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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: STONEHEART | "Delilah's Revenge" | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

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- [Narrator] They say there's no proof.

That you're crazy for believing.

But monsters

are real. (dramatic music)

The following was posted to a crime forum

dedicated to unsolved murders.

The case in question revolved around a massacre that took

place in a bar in 2015, in which various members of an

organized crime syndicate were brutally murdered

at the hands of Aponi.

Names and locations have been changed

to protect the survivors.

Out of respect for the dead, the events remain unchanged.

These gangster, or thugs, had moved their base

of operations into our neighborhood,

and began hitting local businesses up

for protection money.

Protection from what?

The only thing we needed protection from was them.

All of our regular patrons had been chased away

by these wannabe tough guys, trying to make

a name for themselves.

They had turned the bar my wife Delilah and I owned

into their own official clubhouse.

Needless to say, the brought a lot of

unwanted attraction to our bar.

Drug trafficking, gun running, illegal miniso products

being moved by the ton.

All of this was planned at the bar I shared

with my wife Delilah.

Delilah was headstrong and never wanted to give in

to these thugs.

I always had to keep her calm when things

got heated between them.

But then one night, I was out sick.

I guess Delilah had confronted the thugs

about the endless bar tab they were running.

From there, things turned horrible.

The thugs roughed Delilah up with the back of

a crowbar, and she landed in the hospital with

five broken ribs, cracked clavicle bone,

and severe intracranial hemorrhaging.

The beating had left her comatose

and the doctors didn't know if she would pull through.

To make it up to me, the thugs only took

an eight-percent cut that month instead

of their usual 10.

The business was struggling.

No customers, Delilah's medical bills piling up.

There was no way out.

Every single night I was subject to ridicule from these

thugs while they used my bar to deal drugs, weapons,

plan robberies, and terrorize our

once peaceful neighborhood.

Then Aponi came into my life.

At first, I thought she was a crazy woman

that was into Japanese cosplay a bit too much.

She looked like a witch coming out of an anime convention

but when she saw me, she simply asked me,

"What do you seek?"

I drunkenly said, "Revenge for Delilah."

The night Aponi reigned it was just,

it was like any other night.

All the thugs were gathered at the bar.

It was getting near closing time,

which normally meant that I'd be pouring drinks

for the low lives for another three hours but,

this wasn't gonna be a normal night.

Aponi was coming.

Soon those thugs would pay for what they'd done

to my wife and I.

I noticed her standing against the wall

before anyone else did.

She watched their faces, she listened to their

lewd jokes, she decided which one of them would

be her first victim.

The buzz of the bar slowly fell to a silence

as the human pieces of filth began to notice

they were not alone.

She was an intimidating presence.

Tall and dark, with eyes like coal and skin like granite.

But she still wore the same get up from our first meeting.

One of them, a burly man with a scar down

the side of his face, was the first to say something.

"Looks like we got ourselves a weeb from

"the anime convention."

Before he could finish Aponi had darted across the room

and snapped his neck like a twig.

Everyone in the bar including myself could not

believe what happened before us.

Aponi then looked at all the thugs sitting

in my bar and said, "I am Delilah's revenge."

The others stood from their seats,

shock painted across their ugly mugs.

She darted again once more in the blink of an eye,

and now she had snatched one of the men by

the throat and had lifted him off the ground.

She had crushed his neck like a soda can and

dropped his body to the floor.

The other thugs pulled their knives and guns.

I ducked behind the bar and prayed if the men

started shooting, I wouldn't catch a stray bullet.

Aponi remained still, then waved her hands

as she spoke in tongues.

The thugs tried to shoot her,

but the bullets wouldn't fire.

Every gun was jammed. (Aponi laughs)

Aponi smiled.

She smirked arrogantly.

One of the men must have realize how screwed they were

because he made a break for the door.

He yanked frantically at the handle

but it wouldn't budge.

The other men stood quietly as they watched

their compatriot tug and jerk at the door.

Aponi threw a hand for the direction

on the man at the door and it caused the man

at the door to violently cough.

Then we saw what Aponi had done:

blood spurt through every opening in his face.

His eyelids, his ears, his nose, and mouth.

The bar ran red with his blood.

"It's locked."

When she said that, she snuck a glance at me.

We made eye contact for just the slightest of moments

but that was all that I needed to know

what she intended to do.

Aponi was not in my bar that night just to

scare away some thugs.

She was there to satisfy her blood lust,

one that would not be quenched until every single

one of those men were dead.

She tore through three of the gangsters,

dismembering them limb from limb before anyone

could realize what had happened.

Legs, arms, and heads detached from their torsos,

hit the ground with a thud, blood pooled around the

floor of the bar in deep crimson puddles.

There was about five me left and they circled her,

ready to kill.

Aponi just smiled.

She had canted a mystic spell with a snap

of her fingers.

The sickening sound of bones cracking began

to fill the air as five of the men all

fell to the ground and started to scream.

Aponi's snap was breaking the men bone by bone

as she continued to snap,

and with each snap, the thugs bones would splinter

and snap along with her.

First it was the legs, then their arms, then their necks.

I watched them cry and beg for mercy

as their limbs contorted in horrific, unnatural ways.

It was a sight to see, five men being folded

into clambered human origami, and with Aponi at

the center of all of it.

"This is for Delilah," Aponi said,

and then she clapped her hands together.

And with the thrust of her hands clapping together,

each of the men's heads were flattened

by the invisible mystic force of Aponi.

I couldn't believe what I had seen.

The thugs all dead at the hands of what

I thought was a crazy woman.

Aponi walked up to me, offered me her hand,

and I took it.

She helped me up.

She saw that I was shaking from complete shock,

she smiled.

But this smile wasn't sinister like the one

she was flashing the gangsters.

It was an understanding smile.

She whispered in my ear, "Delilah will be just fine."

And like that she walked out of my life

as quickly as she came into it.

I'm currently writing this as I sit next to Delilah,

who is on her way to making a strong recovery.

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