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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pronunciación de las vocales en inglés - la "o" /ɒ/ɔː/

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hello everybody welcome back to another

video that I'm using glasses Punto calm

how are you Isabel I'm a rifle even you

I'm very well thank you

que vamos hacer en este vídeo para este

video seguimos con nuestro arbol de

pronunciation estamos elihpa un tema

Rama en los sonidos de la o si en este

video vamos efficient o sin dos sonidos

uno que es muy facil Catanese en español

es la o por ejemplo in a palabra tienda

come on load areas shop shop I said

mismo sonido como in en espanol Daria's

real oo o real off shop is el mismo

sonido ok pero el otro sonido s mass

largo como en la palabra caballo como se

dice a horse horse poco más Largo

primero vamos a practicar los dos

sonidos despues damos a Darin Paris

ejemplos de palabras donde puede

encontrar estas estas Oneidas de lado y

lo vamos a ver Oona's gracias para

practicar poco más okay see shall we


of course let's code s Felipe como se

Abraham blow for Oh Fox dante's como lo

que tenía en espanol Fox yeah y para

hemp lo see test 10 Edoras

10 8 horas Syria folks folks twenties

folks folks

he's paddle Varia shot shot shot

I mean when's that - Peter yeah shot a

shot shot of vodka he Gordo court on

Syria short short okay ma feta feta

would be pot pot pot a Puerta port port

port okay

Deborah dimension aqui esta sonidos son

the pronunciation británico los

Americanos plus estado you need n says

who san sonidos Paquito diferente and

premier sonidos mask emunah and don't

there's no 3 on Fox 3 on Fox e el

segundo so needle is a while and start

soon IDO sped up renunciant mass la la

interface not alien folks 3 and forks

forks don't this Ayanna's different yes

ok like a canadian cuenta yeah but this

is English from Cambridge yes this is

British Township British pronunciation

ok entonces en los dos sonidos que mas

visto AC des lock-on una ley pierre de

el sonido o siempre en contra moses a

sonido cuando aparecer una o en esta

palabra proceed si la segunda calluna

tambien appearances a lament a una pero

lo que nos indica que el sonido Vassar

la alarma es que hay una AIRAID a trois

entonces normalmente a van en contra

Mo's Oh err a siempre pro Monte ahmo's

no como la palabra horse horse oh poor

hemp lotro hemp low mortgage yeah tipo

TECA mortgage Essos plain hemp low C

mochi mochi

eNOS a pronunciate a

mm-hmm okay thank you for that tip bueno

entonces vamos a ver en que otras

palabras podemos encontrar el sonido o

Silla para hump low Philippe a podemos

encontrar lo a dry lo que hemos visto

antes y a clock mm-hmm meaning and FEMA

chop talked at the top agreement

tambien Freya wanna come on sleepy mop

mop okay

II got bad howdy sir Oh knock no no

other inputs end up well knock on the


tokido la puerta mm-hmm okay pero is

that Fiona's left no necesario mentor a

Mosin contraire una enters a kiss cuando

se complete Campo KO la cosa yeah por

ejemplo en el verbo to said cough cough

yeah okay Oh draaga swallow swallow

swallow a a poor empro está cerca de 15

a pork a big cause because I Guinea

cicada you know uh-huh Hyuna and CSS is

Anita because because mm-hmm

también el conocimiento knowledge

knowledge knowledge okay SOC so no see

Clemente entonces ahora vamos a ver el

sonido de la oh la de vamos a ver en que

tipo de palabras podemos encontrar esta

sonido ah ha por ejemplo cuando el

contrato ah you would only see a como en

Laye tedious blow all the richer one low

and still it to the man lay lay yeah no

have you broken the law never never

maybe once or twice yeah

when you were a teenager maybe okay

Ypres hemp low and all Rivlin you'd say

awful awful awful awful

mm-hmm okay II post fl+ posted that is

yo yo yo don't yawn in your English

class now it's very rude innaka mais gun

bans tobacco como se for number prawns

pro room I love wrong yes

not brown that's very typical mistake

yeah or many students say when I ask

them what do you study

they say Lau Lau yeah I say what yeah lo

lo ok eat a meal quando encontramos oh

oh e FS tambien panel in terms o o a

fair to say por ejemplo a Corsa mm-hmm

course o course

mm-hmm in pencil thought thought I felt

I thought thought sorry I thought about

you thought ya know thought I thought


oh I thought about you yesterday feel it

did you yes no oh yeah yeah comprar una

