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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DESTROYING Mario Maker 2 with FACTS and LOGIC and JAIDEN

Difficulty: 0

Do you think there's any levels out there that has the code a-?

Wait what were you going to say, James???

Hello, everyone, we're playing Mario- Oh you're the first player (rip James). Yeah, I'm here with Jaiden. You look like one punch man. I'm really good at everything but also not Mario (Wait what)

So you're Luigi and I'm Mario.. Cool. Oh and Floof would be toad. :3 Awww

Oh, okay. P SWITCH (I'm not funny, James is though), which just got hit okay

I'm stressed :(

*James* Uh... *Jaiden* AH AH AH AH !!

There's gonna be a snake thing.

*Both* Ahh!!!

*James* Alright *Zooms in on Mario for some reason*

*James* What's the point of this.. launcher?

*Jaiden* Ahhh!!!

*James* It's gonna shoot..

*James* With a spin jump! :D

*Jaiden* Oooh!

*James* Okay, oh I get it!

*Jaiden* Okay, now we're gonna be dodging things..

Then all of a sudden

*Both are freaking out*

*Jaiden* JAMES! D: *James* AHH!

Separated: The movie IGN 10/10

*James* Okay, so you see down there? This is just a survival section.

*Jaiden* Until..

*James* Oh and also I can pick you up! *Throws Jaiden (aka Luigi)*

*James*All right. So yeah, we survived. :) (Good Job James and Jaiden)

Whats about to happen

*James* Ohhh I want this coin!

Rip James (aka Mario) He died by grabbing a coin then landing on a Moving spiny shell May 14,1996-August 3, 2019

*James* Don't die.. Don't die! NO! D: *SCREAM* (Rip Jaiden (aka Luigi) she died by a moving spiny shell. September 27, 1997- August 3,2019

Alright, let's go *Intense Moosic bois*

*Jaiden* One time in elementary school there was like-

*Jaiden* AHH!

*Jaiden* It was like a 6th grader

*Jaiden* He was like, "Jaiden, do you wanna play airplanes with me?"

*Jaiden* And I think he just wanted us to go to the playground and like run around and go

*Jaiden* *child airplane noises* >:3

*Jaiden* And I said no. *Rip that person*


*Jaiden* It didn't sound like a good time to me..

*James* You were in sixth grade?

*Jaiden* Sixth grade. Maybe 11?

*James* I guess- I guess sixth grade is a little old.

*James* That's cuz you have a mushroom. (wat)

*James* Sixth grade is a little old to go like playing airplane. I had a-

*Jaiden* *SCREAMS*

*James* I had a friend once :(

*Sad music* (Insert comedic joke regarding number of friends owned by friends) Please someone help James, he needs friends ;(

*James* I went over to his house. Also whenever I would go to his house,

*James* He would say, "Do you want to play?" And it's like we don't say play anymore. (Hey, that sounds like that 1 part from Diary of a wimpy kid) We say let's hang out.

*James* Um, and then one time I was over and..

And what is it JAMESSSS *jk*

*James* He said, "Let's play house!" And I was like, "House? Really?" We're like in sixth grade man. We don't play-

*James* Ahhh!!

*Jaiden* Ahh!

*James* Oh wait, we forgot our mushrooms (aka drugs)

*James* *Inaudible*

*Jaiden* What do the coins do?

*James* Uhh.. literally nothing.

*James* So if you spin jump, you can jump on this shell-

*James* This hasn't happened yet,

*James* But when we both (aah) at what see (don't die) when- when I die, I appear in this bubble..!



*James* See, since you popped me, I can- we keep going *Jaiden* Oh dope

*James* Having multiple people is actually really easy,

*James* Randomness. *Jaiden* You what?

*James* You just have to make sure you both.. don't.. die. :). There we go


*Jaiden* They kind of like- Aah!!

*James* Those things that the ones faster than that one no-

*Jaiden* Uhuhhhhh.. *James* You survived!! x 4

*Both freak out*

*Laughter* Yayyy they did it I clap for them

*James* Okay, we're free

*Jaiden* I happy

*James* Oh! Throw me


*James* Stand..stand like, right there!

*James gets worried*

*Jaiden* Hi James * Both are laughing*

*James* All right, we're good :)

*Jaiden* I WANT IT! :D


*James* First level down! *Jaiden*You can just see your nose


*Jaiden* That was good that wasn't like, expert, I'd say.

