Practice English Speaking&Listening with: American Apocalypse: 'Is the Religious Right Wrong?'

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O God, that is the question

on our minds and hearts -- "When

shall we see Jesus?"

You know the answer.

We want to be ready.

Let this teaching be clear.

We pray in His name. Amen.


You've been tracking the news

this last week?

Did you hear about that

spacecraft they landed on an


Did you hear about that?

Amazing feat of technology.

There's an asteroid 200 million

miles away, and it's called


They say it's about as tall as

the Empire State Building.

And NASA landed a spacecraft on

this spinning asteroid.

Robotic arm grabs a handful of

rock, and it's coming back to


It will arrive September 24,

2023, somewhere in a Utah


Can you believe that?

But let's just say, for the sake

of illustration, that there's

another asteroid out there.

Well, actually, there's a whole

bunch of other asteroids


NASA thinks there are probably

about 2 million asteroids out

there 30 meters or larger,

okay? -- so, those are fairly

big -- of which only 18,000 have

been identified and tracked.

So, let's say one slams into


Nobody knew it was coming.

I got an e-mail from a geologist

friend of mine living out on the

West Coast.

I'm gonna read it to you.

"Hey, Dwight, we haven't talked

in a while, but your sermon this

morning --" all-caps --"WOKE ME


A few weeks ago, some of you

remember, we had a presentation

on asteroids.

You remember that?

And we were looking at Luke 21.

Jesus says, "Hey, the powers of

heaven are gonna be shaking just

before I come back."

And asteroids are hugely in the

news right now, so she's

thinking out loud.

So, "Hugely woke me up," she


"So, an asteroid," she suggests,

hits San Francisco or L.A.

Millions die, but why would

other countries tremble in


Now, Jesus said the whole planet

will be seized with terror

because of the heavens being


But if it's in San Francisco,

who cares around the world?

But the geologist answers her

own question.

"Because if the asteroid

triggers a Richter scale 10 on

the San Andreas Fault, I have

been told the Earth will ring

like a bell.

I think the chains of fault

systems around the world would

be activated.

The destruction of all the major

cities and some nuclear plants

sitting on the faults would get

everyone's attention.

The ground will tremble


The tsunamis --" Jesus talks

about that, as well, in

Luke 21 -- "will make our oceans


Add to all of this the

activation of the volcanic

chaos, and, yes, globally,

people will tremble in fear with

one asteroid."

Wow. Could it happen?

And if it did, what would happen

on this planet?


A social scientist named

Michael Barkun, from the

University of New York in

Buffalo, researched the effect

of disasters on people's

attitudes, published his

research under the title

"Disasters in the Millennium."

Marvin Moore, my friend, reports

on the findings in his own book,

"Could It Really Happen?"

So, let me put Michael Barkun on

the screen for us right now.

"One of his most significant

conclusions was that --" quoting

Barkun -- "'disaster creates

conditions peculiarly fitted to

the rapid alteration of belief


Given what we are about to

discover in the apocalypse, it

is really important that you pay

attention to this research right


I'll read two more lines from


Michael Barkun on the screen.

Line number 2.

"'Disaster produces the

questioning, the anxiety, and

the suggestibility that are

required for belief-system


Keep reading.

"Only in its wake --" in

disaster's wake -- "are people

moved to abandon old values of

the past.'"

Guess what.

When we're faced with a

disaster, individually,

collectively, or nationally, the

deep shaking that that disaster

brings to our psyches cuts loose

values that we thought were

deeply rooted.

Hmm. Let me put one more up.

Michael Barkun.

"'A disaster population suffers

a temporary sense of incapacity,

vulnerability, and confusion.

The collapsed social structure

renders traditional authority

relationships less effective and

traditional statuses less


Now here comes the big line.

"'Belief systems which, under

non-disaster conditions, might

be dismissed --'" "Nah.

I don't believe that."

"'Now receive sympathetic


Now, listen.

This doesn't even have to be an


We're talking disaster.

It could be a killer quake.

It could be an economic


It could be a government coup.

It could be a civil war.

It doesn't matter what you want

to call it.

If it's a disaster, something

happens to the human psyche in

trying to cope with survival.

We're gonna look at a scenario

right now that, with a disaster,

could happen...overnight.

Open your Bible with me to

Revelation 13.

Let's go.

We have been to this chapter

before, but not in this detail.