bolsa yesterday I bought a bag yeah a

year maybe read conan gato yesterday i

fought with the cat fault for not the

shoes oh yes a nice lad didn't think

that there's the fault for thought yeah

yeah okay yeah just I mean are all hair

- mm-hmm

but a hand blow browser fraud fraud

II Hodari exhausted exhausted exhausted

II in Treviso naughty naughty naughty

naughty child you're very naughty you're

a naughty girl e-cig on a finitary

yellow I caught you I've caught you or

you've seen a corpse

cold okay II ha - OH - water - water not

doubter daughter okay eat ambien let's

console odd Oh

in English there yes distraught

distraught this throat yeah okay econ

Dido's of cigarettes cooperation blow

swallow floor Oh Bob ray poor mm-hmm

privacy scales as those OS soprano can

come on now no shape for a handler you

oh oh

comida throw the food pero también tiene

otros so needles and thread so needles

your hand of Sangre mm-hmm blood blood

chances up for oh yeah well at any rate

so needles gets complicated eat a me

encontramos laa laa cuando una ah Yoona

le put a hand blow a bladder

come on yeah yeah you are very talkative

talkative uh-huh eat an eloquent lass

and yeah yeah Syria already yeah yeah

it'll miss Belarus I've already done my

homework I've already done my homework

very good Philip perro is the Fiona

Starla como por ejemplo Caliente often

Plateau Syria boom boom yeah warm warm

warm warm

- come on boost I know who Sandra Davis

April Emma warm warm warm as a cosine

gamma s que siempre NOS confirmed on Wii

Fit worm whoa Warren Oh mask Oh warm SS


Tina scary - vocals were SS curiosa no

circuit andreas problemas con esta yeah

man whoa were not warm warm warm warm

worm SS okay a goose a nice one

well I like your face when you say warm

and warm is so difficult

okay common areas con me gusano Caliente

like ask hey I ate a worm word worm worm

I ate a worm word no can you do it I ate

a womb were a woman I ate a worm worm

muy bien SS when and they still believe

in us what I've heard is Govind gusano

Caliente okay II también con la palabra

seguro como lo Daria's sir

sure sure sure

hemos estado una densest am sure sure

don't this poco diferente ok bombs away

bells tomisaburo nose frances outta ya

Estes Unidos okay a fillip to eheh flame

with Larissa Yo no tengo hehas paris una

Templar okay

your daughter was very naughty

your daughter was very naughty that's


yeah your daughter your daughter

daughter daughter was very naughty good

mm-hmm okay okay M ay yah yah mo a la

puerta is safe way corriendo she knocked

on the door and ran away

mm-hmm place the tale oh yeah I think so

she knocked on the door and ran away

muy bien pero a young is she she knocked

on the door and ran away

yes don't forget Shh not see but she

okay M area grumpy oh la la la P Aaron

she broke the law and was caught she

broke the law and she was caught caught

caught caught caught that's pop you need

to talk ah she broke the law and she was

cold as ice yeah I not caught ya called


yeah cut co-ed Oh

okay okay ATF way we feel better no

hablo she went to court but she didn't

talk did you get this one from the

Infanta Cristina

yes Tala

Ovid Allah it is consul Allah she was

exhausted and distraught she was

exhausted and destroyed the straw his

throat yeah okay e el health esta vez el


de que area comity don't Rowley the

judge was sure she had committed fraud

the judge was sure she had committed

fraud very good okay excellent

so vamos a ver episod rapido minty las

frases repeat after me Isabel okay your

daughter was very naughty

your daughter was very naughty she

knocked on the door and ran away she

knocked on the door and ran away she

broke the law and was caught she broke

the law and was caught she went to court

but she didn't talk she went to court

but she didn't talk she was exhausted

and distraught she was exhausted and

this road destroy his throat and the

judge was sure she had committed fraud

the judge was sure she had committed

fraud good okay some physicists hola

Poirot in which is gracias por ver este

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commands an oyster back in away no stop

Logan V dole Oviedo le Punto amigos

ingleses punta calm sea and just wait

for the next video que vamos a ver la


entonces ellos acaba no no see Dante's

yeah no abre

sans para tener mala pronunciation como

yo to asthma furada mucho good contigo

okay then see you next time bye



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