*James* It said it was expert though..

*Jaiden* Maybe it's.. *James* Maybe for 1 player

??? (IDK LOL) ???


*James* Teamwork :D

*Jaiden* Yeah, that's what it's called..

*James laughs*

*Jaiden* I like Luigi.

*Jaiden* As a kid, I like him better because I liked-

*James* Ahhh! Lol Jaiden doesn't even care that James died

*James stutters* *Jaiden* WOW James..

*Both scream and laugh* Karma Lol

*James* Wow Jaiden.. *laughs*

*Jaiden* Who is that?

*James* That is the mad lad Boom Boom *Jaiden* Whoa! What happened?

Hey is that a reference from one of the trailers I see James?

*James We need to kill boom boom. *Jaiden* Oh.. Well. *James* We did it

In one of the trailers, the like narrator lady said lookout for the mad lad Boom Boom. So now everyone calls him the Mad lad *Jaiden* Mad lad *James* Yeah

OHHHHHH * James* Run, It's one of these levels.

I was still alive. I'm just getting flashbacks to the level me and Madz played

*James gets Vietnam flashbacks*

And we are back

Oh, I turned it off. No way you turn it back on time is of the essence. Come on

Both are laughing about how James attempted to turn it back after 1 try then does it

Tornado. Oh Get the- get the checkpoint. Got it, Oh careful


Is thier still lava, I don't know. Maybe we're so high up. Really really high. Oh, these are new these things are new. Oh and that tornado thing

No, oh I thought it was gonna kill you, oh those gear things yeah, those are called tracks so that means

There is still lava. NOOOO *Laughter*

Get the coin it's really important

Look at my face its like wow *Laughing*

I think well (Wait what Jaiden) we live toget-Ahhh We live together. We live together. We die together that type of deal

Yeet.. *Jaiden is making monkey noises while James says* I don't know if the lavas chasing us anymore. Want to wait to see if there's lava

*Thinking*...... No *opens door* Alright *Laughter*

Hey there is lava coming

Noticing it after 1 second. Ahhhh

Oh no *Jaiden freaking then both of them start freaking out*

Lol it's like *Congratulations You died

*Laughter* *James* The confetti, You did it

Start back here. Whoa, did you see that? Like, it was floating magnetic. AHHGG *Laughter*

Oh if you like you have to hold down B to like *Jaiden* Oh careful*

You do hold like you to hold down B to do a little extra jump on those Springs

Oh, I tried to like you press on you, press a jump right when you're yeah, I don't think I didn't hit the sweet spot. Yeah


I've been playing hollow night and there's this part called the path of pain and it looks pretty similar to this.

It took me 2 Hours to do it was really hard. There's a lot of saws in platform games. Why is that?

I don't see saws too often in real life. I'd died (Rip Jaiden aka Lui- Jk we arent doing this a second time Lol). Okay.. NOOOOO. *James* Nooo Luigi. *Jaiden* Go on without me. *Laughter*

Okay, remember about the sawwwww. *Jaiden* Carefu,l the saw



*Jaiden* Ok Come- gehedu

That wasn't bad right.. it sounded like that right...

We need to go we need to go. Thank you, thank you for your sacrifice *Jaiden* Your Welcome

Careful with the saws that's not here. Careful with the saws, okay this time hop me pop me

*James just ignoring the fact that Jaiden said to pop the bubble XD

Then fails

Wait what anyway. *Jaiden*I told you to pop me *Laughter*

This level sucks (Rip creator). No, I like it. Ahh

Being trapped in a shoot being trapped in a room of lava. Okay, it's really terrifying especially rising lava, isn't it?

Oh, this is the first furthest we've got careful. There's gotta be another saw I knew it more saws


No no Sorry ok. Nooo. I panicked. Isn't it like you'll be dead before you actually hit lava because I hope so there's only one way to find out right

Is this a saw part? Mm-hmm? Oh, thanks, watch this


Please be over point please be the end. I don't like those donuts. It's gonna go, okay

I thought the lava was gonna go up and I'm I was gonna be like

Jaiden Screaming at the celebration thing


No, that's just the end *James says yeyyy as he gets axed

Thanks, that was actually really terrifying when the people came yeah, oh well, I don't think it was smoke

they're supposed to be a celebratory thing, but

Im really out of edge

Okay, so this one is easy, oh I just pressed I'm sorry

Why is it default to toad cuz you can choose your default character you default toad?


