner Edith

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My name is Edith Rodriguez Minna and I'm majoring in biology, to go into dentistry,

to become a dentist, and then hopefully specialize in orthodontics. My mom would

always make me coffee in the morning. She would always have the little talk with

me, try your hardest at school and don't let anything bring you down, keep that

smile going and that was an everyday thing. I smile and say, you know what,

here's another day, you could change someone's life. There's a picture of my

mom when she was 22 and some people say we look alike. She was always a

straight A student and she never really had the opportunity to go to college. So

I feel like she sees me in her and I want to make her proud. I'm paying for

school out-of-pocket and I'm working a lot of hours and going to school at the

same time. The scholarship really meant a lot to me. Applying for it was pretty easy,

it's very clear, it just cuts to the point. I want to give back to the

community, this is my home, this is my place.

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