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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Underwater Visibility Test of Braided Fishing Lines

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Previously we did a test on monofilament lines

Testing which one was the hardest to see underwater

I put several different types of lines floro, mono and different colors, and we compared them all next to each other at different angles

Well, I got some requests saying hey, can you do this with braids lines? I was like yeah sure so that's what we're doing today. I

took my little

custom line comparison rig

Tied several different colors of braid and we went underwater in some couple different conditions and tested them out. So the lines we had on

there were a dark green, an orange, a red, a yellow, a blue, and a white

And then we had a couple fluorocarbon lines on there just for comparison our first test was

underwater in the Florida Keys where it's nice, pretty clear water

mostly blue, and we took it down and

did a couple different angles

Looking at it underwater the least visible line to me was the white line actually

Whether we were holding it straight up

straight across or even straight down

The white was really hard to see I mean when you think about it most fish are white underneath

Because when fish look up to the sky, this guy is generally white

So the white was pretty tough to see. It was even tough to see looking straight across where the background was more blue

And just looking straight out into the ocean. The next best to me was probably the blue

It was a little easier to see

But it was still you know blended in fairly well. Probably the easiest line to see was the dark green followed by the red

Which makes sense I mean you're in a nice clear environment and the dark green just really stands out

Then we did the test in a pond and the pond is definitely a lot darker body of water its clarity wasn't too bad

But I mean definitely looking at it. It's not pretty blue water. It's black, brown


First we did it kind of in shallow where you get some of the grass beds in the background and

Looking at this

the green

No surprise there

Actually did really well

It's really dark line

And it just blended in right with the surroundings. Even when we took this rig further out into the pond

It was just a dark brown background, that green still blended and well

So if you're a bass fisherman or maybe fish in the river with the brackish kind of dirty water like to go the

St. John's then that green would be the line to go with. It was funny even some of the times

The way the light hit it, the monofilament and fluoro lines on the rig

Stood out more than that dark green

They kind of have a shine to them and that dark green braid

And maybe it was the dull color so didn't reflect anything and I was pretty impressed with how hard it was to see

So we took another angle with this video

We took the lines above the water and compared them to see which is the easiest to see. You may not care

you know, what your line looks like in the water, you may buy your line based off of how well you can see it

from the surface

So from looking at it from the top to me the easiest

line to see was probably the yellow or the red. Those stood out pretty good. Although really all of these lines, you know

with an ocean background or something like that for trolling,

they're all pretty easy to see. I mean the whites probably the hardest, but it's not that much of a struggle

Now keep in mind

a fish will bite whatever line. I mean I have a 50 with

moss-green braid on it because that's how it came with what I bought it and

I've been trolling this for wahoo for years, and I've been catching a lot of fish on it, okay, so even though

this is the easiest line to see to me,

you still catch fish on it, okay. You're not going to buy a line and just be like oh, man

the fish aren't going to bite my line because it's such in such color

But personally next time I spoil them up. I'm gonna go with the blue or the white lines

I just like the look of them, and I think they're hard to see for fish

And I'll be able to see them out of the water just fine

So look at these lines yourself

Compare them. You know get an idea and make your decision hope this video helps

I hope you guys got a good kind of look and gave you a new perspective on how these lines look underwater

Thanks for watching, and we'll see y'all next time

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