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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Biggest UNSOLVED Mysteries In The World!

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From the lost identity of a Victorian monster to a missing lovers tomb, here are 8 unsolved

mysteries from history!!


Ark of the Covenant

The location of the Ark of the Covenant is perhaps one of the greatest religious mysteries.

You probably know it best from the Indiana Jones movie, but for some, the Ark of the

Covenant is all too real.

Biblical accounts say that it was a large gilded case made of wood made to house the

stone tablets where the Ten Commandments were written.

It was described as a large chest that must be carried by at least 2 people and it had

two large golden angels, so it would have been hard to miss.

Not only would it have been a valuable object on its own, but the Ark is also linked to

several miracles.

This handsome object was the work of the Israelites, who crafted it approximately 3,000 years ago.

The Ark was carried toward the Promised Land and in the Old Testament it is said to have

cleared poisonous animals from their path and even stopped the flow of the Jordan River

so the people could cross.

The Ark was paraded around Jericho with trumpets for 7 days, and later placed in the legendary

Temple of Jerusalem.

However, it disappeared after the Babylonians overthrew the Israelites in 597 and 586 B.C.

Since then, it hasnt been seen again although naturally people have ideas about where the

precious container may have gone.

One of the strongest claims is that before Jerusalem was sacked, the Ark had been sent

to Ethiopia and hidden in the St. Mary of Zion Cathedral.

The only person allowed to see it is the appropriately named Guardian of the Ark.

It is such a holy object that a mere human cannot look at such a holy object without

suffering the consequences.

Other churches and temples around the world claim to possess the Ark but none have been

tested for authenticity because that would be inappropriate.

Ron Wyatt, an amateur archaeologist and Seventh Day Adventist claimed he found the Ark buried

under the place where Jesus was rumored to have been crucified.

He lead an excavation in Jerusalem and found a network of caves where he said he found

the ark but that divine interference prevented his pictures from showing up.

When he returned to the site, he saw angels who told him that it was not yet time for

the world to see the ark.

Of course, many professional archaeologists dismiss Wyatt as he also claimed to have found

Noahs arc, his anchor, his tomb, the tower of Babel, and the blood of Jesus himself among

100 other Biblical discoveries.

So far the Ark of the Covenant is still lost.


Copper Scroll Treasure

One of the most intriguing archaeological finds of all time were the Dead Sea Scrolls,

ancient manuscripts found in caves near the Dead Sea.

The scrolls are now small bits of parchment with text but they are enormously significant

because they are some of the oldest biblical manuscripts ever found.

The odd thing is one scroll that stood out in particular because it is made of copper!

The style, language and medium are so different that scholars believe it must have been placed

there at a different time than the rest of the scrolls.

It couldnt be unrolled so it was authorized to have it cut into strips and then pieced

back together.

Instead of being a religious text, it was a list.

It gives the details of 64 locations where youll supposedly find a mega-valuable collection

of treasure!

The Copper Scroll has been referred to as an ancient inventory and so far no-one has

been able to find the silver, gold and other materials referred to on this unusual metallic


Several researchers have attempted to go to the locations and requested permission from

the Israeli government to go with a metal detector but so far, requests have been denied.

No one knows where the treasure lies, but thats not to say it wont be discovered

any day now!


Dance of Death

Youve heard of dance fever?

Well in Strasbourg 1518 youd be hitting the dance floor whether you wanted to or not.

As strange as it may sound, for 3 months the French town found itself in the grip of an

affliction whereby people started dancing uncontrollablyin some cases till death!

The first recorded case was a lady named Frau Troffea, who busted some moves for 6 days


Before long lots of people had joined her - albeit involuntarily - in a groovy yet disturbing


Its easy to make jokes about this but can you imagine what it would have been like?

And it was especially horrible for those with heart conditions because they just couldnt

stop until they literally dropped.

In an effort to control the situation, the town proposed a solution to build a stage

complete with musicians in the hope that people would get the dancing disease out of their


But what caused this strange occurrence?

Local physicians blamed it onhot bloodand may have just been caused by mass hysteria,

or a hysterical reaction against authority.

People at the time were dealing with disease, famine, all kinds of stress.

Or they could have been members of a religious cult.

But one of the most interesting hypothesis is that the people may have accidentally eaten

ergot, a hallucinogenic mould that forms on damp rye.

Ergot may have also been responsible for the hysteria and odd behaviour during the Salem

witch trials.

Other dancing plagues popped up in other places in Europe in the 16th century so it was not

an isolated incident.

But it remains a mystery for sure.


Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Gardening is a surprisingly competitive activity, with people vying to see who can create the

most beautiful flowers, the most spectacular fountain, you know what I mean.

Of course if you were cultivating a garden back around 575 BCE in the area where Baghdad

is now, youd have the ultimate competition in the form of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

These mighty gardens were planted by Nebuchadnezzar II, who ruled over the legendary capital city

of Babylon.

The gardens were described as a paradise, with exotic plants and terraces creating a

place of greenery and tranquility in the middle of a desert.

Nebuchadnezzars power and influence spread to the extent that he seized control of Jerusalem.

Remember when I was telling you about events surrounding the disappearance of the Ark of

the Covenant?

