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first of all up lathe introduction to that'll never happen no more quite


on the screen you'll see both my hands don't run follow too closely because

later we'll look in more detail

this is just to give you a flavor of what's happening how the hands of moving

introduction is transcribed pretty much as blake played it

so it's important to trying to follow the notes trying to follow the

the idea and tryin achieve the the rhythm which is very very important


let's take a look at the courts that we use with that'll never happen though


we have to you

g_-seven into very asians

pays seven

the seven


and he flat seven

hold a sequel

now will break the introduction down into freezes

will split the screen to show my hand my right hand and the tablets are the same

time in this way

once again operate very slowly

triumph over television

one thing to note is that

because blake played this based note card

it's important that use a all of you hand

the damn the bass strings dislike proves it is

on his monotonic base

we alternating the bases



damn with the farm

feelin doc watson's dot



has take a closer look at what happened to see how we treat the stamping of

these are the last three milk replay in the last section

missus will carry on

for the second section

bill so notice that when i'm picking width

two fingers

Deep River Blues Lesson Jim Bruce Channel

this is all fortunately as part of my style

it makes for a little instability

try not to do is try to keep your

middle finger and the next finger on the soundboard in this way

and play the strings with this finger

and this finger independently ppm

clyde john that

but i can do this so when i play

two strings and concession with the first in the second finger

inevitably my the finger lifts off the sample try not to copy this

and i will take a look at the first two that'll never happen no more

as before you'll see my right hand with the temperature and slightly different

format this time

and after each section showing my right hand then you'll see my left hand and

the courts that we use in the city

it's not exactly a as blake played its milk for them

there's a lot of erased in there to show you have to play around with it once

you're comfortable with it

but i keep the flavor and the bouts with his own pool to play

take it easy gridlock



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