Come on. Revelation 13.

The Bible's last book.

"American Apocalypse: Is the

Religious Right Wrong?"

Let's go. Revelation 13.

Let's pick it up in Verse 11.

"Then I saw a second beast,

coming up out of the earth."

Hit the pause button right


The moment we read "second

beast," we know something about

this chapter, and that is,

there's a first beast to

Revelation 13.

Yep, there is.

It comes out of the sea,

dripping brine, seven heads,

with blasphemy all over the


Yeah, the beast has already been


And John the Revelator says,

"By the way, I need to tell you

about beast number 2."

But let's go back to beast

number 1.

I want you to go up in the

chapter to Verse 3.

Speaking of the sea beast with

the seven heads.

"One of the heads of the beast

seemed to have had a fatal

wound, but the fatal wound had

been healed.

The whole world was filled with

wonder and followed the beast."

Verse 14.

"People worshipped the dragon

because he had given authority

to the beast, and they also

worshipped the beast and asked,

'Who is like the beast?

Who can wage war against it?'"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Stop, stop.

So, this first beast -- seven

heads -- obviously, it's a

religious power, because the

heads all have blasphemy.

And what is blasphemy but

usurping God's power for

diabolical reasons?

And it receives worship.

An atheistic institution will

never receive worship.

It says, "What are you? Crazy?"

It's a religious power.

It has to be.


And, clearly, this beast rules

with global clout.

It is a global superpower.


Daniel 7, Revelation 13 -- the

great Protestant reformers, as

they studied those two

apocalyptic chapters, were led

to the conclusion that they must

identify this sea beast as the

anti-Christ power that

ruthlessly ruled, during the

dark-and-bloody Middle Ages,

from Rome.

The sea beast.

But it was wounded.

In fact, in 197-- In 17,

rather -- 1798, speaking of the

French Revolution, Napoleon

sends in his general, Berthier,

and he takes the pope captive,

Pope Pius VI.

The Vatican is shut down,


Now, that's just transpired.

Verse 10 describes it being

taken into captivity.

Then, on the heels of that, we

read these words.

What did we just read?

A second beast coming up out of

the earth.

Whoa. What's this second beast

coming up out of the earth?

Well, the first beast came out

of the water.

Revelation 17:15, the water is a

symbol of people, nations,

kindreds, languages.

The first beast comes up out of

the peopled thoroughfares of


But the second beast comes not

out of water.

It comes out of earth, dry

earth, barren wilderness, a

place called "the New World."

That beast was wounded 1798.

Coincidentally, this beast

arises to power in the late

1700s -- same time.

And the Greek word for springing

up describes a weed.

It grows fast.

A global -- And it becomes a

global superpower, as we are

immediately gonna notice.

Global superpower, late 1700s,

barren wilderness of the

New World.

Guess what -- there's only one

nation on this planet that could

fit this description, and you

know who it is.

It's the United States of


Read the verse again.

"And then I saw a second beast

coming up out of the earth.

And it had two horns --" Oh, I

love this.

"It had two horns like a lamb."

Mary had a little lamb,

little lamb

Little fuzzy, curly hair, and

lambs have these little, tiny

horns, you know, just little

protrusions here -- two horns.

It's youthful.

It's a symbol of youthfulness.

It's a symbol of innocence.

Perhaps is a symbol of the two

great liberties that this land

has always championed -- civil

liberty and religious liberty.

Maybe that's what this is all


It has two horns.

What a fitting description.

In the latest issue of Liberty

magazine, there's a piece by

Ron Capshaw all about

Roger Williams.

Do you remember Roger Williams,

the Baptist minister who founded

a colony, Rhode Island, in the

early 1600s?

You remember him?

This is an article about him,

and I want to put Capshaw's

words on the screen here.

"Roger Williams established the

first area to practice --" or

we'd call it colony -- "to

practice the separation of

church and state in the

New World.

He codified the idea that the

government could rule only in

civil matters.

As such, the Providence --"

that's Providence,

Rhode Island -- "The Providence

government could not punish

those who violated --" And these

are Roger Williams' words --

"the religious principles

contained in the

Ten Commandments, such as

'idolatry, Sabbath-breaking,

false worship, and blasphemy.'"

Williams goes on.

"'The laws of the First Table of

the Ten Commandments are not

regulations for civil society or

a political order.

