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Apple introduced iOS 13 at it's WWDC 2019 developers event

and one of the features shown is one that many iPhone

users have been begging for for years, dark mode.

That's right.

Beginning with iOS 13, iOS users will have the option

of enabling a dark color scheme

that works system wide and across all native apps.

In this video we take a look at how it works

and how it looks to see just how much

of a difference it makes.

What is going on tech squad, Andru Edwards here,

Editor-in-chief at

As I mentioned, today I'm giving you a look

at iOS 13's dark mode.

This is a feature that a lot of people

have been asking for, a lot of people have been begging for.

And there's been a lot of hype behind it

especially when the rumor mill started going

saying that iOS 13 would be getting a dark mode.

Now I don't know why people are so enamored with this.

I didn't care either way whether a dark mode came or not

but a lot of you guys did.

In fact I put up a poll on YouTube asking which feature

you guys cared about most and it was iOS 13's dark mode.

I've got iOS 13 running here on an iPhone XR.

Now aside from this dark mode video I will be doing

more videos showing you some of

the biggest features of iOS 13.

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Now let's jump in to dark mode.

All right first things first, what even is dark mode?

Basically dark mode adjusts the background

and foreground colors to make content stand out

by changing the bright white background into dark blacks

and grays and the text from black over to white.

So like I said, iPhone XR here.

Let's go ahead and enable dark mode.

There's two ways to do this.

First we're gonna go into Settings here

and from Settings we're going to go into

Display & Brightness and as you can see there,

we've got dark mode enabled.

So here's light mode, there's dark mode.

Light, dark.

You can see right way the differences.

You've got the pale blue with white when you're

in light mode and then it switches over to black and gray.

So that's one way you can enable and disable dark mode.

There's another way you can do it as well

and that is from the control center.

So you swipe down from the top right here on a XR

and we're going to long press on the brightness control.

As you can see on the bottom left, appearance is dark.

You can tap on that and then your appearance

will change over to light.

So you just switch between dark and light right there

in the control center and that's how you manually enable it

but there's also a way to automatically

enable dark mode as well.

So let's jump back in to the Settings app here.

As you can see right beneath the appearance section

where you can choose light or dark,

there's an automatic option.

So we can tap on that to turn it on

and you can see the options here.

So the option that it's currently set on

is light until sunset so that means it'll automatically

determine where you are using your GPS location

and it'll figure out when sunset is for you

and then when sunset occurs, it'll automatically

switch over to dark mode and then when the sun comes

back up, switch back to light mode.

The other option you can tap on it

and have a custom schedule where you just tell it

when you want light and dark modes to change.

So I'm gonna head back out of here

and turn off automatic so I can easily

switch back and forth for the purposes of this video.

But I think what I will do is probably leave it

on the sunset mode just to see the difference going forward.

Now one thing that dark mode does do

is it can also effect the look of your wallpaper.

So I'm actually gonna go into settings here

and switch my wallpaper over to one of the ones

that is supported by dark mode.

So here we go, we can go into stills here

and you can see these first four with the little icon

on the bottom right, that's the dark mode light mode icon,

those four will switch automatically

and you can kinda see looking at each of those

wallpapers on the left hand side and the right hand side

what they look like in light and dark modes.

So let's switch to this one here.

I'm gonna set that and let's just

set that to the home screen.

It crashed.

I mean we are on an iOS beta but it did crash.

Now let's see.

If I go into the home screen did it take?

Yes it did, so the home screen did take.

Now here you can see on the home screen

the orange, the purples, the pink, the pinkish

and then the background is white.

If we switch that up here back into dark mode

as you will see, background is now dark.

So pretty cool even on your home screen

you have some differences there.

Also you can see the color of the dock itself

and the color of the widgets, the widgets are all dark.

If we switch it up back to light,

you'll see the widgets have

a lighter background color there.

So that's one difference there between light and dark mode.

Now the apps also can support light or dark.

All of Apple's native apps

or most of Apple's native apps support dark mode right now.

Things like weather don't.

So if we go into weather it's gonna have

the same background that you're used to in weather

'cause daytime you're gonna have the bright blue.

If it's nighttime you'll have

that darker background in weather.