Yep that was him.

The Hanging Gardens were one of his crowning achievements.

It was said he built them for his wife so that she would feel more at home, but many

historians doubt if this magnificent wonder of the world ever existed at all?

There are records of gardens existing in Nineveh and Mesopotamia from before the time of Nebuchadnezzar

and and maybe ancient historians got their places confused.

Scholars do agree though that if these gardens had existed they would have been probably

near one of the royal palaces and would definitely have qualified as one of the 7 wonders of

the world.


Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

One of the most well-known vanishings in American history is that of union man Jimmy Hoffa in


Before his abrupt departure hed had a high profile carer, rising to become President

of the Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Hoffa then fell from grace, getting convicted in 1967 on charges of fraud, bribery and tampering

with a jury.

It wasnt a surprise to some that he disappeared, as Hoffa kept company with dark underworld

figures as well as distasteful people on the street.

He wasnt allowed to get involved with a union again until 1980 though the disgraced

figure was working on a comeback of sorts in the Seventies after his release.

Reports say when he disappeared while in Detroit he was going to hook up with AnthonyTony

JackGiacalone and AnthonyTony ProProvenzano, two Mafia bosses.

In fact he telephoned his wife Josephine to tell her they hadnt arrived, leading many

to speculate that Hoffa was killed by organized crime.

A movie was made in 1992 - a decade after Jimmy was officially declared dead - titled

simply Hoffa.

It starred Jack Nicholson as Hoffa and was directed by Danny DeVito.

Martin Scorsese is also making a Netflix film called The Irishman.

This is based on the story of Frank Sheeran, who claimed he was the one who murdered Hoffa

all those years ago.

Could Scorsese and De Niro be the people to shine a light on this most enduring mystery?

Guess well have to get streaming to find out


Jack The Ripper

If theres one historic mystery thats never likely to be solved, its that of

Jack the Ripper.

This anonymous maniac tore through the area of Whitechapel in London in 1888, attacking

prostitutes with a mixture of brute force and surgical precision.

The horrifying case is made even worse by the fact that to this day no-one has exposed

the killer.

There have been numerous attempts to link people to the crimes but there is no conclusive

proof outside of gossip and leaps of the imagination.

Suspects identified at the time included George Chapman, a Polish medical man with a history

of threatening and violent behaviour.

Eventually he was arrested on suspicion of poisoning women to get his hands on their

wealth and hung in 1903.

Its reported that detective Fred Abberline - who hunted the Ripper himself - believed

Chapman to be the infamous slayer.

An enduring myth about the Ripper is that he was a member of the Royal Family.

The Duke of Clarence has been mentioned as a suspect, though some sources claim this

to be wild speculation with nothing to suggest he was near the scene when the slaughter occurred.

Whoever this terrible human being was, he held the world in a grip of fear and although

discovering his identity wont change the nature of his crimes, it would finally put

the mystery to rest.


Location of Cleopatras Tomb

Cleopatra is one of the most recognized names in history so youd think the location of

her tomb would be somewhere recorded in the history books.

But no!

To this day people dont really know where this notorious queen, who famously bathed

in milk and swallowed fortunes, was finally laid to rest.

After all, she married Marc Anthony, a general and Romans are famous for keeping records.

But they both had become the public enemy of Rome.

When her kingdom was seized by Julius Caesar's adopted son Octavian she knew the end was


Marc Antony thinking that Cleopatra was already dead and all was lost, stabbed himself with

his sword.

Although Cleopatra tried to make peace with Octavian, he resisted her charms and so she

took her own life, possibly by provoking an asp to bite her.

Better to bitten by an Egyptian symbol of divine royalty than to be paraded in the streets

of Rome as a slave.

They were reportedly buried together.

A team from the Dominican archaeological mission believe its most likely located under a

hill near Alexandria, beneath a limestone structure called Taposiris Magna.

Why this place in particular?

Well, they think this due to the presence of what looks to be a prominent statue which

could be Antony and Cleopatra.

The location is surrounded by mummies, which suggests important people wanted to be buried

in proximity to these great figures.

Theyve also uncovered some intriguing artefacts and hopefully it is just a matter of time.


The Shugborough Inscription

If you want a mystery thatll really get you scratching your head, then the Shepherds

Monument inscription found at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire England should top your


Besides the fact that that was quite the tongue twister!!

The estates most famous owners were perhaps the Anson family.

Thomas and George Anson came up with the idea around the mid 18th century.

A Flemish sculptor named Peter Scheemakers was commissioned to create the elaborate piece.

The monument takes the form of a relief depictingThe Shepherds of Arcadiaby Poussin.

Surrounding this is an arch and carved onto the Monument is an inscription which reads


What does this even mean??

Its this element that has tested some of the greatest minds of the age.

The author Charles Dickens took a stab as to its meaning and even Charles Darwin was


Over the years it has been described as everything from a message of love to a Biblical reference.

The Ansonsreported association with secret organizations has led to some experts claiming

the inscription relates to codes used by the Knights Templar.

Poussin the artist was involved with the Templars, deepening the rumoured connection and possibly

revealing the whereabouts of another historic legend, the Holy Grail!

If this turns out to be true then wowa double whammy!

Thanks for watching!

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