They belong to the realm of

religion, not politics."

Not politics.


And, so, for 2 1/2 centuries, in

this great nation, America has

championed the separation of

church and state, and rightfully


Roger Williams was the one who

taught us to favor neither

religion over government, nor

government over religion.

You got to keep them separate.

Keep them separate.

Don't pull them together.

That's been the genius of this


But something dreadful happens.

This global superpower begins to

speak like a dragon.

Enter earth-beast Phase 2.

Revelation 13:11 again.

"Then I saw a second beast

coming out of the earth.

It had two horns like a lamb,

but it spoke like a dragon" --


Verse 12.

"And it exercised --" The Greek

historical present is used,

actually, so these are all in

present tense in the Greek.

"It exercises all the authority

of the first beast --" that

would be Rome -- "on its behalf,

and makes the earth and its

inhabitants worship the first

beast, whose fatal wound has

been healed."

Wow. How could that humanly --

How could that conceivably even

be possible in a freedom-loving,

church-and-state-separating land

like America?

Indeed, it is incomprehensible,

unless or until you introduce an

unexpected debilitating


that strikes this nation.

And, suddenly, all bets are off.

Something, obviously, has gone

terribly wrong.

We don't know what it is.

But it's gone terribly wrong to

the place that not only the

citizens -- Did you notice that?

Not only the citizens of the

United States, but the

inhabitants of the entire planet

are so shaken and threatened

that, in a state of cognitive

confusion, they allow the

abrogation, or the tearing down,

of the very freedoms and

liberties they once so ardently


Something has happened, it is a

crisis on this planet, and new

voices speak up, and the entire

playing field has been changed.

Could it happen?

Are you kidding?

Will it happen?

Listen, Daniel's already told us

it's gonna happen.

Watch this. This is Daniel 12:1.

"There will be --" at the end of

time -- "such a time of distress

such as has not happened from

the beginning of nations until


There's something yet ahead.

Jesus picks up on Daniel, and in

the little apocalypse of

Matthew 24, notice the word, the

prediction of Jesus -- "Just

before I return..."

Watch this.

Watch what's gonna be on this


"For then there will be great

distress, unequaled from the

beginning of the world until

now -- and never to be equaled


In fact, "If those days had not

been cut short, no one would

survive, but for the sake of the

elect --" the friends of God on

Earth -- "those days will be


If they had allowed -- If it had

been allowed for the crisis to

continue to mount, the entire

human race would be gone.

But for the sake of his friends,



And then what does

Michael Barkun remind us?

What does he remind us?

Put in on the screen again,

please, one more time.

Michael Barkun, social


"Disaster produces the

questioning, the anxiety, and

the suggestibility that are

required for belief-system


Only in its wake are people

moved to abandon old values of

the past."

And what old values of the past

will America abandon?

What have we already read?

Political power will enforce

religious worship.

You never heard of such a thing

in the history of this nation.

But there's a dusty old book

that says, "You watch.

This will happen to the

United States of America."

Wow. Read it again -- Verse 11.

"And then I saw a second beast

coming up out of the earth.

It had two horns like a lamb,

but it spoke like a dragon.

It exercised all the authority

of the first beast on its behalf

and made the earth and its

inhabitants worship the first

beast, whose fatal wound had

been healed.

And it performed great signs,

even causing fire to come down

from heaven to the earth in full

view of the people."

Sounds to me a whole lot like

Mount Carmel, Elijah, and the

prophets of Baal redux.

Only you know what's different

this time?

The dragon who watched

Mount Carmel, which was a

spectacular revelation of

supernatural power to turn the

hearts of the people from the

devil back to the creator God.

The devil says, "I'll take that

same miracle and I'll reverse


I will turn to the bringing down

of whatever it is -- fire from


I will turn the world away from

the creator God to me.

I'll pull it off."


And, by the way, that's been the

ambition of the dragon from the

very beginning.

The dragon, who, of course, is

the greatest anti-Christ of all.

Verse 14.

"Because of the signs --" By the

way, these signs, apparently,

are so persuasive -- Listen,

listen, listen.

This is a university community.

They are so persuasive that

atheists, scientists -- It says

"the whole world."

Atheists, scientists, who will

not be able to explain this and

can only determine it must be

the finger of the Almighty

Himself, because it's the whole


Verse 14.