But let's say we went into something like News.

Here you can see as we scroll through News,

dark background right there.

If we switch over to News+, there's your magazines,

dark black background with gray accents.

If we were to switch that up right now,

now we've got the white background there as you see.

Let's switch over to another app.

Now we're back in light mode right now.

Go into Calendar.

Calendar, it's usually a pretty bright app.

If you open up calendar you've got basically

a bunch of white staring you in the face.

Now you can switch that up.

Definitely nicer if you're in a dark environment.

Now you've got a dark looking calendar.

Apple Music as you know it today, here it is.

So there you go, you're scrolling through,

everything is nice and bright with the exception obviously

of the album art that's gonna maintain

whatever color it had in the first place.

But if we switch it over to dark mode,

now you get Apple Music nice and dark.

And again I can see why some people would prefer

dark mode I just personally haven't been clamoring

for it to be a big feature that I absolutely

need to have and can't wait till it shows up on my phone.

I really don't care either way.

Some people do care though.

They care because if you have an OLED iPhone,

so an iPhone X, XS or XS Max

or obviously one of the new ones that are coming as well,

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, black backgrounds

do end up saving some battery.

Apple did not go into this, it didn't give any promises

on battery savings that you could expect,

'cause it's negligible, but on an OLED display

where you have a black background,

any area that is pure black,

those pixels are turned completely off.

Here this is an iPhone XR LCD,

so when you see black on this screen

there's still a backlight that's on behind that.

So you're not really getting battery savings

on a XR but on an OLED each individual pixel

is controlled individually and so if it's pure black,

those pixels get to be turned off

which means those pixels aren't using any power.

So I can definitely see why some people

are excited about some battery savings on dark mode as well.

Let's head into one of Apple's other new apps.

We've got TV here.

One of their big apps, the TV app as we all know.

If you've been following Apple news lately

they're making a huge push into TV services.

Here's your TV app.

If you go in and switch it over to dark mode,

you get not a lot of dark mode in the TV app.

So the background of the TV app,

where you see the content, is still pretty bright

and what's changed is across the top where it says Watch Now

and across the bottom navigation bar is a translucent black.

If we switch that back up you'll see the difference here.

Now the top and bottom are white and light.

So not a lot of difference when you go into

the TV app for dark mode but that's gonna be something

you have to expect going forward.

Dark mode isn't just for Apple's apps.

Developers will be able to add dark mode to their apps

as well but everyone's gonna do it differently

and everyone's gonna do it to varying degrees of darkness.

Let's go into Settings real quick.

Let me just tap on Settings here.

So you go into Settings, you get right there, dark black.

This is what an optimized dark mode app

should look like in my opinion.

So I have some contrast there, not just pure black

because having varying contrasting elements

on the screen is a little easier on the eyes

than just pure black and pure white.

Here's the app store dark mode here.

As you can see, still again you have some elements

that are gonna be bright at least on the Today page

but as you go through and look at different apps

that you can download, things are looking nice and dark.

Here's a preview of Apple Arcade by the way.

Switch this over to light mode

and it's exactly what you'd expect.

Everything is now bright white.

Oh and by the way if you're wondering if the new iPad OS

supports dark mode, yes it does.

Here you can see the home screen, swipe up

and we are in dark mode here.

You can see the background of the elements

over on the left hand side and then going into

apps like Apple Music, same thing,

nice and dark background there as well.

Same thing here, dark Calender, dark App Store, et cetera.

Now I wanna hear from you guys.

What do you think of dark mode?

Have you already downloaded the iOS 13 beta

specifically because you wanted to try dark mode?

Are you excited for it?

Are you like me where it doesn't really matter,

you can take it or leave it?

Let me know down in the comments below.

I'll meet you there for further discussion.

And if you have any questions about dark mode

or you have other things you wanna see

about iOS 13, leave those down in the comments below

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Now speaking of Apple, if you wanna see my favorite

HomeKit devices, I did a video recently giving you a look

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I'll leave a card up here as well as a link down in the

description below if you wanna check that one out.

Until next time, thanks so much for watching.

As always guys, I appreciate your support.

I'm Andru Edwards and I will catch you in the next video.

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