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Procrastination has always been a problem of education especially since the introduction

of social media.

Students and teachers procrastinate to avoid tasks they dont like, yet these tasks are

often the ones that matter the most.

To tackle this problem we want to create an application focusing on

the International Baccalaureate program, especially the diploma program

that breaks down large scale projects, such as the extended essay and internal assessments

which students often procrastinate on, into smaller tasks to allow users to realise the

achievability of the final project, giving birth to IBpass.

Our application, IBpass, is a platform that assist students to plan and organise for large

scale projects in the IB.

It provides model templates of a calendar for these assessments in the IB curriculum.

The assessments are broken down into a schedules of small action steps with deadlines for each.

These steps and timeframes for them are advised by various experienced IB experts (teachers

and coordinators).

Users receive reminders on their devices of these tasks that they need to complete by

the day.

This motivates students to do quality work for a short period of time which adds up to

the completion of the project.

These model templates also allow for different timeframes in which each assessment needs

to be completed in, to suit different individuals and schools.

Individuals are also able to customize the time that they want to complete the given

tasks within the set deadline allowing students to arrange their weekly schedule with the

suggested work.

Schools are involved through school portal that allows teachers to monitor students

progresses while making suggestions on their schedules to suit the need for various learners.

Splitting major projects into smaller tasks of short time periods allows students to focus

by having a clear goal in sight.

The application is also designed to be user friendly by having pre-entered information

on different assessments of the IB program, instead of needing to manually set up

each individual schedules.

This is why our product differs from other existing procrastination prevention

and work planning applications.

Most of the existing procrastination preventing apps attempt to block websites, forcefully

remove ways of procrastinating, or trying gently nudge uninterested students back to work.

Yet none of these are proving to be effective

They often get disregarded by users and are simply remove after a while, with users finding

them increasingly annoying.

This is because they do not tackle root cause of procrastination, “not finding meaning

in the work that they are doing”.

Much like an annoying alarm clock, the root cause of sleep deprivation is not solved being

a huge problem in current procrastination prevention programs.

Existing work planners or calendars on the other hand often require excessive amounts

of manual input and an unfriendly user interface. These often end up being more timing consuming

than the work itself.

Our product attempt to solve these problems in one stone with a user-friendly interface

targeted to IB students while making projects seem more achievable by splitting it into

smaller packets of work.

As mentioned, IB students, or more specificly IB diploma programme students, are our target customers.

IB students are infamous procrastinators despite facing more projects than any other high school courses.

Therefore, products like ours can greatly increase their productivity.

Theres a platform, Managebac, which is used by our schools to record students

progress on their core section of IB.

However, a major problem of it is that we lack motivations from to keep up with a continuous

entry process.

Normally, students are lay back about these projects and usually leave the write up till

the end, which can undermine their chances of achieving expected high standards.

Our product is more viable because the tasks are already set instead of manually inputted

and it increases studentsmotivation as explained.

Though our program is targeted at supporting IB students in smoothly acquiring their IB

diploma, our medium to get in contact with students is through IB schools. Schools can

purchase our program, which will improve their learning progression by keeping them on track

with their work.

We will be offering a school program that allows schools to track studentsprogress

and assist them to formulate and stick to their timelines.

With a total over 4500 schools offering the IB diploma and over half a million students

with increasing figures each year, our product has promising market and potential combining

the different aspects discussed in the pitch

IBpass, the path to your success!!!

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