"Because of the signs it was

given power to perform on behalf

of the first beast, it --" this

country -- "deceives the

inhabitants of the earth."

We have now a confederacy of two

global superpowers who have

confederated together to rule

the planet.

That's what's going on.

"It --" this second beast's

power -- deceives the

inhabitants of the entire Earth.

It's global.

"It ordered them to set up an

image in honor of the beast who

was wounded by the sword and yet


Verse 15.

"And the second beast --" this

country -- "was given power to

give breath to the image of the

first beast --" that global

superpower out of Rome -- "so

that the image could speak and

cause all who refused to worship

the image to be --" what?

"We're gonna kill you.

Do you understand that?"

Hey, folks, guess what.

This is the story of Shadrach,

Meshach, and Abednego all over

again in spades.

You remember that story, don't


The three young Hebrew worthies?

Nebuchadnezzar said, "I got an

image right here.

You see that baby?

I want you to bow down.

You're gonna bow down, and if

you don't bow down, we will --

It's over.

Do you understand that?"

This is the story replayed.

The whole world will be

commanded, "You worship that."

Will there be an Abednego, will

there be a Meshach, will there

be a Shadrach on this planet at

that moment that will stand up

and say, "I don't care what this

power declares.

I refuse to bow down to that


You may kill me if you wish.

God, if He wants, can deliver

me, but even if He doesn't, I

will not bow down to you.

Here I stand, so help me, God."


Yeah, apparently, there will

be a few who resist.


Well, and there are only two

verses left.

Here it comes.

That mysterious mark of the


Verse 16.

"And it --" the second global

power, America -- "forces all

people, great and small, rich

and poor, free and slave, to

receive a mark on their right

hands or on their foreheads so

that they could not buy or sell

unless they had the --"

Apparently, this power, this

global power, has control of the

finances of the human race.

And it can say, "If I say you

spend, you spend.

If I say you have no access to

spending, you have zero access.

I have a little switch here.

Everything's electronic.

It's over."

Apparently, the second beast has

the wherewithal to economically

throttle this planet.

Man, oh, man.

Let's read Verse 17.

"So that they could not buy or

sell unless they had the mark,

which is the name of the first

beast --" the anti-Christ -- "or

the number of its name."

There you have it.

The dreaded and mysterious mark

of the beast, but in a



America, how can that be?

Look at this.

Let me quote Richard Evans in

his book "The Coming of the

Third Reich."

On the screen, he asks only four


Four questions he asks.

Here they are.

"How was it that an advanced and

highly cultured nation such as

Germany --" in the 1930s --

"could give in to the brutal

force of National Socialism so

quickly and so easily?"

Good question.

Question number 2.

"Why was there such little

serious resistance to the Nazi


Question number 3 -- "How could

a party of the radical right

rise to power with dramatic


And now question number 4.

"Why did so many Germans fail to

perceive the potentially

disastrous consequences of

ignoring the violent, racist,

and murderous nature of the Nazi


I add three questions to these


Question number 5 -- "How could

a man like Adolf Hitler walk

away with the churches of

Germany in his hip pocket?"

How does that happen?

Question number 6 -- "Where was

the Christian resistance to a

ruler and party so anti-Christ

in their governance?"

And question number 7 -- "And

when Hitler declared, 'Let us

blame the Sabbatarians for our

ills,' why did so preciously few

religious leaders challenge his

corrupted logic regarding the


Instead, what do you have?

You have the clergy of the day

currying up to the fuehrer's


They want to sit at that table.

Power is contagious.

I worry today.

I worry today.

Could it happen in America?

I'm deeply concerned for clergy

seeking to sit at the table of


I am concerned.

Listen, I got an e-mail from one

of our viewers, who said, "I see

you're going to talk about the

religious right.

Don't forget the irreligious


Well, that's a good point.

I agree.

But the history of Germany -- we

just saw it.

The history of Germany is a

stunning reminder that even

good-hearted Christian men and

women and leaders can be duped

into embracing an anti-Christ

set of values.

How serious is this

mark-of-the-beast business?

Oh, mercy.

You want to read how serious

this is?

Just cross the page, go to

Revelation 14.

This is how serious it is.

There are three angels here in

Revelation 14.

They are uttering and issuing

God's final strategic,

passionate appeal to the human


Two angels have already sounded

their warnings and their cries.

Here comes angel number 3 now,

Verse 9, Revelation 14.