He's my main what if you could main as any character Bowser obviously has there been a game where you can play as Bowser *Shows Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story*

Dang it

I think there might be one

There was you can do it in Paper Mario can't you you can do it in Mario Odyssey for a little bit

He was also a cat that is that is true. He was a furry. Yes, Oh help the screens moving

Is that the glumba, that's goulumba yeah Glumba. Oh

That's not what it's named Glermberg

Glumberg. Ahhh

Go in there

No checkpoint ha when Mario maker first came out. All right. All right

They didn't have checkpoints (They didn't at the beginning of the game's release but when someone touches it they can only get a mushroom). Ahh. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok, don't hit me. Well you think yeah

Going's I hope we don't need that fire. A gopher (aka Monty Mole) Yep. I'll protect you. Thank you


My death killed you 1up don't dead ah

When one of us Falls we both die. Do you think that they did that on purpose? I think they did that on purpose. I don't know if they did it on purpose

There's so many glitches in this game. I don't know Nintendo was trying to do things on purpose or not

He's in his underwear. Did you see that? I don't like how the

There's like a line right here. Let me see that. Yeah watch I'm gonna touch it

We have to be very- we have to be very careful at this part. Oh go in the pipe.

I killed you. Wait, that's not even a difficult part

There's just a bunch of we just keep following and killing her like the hardest part

Is that one death kills us all yeah, and then when we're both trying to do what we get in each other's way

Okay. Okay. You know what?

I'm sorry. It's literally two mushrooms

An expert-level isn't it. You you you go

Uh-huh. All right. I'm just gonna go

We did it that was not that shouldn't have been as difficult as it should have been. arrow. Oh, that's right. That's right

There's not I'm scrolling this one ups. They are. They're meaningless Oh Oh

I'm drowning in nothing Gooo

I'm dying in the void. Okay, it's you know

Hurry Hurry Hurry. Oh nooo

Well are we gonna make it, maybe I could have. *Laughter* You tossed it up

Oh yeah you be the firefighter. Nooooooo

So like imagine like in real life it's like here I'll piggyback you

You jump- you jump off a cliff the person on the shoulders gets like knocked out because they get hit by the ceiling and then you fall to the death speedrun strats, uh-huh


*Laughter* Noooo. Pop me. *Both start freaking out*

Let's do it one more time and then try doing Ross's level. Okay, dang it

I'm gonna do it without you do it. Oh wow. Oh, that's how you get that coin. Uh-huh. I'm such a gamer, huh?

Where am I huh?

Oh No. All right. This is it. I didn't jump as high as I thought I would oh

Thank you. Well im back

Oh careful

Okay, one more one

More really good one so glad we're not streaming this. Ah,

I went back in the pipe what makes like the flower fire

Idk ask game theory he might know

It's red the fact that it's is it like a poison flower?

What what in the mushroom makes them like grow twice as big nature is amazing is your window careful careful with me

Wait what

What are you doing. OHHHHHHHHHH

I forgot that happened. Yeah

Look at his underwear laugh at him and not us


Maybe we should get the fire flower. I mean I

mean the Firefly

Yeah, are you sure you're still in it be careful

Okay. Well I've had enough

This is the Ross one. Okay. This one was made for two players. Someone did it in six seconds. Is that what that means?

Yes, do you want to know why?

Because they cheated okay, so there are on and off switches you are familiar with them

how do we do this with only two people and then you

You probably hit it and I jump on to that one over there

But then that one will turn off. Do you look at this tutorial? Do we need to call Ross? I

Ran and hit on and died then I'd switch it so you could land on that one. Oh, I get it. Yeah, let's do it. Ready set go

Okay, that that's definitely work ready

Yeah, Oh Oh then you drop down

Anyway, so drop down you see those that that blue

Looks nice is that when we die is that we don't have to start at the very beginning level. Okay. Okay ready?

Um jump down. All right now hit that button and die

Well that's a bit weird but I guess that's what Ross says to do and how did Ross even create the level with only 1 player

Alright now can we get over there? That's what I'm gonna try and do how far can you throw me? Let's find out

Oh you did it

Okay, now I know how far you can throw okay, you have to hit the on thing again, right

Alright, so get down to that. Well, I have to go you have to switch it on for me. Yeah. Okay. Are you ready ready?

