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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR 한 주를 준비하는 하루 [VLOG ASMR]일상 브이로그,소리일기, 꿀꿀선아,suna asmr

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During our busy lives

There are things we may just unintentionally pass by

It could be common

And be meaningless

But if you just listen carefully

The sound within our lives

Which simply makes us feel comfortable

I want to record all of those sounds without missing any of them

Suna's fourth VLOG ASMR

Before we start the week

There is work that needs to be done every day

I must take care of these cute paw prints

Meal of the day

Even tho I changed to a bigger bowl, but because there are a lot of stray cats. It will be empty by the end of the day

As soon as I leave the bowl

They come over to eat

Since today's weather is clean without fine dust in the air I'm going to leave the window wide open

[Don't go out side Rang]

I'm going to fill up the coffee beans again that my staff and I will drink

I'll roast about 2 weeks worth of beans

The reason why I started roasting the beans my self was

After seeing someone roast their coffee beans on an Iron pot lid while I was watching TV

This is my third-time roasting beans

It's really hard to control the heat on the Korean style cauldron

Since the fire was too strong the beans burnt :(

The brown colors as you see throughout the beans is usually the right color

And once you shift the powders it's finished

When you roast the beans they grow in size

But once again I forgot about that

From the freshly roasted coffee beans, I'll make Iced Mocha

At first, it was really tedious to grind the beans on my own

However, I just continue to grind the beans my self because it makes me feel comfortable

The water temperature over 100'c (212'F)

is said to be not being able to extract all the coffee properly

Mix Milk Foam, Chocolate Syrup and Cocoa Powder

Add Ice


A bit of freshly dripped coffee

Whipping cream and chocolate syrup

Finishing with the most suitable decoration

Cookie crumble flavored Kit Kat!

Homemade Iced Mocha finished

To celebrate the success of the home cafe

I'm going to post it on Instagram

And for that.. Makeup so I can take a selfie

"Enjoying my amazing self made dessert~"

Since coffee is bittersweet the cookie crumble goes well with it

And also with the soft cream too

Cute piggies playing in the yard

They found the cat food so it's going to disappear very soon

But whatever trouble they cause

The time like this.. It's very peaceful enough to forgive them

In order to stay relaxed.. Another KitKat caramel

The texture of the caramel layer breaking is really nice

Caramel KitKat tastes like Dalgona (달고나: Korean Sugar candy)

And finally a Hazelnut flavor

Because of the hazelnut, the chocolate has rich nutty flavor

I was enjoying the relaxation so much that I came back in to bed

But I have to get a hold of my self and go clean the house

Fix and tie up my messy hair

My hair is very damaged

So I need to brush it frequently so it doesn't knot

When I feel lost, tidying and putting my hair up kinda brings my thoughts back together

Open the curtains first

And then open the windows to greet the chilled afternoon~

I'm going to change the blanket cover

The white looked very clean and nice but once in a while I wanted to give it a change

Bedsheet with matte beige color!

Finished making my bed!

I fill up the staff snack bars upstairs

Filling up mine as well

Watering my plants so they don't dry up

The bedroom is finished like this!

Now for the plants in the living room

And now for the cactuses on the side....

The story goes...

Kammi knocked it on its side by accident

And then Chun-ja finished it off

It's my fault for leaving the cactus there...

Later on, I replanted and put them back to the original place


The messy floor is nearly done as well

When I just finished cleaning the mess that my cats made

Meantime, outside... Pingdwae destroyed the cat's bed

This is clearly Pingdwae's fault

And it wouldn't even broom as well

With cleaning all finished, it's break time~

Since its diet from tomorrow. I'm going to eat a waffle today

This is one of the steps in preparing for the week

As waffles cook, I'm going to write up the feeds for the videos which will be uploaded

Waffle burnt..

I shouldn't have showed off infront of camera..

There's more work to be done now..

But fresh start with fresh mind!

Since I focused on the waffles It came out very nice

Just to be safe and keep the mess down to a minimum, I'll just use Kitkats and fruits as toppings

Cut different flavored Kitkats into small pieces

I'll crush them in their packaging too

Waffle and Strawberry is just unchallenged contender

I think ever since the beginning the waffle holes were made for Kitkats

Chocolate and various toppings go well together

The flavor just irreplaceable combination

Its time for the pigs to come back inside as well

I wanted to have some time to play game

But it got dark very fast

Although small things like these give me energy to power me throughout the week

Occasionally I do think its little bit too much when I look at the time

At this very moment, I think every time

A machine that will automatically remove the makeup for me

Phone game before bed you know?

There is an event going on which I'm going to aim for the first place

Because of the sound, the game was satisfying to play

For those who may want to try out the game, I've linked it in the feed section!

Now the preparing for the week is done, this week should be a no problem right?

Everyone Have a break, have a KitKat

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