"And a third angel followed the

two and said in a loud voice --

there's that megaphone voice

again -- "if anyone worships the

beast and its image and receives

its mark on their forehead or on

their hand, they, too, will

drink the wine of God's fury,

which has been poured out full

strength into the cup of His


They will be tormented with

burning sulfur in the presence

of the holy angels and of the


And the smoke of their torment

will rise forever and ever.

There will be no rest day nor

night for those who worship the

beast and its image or anyone

who receives the mark of its


Have mercy.

That little apocalyptic classic

"The Great Controversy" -- you

know how it calls -- You know

how it describes this message?

Right here -- "The most fearful

threatening ever addressed to

mortals" in the history of the

human race.

You just read it.


Something is obviously hugely at

stake for God to be so dire in

His warning, because, you see,

the apocalypse dramatically

describes the contrast between

the mark of the beast and the

seal of God.

And the critical I.D. factor?

Both are about worship.

Let me show you.

Let's go to the seal of God.

We already know the mark of the


We just read the description.

Just go back a few pages.

This is Revelation 7.

Revelation 7:1.

"After this, I saw four angels

standing at the four corners of

the earth, holding back the four

winds --" north, south, east,


Something is just busting out of

the seams to destroy this

planet, but these angels have

been assigned to hold it back.

"Not yet, not yet."

"Holding back the four winds of

the earth to prevent any wind

from blowing on the land or on

the sea or on any tree."

Verse 2.

"Then I saw another angel coming

up from the east, having the

seal of the living God."

There it is.

"And he called out in a loud

voice --" another megaphone

voice -- "to the four angels who

had been given power to harm the

land and the sea."

Verse 3.

"Do not harm the land or the sea

or the trees until we put a seal

on the foreheads of the servants

of our God."

What do we already know about

the mark of the beast?

Let's just review this.

It will help us with the seal of


Now, the mark of the beast --

where did it go?

Do you remember where the mark

of the beast went?

Come on, help me out.

It went first where?

Right hand.

Tap your right hand right now.

Tap your right hand.

That's the hand.

It will go there.

What is this?

Some embedded QR code? No.

Supermarket bar code? No.

That's the stuff you read from

the National Enquirer.

We'll find out what it is.

Oh, so, it will either go here

or it will go where?

The seal of God -- where does it


It does not go here.

You know why?

Because the hand represents


The hand represents the crowd

just is dragging me along.

Wherever the guys are going, I'm


Wherever the girls are going,

I'm going.

Some people follow the crowd.

They'll follow the crowd, like

lemmings, over a cliff.

There will be nobody going into

the kingdom of God being dragged


God does not have a crowd being

dragged into heaven.

God only has people who do this,

who think, who think, who think.

Great news for a university

that's paid to think.

They think critically,

prayerfully, cautiously.

They choose here.

So, you got two competing seals

or marks -- two of them.


You choose.

"Whom shall I obey?"

You choose.

"Whom shall I worship?"

Come on. You choose.

Because, you see, the seal of

God and the mark of the beast

represent two sources of


Watch this.

The mark of the beast symbolizes

the authority of the


That would be human authority.

The seal of God represents the

authority of the creator.

That would be divine authority.

Plain and simple.

In fact, my friend Jiri Moskala,

who's the dean of the

Theological Seminary here on

campus -- he wrote a piece in

this month's Adventist Review.

And it's spot on.

I want to put this on the screen

for you.

"The three angels' message --"

He's dealing with all three of

them as one message.

"The three angels' message is

God's response to the demands of

the satanic trinity."

Good night!

What is this?

Well, let's see what he says.

He says that it's a dragon.

Okay, we got that one.

That's Satan.

The sea and land beast.

Okay, Rome, Amer-- Oh!

The satanic trinity.

Go back, please, to that satanic


Yeah. So, what's he saying here?

"The three angels' message is

God's response to the demands of

the satanic trinity."

What are they demanding?

Keep going.

Now, they're demanding universal


Guess what -- people who hate

obedience, it won't matter on

that day.

You have to obey, and both

forces, the forces of Christ and

the forces of the fallen dragon,

Lucifer -- both forces will

demand obedience.

There is no middle ground.

"Well, I'm not gonna obey either

of them."

No, I'm sorry.

It's either one or the other.

And they will demand it.

Keep reading.

