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Hello there travel expert! This is Heidi from In

today's video, I'm going to share with you a strategy that's going to help you

get dramatically better results with your a newsletters. After all if you're

taking your time to send out a newsletter they should be getting you

results, so today you're going to find out how to get dramatically better results.

The way for your eNewsletters to be dramatically more effective is by having

your content focused on general travel topics as opposed to topics that are

specific to your niche and the destinations you booked. I know that

sounds counterintuitive we have split tested it six ways to Sunday and the

results of the tests are always the same. The general content converts better and

it keeps people on your email list longer and they're much more likely to

forward your your emails your newsletters to their friends family and

coworkers. Here's why. Let's say that your niche is river cruising you

probably have a bunch of people on your email list that love river cruise II and

then go in a big fantastic river cruise once a year ,maybe twice a year, maybe

once every other year and so they're a fantastic dream client for you. That

person however, though does not want to constantly hear about river cruising so

if you're sending out your newsletter say every week or every other week even

if you're only sending it out once a month, if you're talking about river

cruising every single time they get bored they don't want to hear more about

it especially if they're not if they just got back from a river cruise and

they're not going on another one till next year or two years from now and so

then they unsubscribe and now you've lost them out of sight out of mind and

when they're ready to take that river cruise, you're out of sight out of mind.

So they're less likely to book with you now if you're giving them information on

a regular basis that's just something that really

sting and useful like it's packing checklist because chances are if they go

on river cruises they also go in other types of trips and they would love to

get packing checklist. They'd love to hear about how to take fantastic photos

with their smartphone while they're on vacation, they'd love to hear about new

travel apps ,how to find healthy restaurants when they're on vacation or

they would love to hear about how to get through security faster and TSA PreCheck

and you know whether or not they should get travel insurance and that sort of

thing in addition to that consider doing some pieces some content on things

destinations that you don't book. I know that sounds like crazy advice but hear

me out here. If I'm a traveler and I spend a decent amount of money traveling

and I'm on your email list I want to hear about really cool things for

example, send me a newsletter on the top five world's most amazing destinations

that should be on everybody's bucket list. Now you might not book any of those

destinations and I might not ever go to those destinations but I would think it

was so fun to read that and then I see your picture I think of you I remember

that you do river cruises or you specialize in honeymoons or you do

whatever it is that you do and I find that articles so fun and cool and I want

to forward it to my coworker Sally and my sister Jane and right and some

boarding it on to my friends family and coworkers and I'm engaged with you. I'm

on your newsletter list so 80 to 90% of your content should be general then 10

to 20% of your content can be specific to the destinations you booked in your

niche and so that can include like fam trips that you go on every time you go

on a fan trip you should be videotaping and taking pictures and blogging and

taking and doing a review of your fam trip turning that into a great

newsletter or maybe two different newsletters like a two-part series or

even a three-part series if you have enough stuff to talk

depending upon the fam trip in the location and all of that. If you book

a destination let's say you booked Fiji or Maldives and a brand new resort open

do a review of the brand-new resort things like that that are specific that

should be ten to twenty percent of your content in your newsletters and then

eighty to ninety should be general content and that is going to get you

dramatically better results with your newsletter one more tip every single

newsletter that you send out absolutely needs to include a clear and compelling

call-to-action for your prospective clients and past clients who might be

getting your newsletters perspective and past clients to book a free consultation

with you if they're ready to start planning their next trip so if they're

in the planning stage they should book a free planning session with you and so

you want to craft a cute name for it and pitch for it and have that in each of

your newsletters it can sometimes be in the PS it can be embedded in the copy.

You could have a cute graphic that call to action needs to be in every single

newsletter that you send out and make it very clear to them how to book that

session and make it very easy for them to book that session if you do these two

things you have 80 to 90 percent of your content be general and be fantastic fun

articles that they love getting tips that they're like wow that was so

valuable and they want to share it with their friends family and co-workers they

can't wait to get the next one from you and then you've got ten to twenty

percent of the time you're talking about something specific to your niche to your

destination a fam trip a review of a resort something new that opened up on

an island that you booked or something like that and then you have a clear and

compelling call to action in every single newsletter for them to book a

free consultation those two things alone are going to help you get dramatically

better results with your newsletter. Now if you're finding that creating content

actually sitting down and researching a topic right at you know copywriting it

and then editing it doing all of that is a

out of work and you're not getting around to it so you're not consistently

sending out a newsletter or maybe you're not even sending one out at all but you

know that you should be because you absolutely should be I've got good news

for you! We put together something called the e-newsletter library so we have

professionally researched written professionally copy written and it

professionally edited 50 articles for you that are on general

topics and you can get access to all of those all 50 of those articles for a

very small one-time investment and then you can use them as you wish. You can use

them in the current format that they're in you could edit them if you want to

change anything about them you can post them on your blog send them out near

newsletters we give you full copy rights to use them so if you want to get

information on that go to go up to the little

services button there and there will be a drop down box that says e-newsletter

library and that will take you to the page with all the details also if you're

watching this on youtube you can simply click the link in the description below

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