Okay, and then do you have just we have to do the same thing again, we have to hit that button

Nope, that's hard. Alright, maybe we should have a third person. Here we go

You did it. Okay, okay so get on get it over on the red side now I'm gonna try and hit this nope


Yeah, I think it is a one motion thing, I need that momentum, oh wait hit it and ready one two three

Okay, I'm sorry, but I think that's definitely it. Yeah, guess what? We got in the bag this I

It worked though I just couldn't get it there because I have to be careful because if I


Yeah now Popa Papa Papa, let's do the grab thing again, okay you do it because I don't trust myself


I'm gonna hit this

Do it. Im coming for you Ross. Uhhhhhhh

And so the stress began

Oh No the time, oh no all right, all right

Hit it

Every time to reset it

We have to go right there so we can only switch this on and off like once. I totally forgot about time

Yeah, we all suffer from it. Okay, wait, how about you stay back and push it?

Okay... Frick

We'll both take turns so now is my turn. Okay

Shoot. Try right landing on those two blocks up there

Go. Oh no I thought it was my turn

Okay, I forgot yeah I hit you and not it alright ready and go

Okay, I think if you go down, that's the end is it? Yeah, I do see the axe right there

Jaiden just bouncing on James's head because time is almost out so what's the point anway

Dope okay. Okay ready set go

Oh my bad

Wow, all right. Okay. Ah

You want to try it? Yeah. All right, okay

Rip James

Wow first tell me when you're gonna jump I'm jumping okay

Shoot are we supposed to hit that like one little path? Maybe? Oh, you know what? I bet I bet you here

I'm gonna touch the TV so

Nice for the princess to invite us for a picnic Eh Luigi. I hope she made lots of S P A G E H E T T I. Luigi look it's from bowser "Dear Pesky Plumber, The kooplings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom, The Princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa hotels, I dare you to find her if you can" We got to find the princess, and you got to help us. If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels check out the inclosed instruction book. Did anyone even read this.

We go whoop and then we have to go through this then you hit the button

Okay. So those two blocks are there to mess you up? Gotcha. I see you Ross. Okay. Are you ready? I'm ready up



Oh you did it

Oh I think I to keep oh you need to one yeah


*Then dies*


I think what happens is so like

here that's just like look so like you hit there hit the on button so I can just come through and

Like we hit the button for each other you end up dying and I have to land on the last platform

I'm not following. All right

So just push Kalin

See I was supposed to come after you oh, no we both died

Yeah, I know. This is gonna be the last last attempt. Is it? Yeah. Okay ready?

I'll hit the button ready


Okay, second-to-last, okay

2 fast 4 me


This is gonna be a very tedious beam doing a couple of minutes, isn't it Oh,

Oh, man, can you spin jump in? Oh, I think you need to keep the momentum. Yeah, I think so, too

That's gotta be why yes, the little stupid things

Yeah, cause he's stupid. Yeah Ross. You're stupid

Okay, kill yourself

Ok like I did it, Kill yourself

Careful come on. Come on

How do I jump like super high is that to be at the apex of my jump

I Feel like it's got this has got to be it. This getting higher I can see more of it, I can see more of it

OH OHHHHH. YES. oh. Oh my god. Oh ok

High Five. High five. We did it

Hold on I'm gonna take a picture and send it to Ross. Yeah. Look at your little head down there. Where's the

Camera button. No

We didn't get a picture. Ah, ah dang. I'm so I'm still shaking

Does it show? No, it doesn't because we did local play. Well, take a screen shot. Everyone take a screen shot

Yeah, wait a second that we touched the ax and send it to Ross and say Ross. You're stupid

Don't tell Ross he's stupid. Oh, that was easy. That was so easy

Yeah, that flying there totally easy

It's at an auto scroll. I didn't see any auto was an auto scroll Wow ruff. Yeah Ross learn how to

Label your levels right dope. Whoa, so what'd we learn?

What we when we accomplished how you feel in we there's a lot of good teamwork there. Yeah

Well, we we succeeded with the power of bubble. Thank you James for playing Mario maker with me. I had a great time

Me too. Thanks Ross for making the easiest level in mario, man. Yeah and

Wear your seat belt. Yeah wear a helmet

Dope Oh flu if I forget

The Description of DESTROYING Mario Maker 2 with FACTS and LOGIC and JAIDEN