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Hey guys welcome back to my channel Simone here and today I'm gonna be

filming my February TBR and we are gonna have to do an extra three spins this

time because I didn't read the last three books in my January TBR that's

fine so yeah let's just crack on and get on with it yeah let's get started I'm

gonna show you first the two buddy reads I'm gonna be doing so I'm only gonna briefly

show you these because I don't know very much about either of them so I'm gonna

be reading How Hard Can Love Be? by Holly Bourne with Alex from EarnestAlexReads

and this is the sequel to Am I Normal Yet? and it's part of The Spinster Club

trilogy and I absolutely love the first one so I'm hoping that we really enjoy

this one and it's gonna be our first buddy read so I'm really excited about

it and then secondly I'm gonna be reading Little Fires Everywhere by

Celeste Ng with Emily from Novelle Novels we do a buddy read pretty much

every month and I read Everything I Never l Told You by Celeste Ng in

January and I loved it so I'm really hoping that I enjoy this one just as

much and I think it's gonna be a fun read like I said I don't know anything

really about those two books and other than what I just told you so yeah it's

gonna be a bit of a surprise both of them I'm really excited about it okay so

we're gonna start with the spin number one and we are going to get okay so

we're gonna get a booktubers recommend my TBR pick so let's have a look and see

which one I'm gonna go with, so for this one I've decided to go with Boy

Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton this is the book that Charlie from Charlie

Brook picked for me and I'm really excited about it I believe this is about

a group of characters and it's to do with prison it says, I'll just read you the inside, it says

Brisbane 1983 a lost father a mute brother a mum in jail a heroin dealer

for a stepfather and a notorious criminal for a babysitter it's not as if

Eli's life isn't complicated enough already he's just trying to follow his

heart learning what it takes to be a good man

but life just keeps throwing obstacles in the way not least of which is Tytus

Broz, legendary drug dealer. Eli's life is about to get a whole lot more serious

he's about to fall in love and he has to break into prison on Christmas Day to

save his mum a story of brotherhood true love and the most unlikely of

friendships this sounds really interesting I don't really know

what to expect um but this was basically Charlie's favorite book of last year and

I've had this for... since I went to see them in July and Charlie's actually wrote a

little note in mine for me and I'm really excited about it I'm also nervous

because I really hope I like it but yeah this is gonna be my first read of

February. So then we're on to spin number two and that is going to be it's gonna

be big book okay so we need to pick a book that is over 500 pages so let me

have a look and see what I've got so for this one I'm gonna go with Tales

from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare Sarah Rees Brennan

Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman this is a six hundred and fifty page book but

it's short stories so I feel like it probably won't I hope it will read a bit

quicker I also just find Cassandra Clare reads quite quickly in general yeah I'm

interested in this one it's basically short stories about Simon from the

Mortal Instruments series or the Shadowhunter world and I'm really

excited also this is one of my books to read in 2020 so I do need to get to this

and yeah I feel like it could be quite a good one and get another one off my TBR

although that is two massive books in the first two we still have nine more to

go so a bit nervous so then on to spin number three and we have I thought that

was going to be big book again then okay so this one is the lowest rated and the

lowest rated book that I have on my shelves is a book called Yellow Memories

and it is basically by Mick West I believe and this is a 56 page book that

I have on my Kindle and this basically doesn't have any ratings on

Goodreads so that's why but this is a book that has... it basically follows um... a

cab driver I believe a yellow cab driver from San Francisco and talks about his

kind of like tidbits from his day and stuff I just think it's gonna be

interesting um and yeah I can't wait to read this and it will really quick

especially after those two massive ones, then we're on to spin number four which

is going to be publisher so this is a book that I was sent by the publisher to

review so it could be on NetGalley or it could be a physical arc or just a physical

book that I've been sent so let me see what I've got so for this one I'm gonna

go for a book called Followers by Megan Angelo I was sent this by the publisher

I believe this one just came out in January so obviously it's a great one to

be reading I believe this one is a science fiction contemporary adult novel

I don't really know too much about it I know it talks a lot about social media

and about influencers and that kind of thing and it talks a lot about privacy

and how privacy... what works and what doesn't I don't really know

anything else about it but I am really interested in reading it and like I said

I was sent this by the publisher so I massive thank you to them and

obviously I would love to get to it. Next up we have our fifth spin and it is

going to be it's gonna be random so this could literally be anything on my

shelves so let me go onto my Goodreads and then I'm gonna order it by random

because you can do that on the Goodreads let's have a look and see what we get

okay this could be interesting I'm actually quite intrigued by this one

this is on one of my TBR list for this year, I can't remember which one but this is

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman this is the first book in a trilogy which I

own all of and I said I wanted to at least get to the first one this year so

potentially if I read the first one earlier on I might be able to you know

keep on reading so yeah this is a I think it's 400 pages I've heard really

good things I also think this is like a polar fantasy which I guess will be good

for the Polarthon which is hosted by JadeyRaeReads so this is potentially one I can

kind of sneak in there and say I'm joining in the read-a-thon, oh the

lighting isn't great there, this I have no idea what it's about I know it's been

made into a film I think it's the Golden Compass and I'm interested and yeah I

don't know how I'm gonna feel about this but I am glad that I'm gonna give it a

go, then we're on to spin number six so just over halfway through now and we've

come to series so I'm gonna pick a book in a series I'm gonna try to continue

series rather than start new ones but sometimes I might start a new one we'll

see how it goes and for this one I've gone for a book which technically isn't

in itself part of a series but it's part of a world of books that I'm reading and

you'll have seen earlier I'm reading a book from the same series

but I'm gonna be picking The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare Sarah Rees

Brennan and Maureen Johnson this is the other book I have to read before I start

into the Infernal Devices series this is part of the Shadowhunter chronicles or

Shadowhunter world and it's about Magnus Bane who is the Warlock as part of the

series I know that people have said if you read this one it can spoil you a bit

for the Infernal Devices but I'm kind of okay with that

and I just want to read all of the standalone ones in between before I get

to Infernal Devices so yes this is gonna be on my TBR, again quite a

big one don't know what I'm doing with myself this month because I'm clearly

just trying to read all of the big books so we'll see how that goes

now we're on to spin number 7 and we are gonna get okay so we're getting again

BookTubers recommend my TBR so let's see which one I'm gonna go for this time

so for this one I am going to be picking Circe by Madeline Miller which is a

book that was picked for me by Alex from EarnestAlexReads who I'm buddy reading

with as well so it felt only right to pick this one up this is a book that

centres around the Greek mythology I believe and it talks about Circe who is

a (the God of the Sun)... it says in the house of helios god of the sun and

mightiest of the titans a daughter is born Circe is strange she has a dark

power of her in witchcraft so yeah I don't really know too much about this I've

heard really good things and I know that a lot of people really love this book so

I feel like I'm gonna enjoy it so we'll soon find out

then we're on to our final, like official pick, and then I have to read my... do my

extra 3 reads so this is gonna be Pick Number 8 which is gonna be highest-rated so

my highest rated book right now on my TBR is this one it is Battered, Broken,

Healed by Maggie Hartley... this is a book by Maggie Hartley who is a foster carer

who has written some stories based on true foster caring situations that she's

been in, this follows a four-month-old baby called Jasmine who Maggie has

been given to foster and one day she wakes up in the middle of the night to

find Jasmine's mum nearly unconscious on her

doorstep where she's been beaten basically and it's about her helping

Hailey who's the mother try to admit what's going on

behind closed doors so she can be reunited with the baby and yeah I've heard really

interesting things I really enjoy Casey Watson and Cathy Glass who both do

foster care books and I think that it'll be interesting to try a different

author who's writing a similar style so yeah Maggie Hartley will be a new author

to me but I'm really interested in this and it has like I said a 4.66 rating on

Goodreads so a very very good one. I think I'm actually gonna leave it there

um... so I was gonna do the punishment ones and I think I'm gonna

start that properly and March just because February is such a short month

and I've really just had a really stressful start to the year in terms of

my mental health and I was gonna pick three extras but now I'm looking at the

TBR, it's already getting me a little bit worried and so I'm thinking if I can

just read those books and then add on those extra three if I can try and read

some extras like obviously well but if I can't and that's not the end of the

world and then next month we will go back to reading punishment books I think

if I can just start afresh again and feel like I'm back on it um yeah I just

don't want to cause myself any stress so those are the eight books I plan on

reading I'll show you them here we go these are the five these are six books

plus two on my Kindle that I'm gonna be reading in February along with these two

which are gonna be my buddy reads and yeah let's see how we do fingers crossed

guys give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to my channel

if you haven't already and I shall see you next time for another video

Bye guys!

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