"But the three angels' message

shows the Holy Trinity --" now,

in contradistinction --

"exposing these end-time

deceptions and fake news,

helping people to make right

choices and worship the Lord in


And, in fact, get this.

Jiri Moskala, in this article,

describes how, between

Revelation 13 and 14, these two

chapters, between the two

trinities, worship -- The word

"worship" occurs eight times.

Eight times.

Let's put this sentence on the

screen so that we will never

forget it.

"Worship is a huge deal in the

endgame for the human race."

Worship, worship, worship.

You cannot define that endgame

any other way but pointing out

that it is the issue of worship

at the very end of time.

Either it will be the creator

and His authority or the

anti-Christ and His authority.

"Can you prove that, Dwight?"

Of course I can.

I'll put it right here.

Let's put the two verses on the

screen here.

These are the verses that talk

about worship.

The first angel's message --

"Worship Him --" the creator --

"who made heaven and earth and

the springs of the waters."

Worship is the big deal with the


Of course it is.

And we just read it.

Revelation 13:15.

"And the second beast --"

America -- "was given power to

give breath to the image of the

first beast --" the anti-Christ

in Rome -- "so that the image

could speak and cause all who

refused to worship the image to

be killed."

Worship, worship.

It's the endgame's last appeal.

"Whom shall I worship?

Whose authority takes precedence

in my life?

God's or man's?

Christ, my creator, or the

dragon that is anti-Christ?"

I have to choose.

Wow. That -- I must remind you

that the creator could hardly be

clearer about His authority.

Let's put it on the screen once

again, the Fourth Commandment

from the decalogue, the

Ten Commandments.

By the way, the creator -- In

the New Testament, it's clear

that Jesus is the creator that

appears in Genesis 1, 2, and 3.

The creator, with His own

finger, wrote these words in

granite so that they could not

be erased, alright?

What did He write in the

Fourth Commandment?

Well, let's read it.

"Remember the Sabbath day, to

keep it holy...for in six days,

the Lord made the heavens and

the earth, the sea, and all that

is in them, and rested the

seventh day."

Keep going.

"Therefore, the Lord blessed the

Sabbath day and hallowed it."

He has put his divine imprimatur

on that seventh-day Sabbath from

the beginning of human time and

He's never taken it off.

He has hallowed it.

He sealed it.

Oh, boy.

Have you ever seen one of

these -- Come on, come on.

Let me get -- This has been

bugging me this whole time

sitting in my pocket.

But have you ever seen one of


You've seen these little seals?

You can buy these seals?

And you can emboss a piece of

paper, a letter that you're

signing, and when you put this

seal on it, oh, boy, that's

official, 'cause that came with

your seal on it.

This is a seal.

Everybody knows a seal.

Now, lookit.

If I were President of the

United States -- And you can be

thankful that I'm not.

If I were President of the

United States, I would have a

seal for myself.

Yes, I would. Mm-hmm.

And this is how my seal would


True. This is really how my seal

would read.

Let's put it on the screen.

"Dwight's seal."

That's not an animal.

[ Laughter ]

This is not SeaWorld.

[ Laughter ]

You understand that, don't you?

This is a seal.

Alright, Dwight's seal.

So, my seal would have my

name -- Dwight Nelson.

It would have my office --


And, by the way, that is a

capital-"P" President, alright?

And it would have my

jurisdiction --

United States of America.

Now just lock this screen in

your mind.

And I want to ask you the

question -- is it too late to

get on the ballot for this


I'm just wondering. Look.

[ Laughter ]

Of course not.

So, that's what goes into a


When the president takes his

personal seal -- So he's gonna

sign an executive order.

But when he signs the executive

order and then he seals it with

a seal of the President of the

United States, he has locked in

his authority to what is now


His authority is all over it.

Of course it is.

Does God have a seal?

Oh, yes, He does.

Well, what's in God's seal?

His name, His office, and His


Come on. Are you serious?

Yes. We just read God's seal.

Let's go back to the

Fourth Commandment.

Let's do it. Come on.

Fourth Commandment.

"Remember the Sabbath day, to

keep it holy --" the seventh day

of the week -- "for in six days,

the Lord --" Stop, stop, stop.

That's His name, Yahweh.

It's the only place where He's

named here.

Lookit. This is the law-giver.

He has the authority.

So, we see His name.

"For in six days, the Lord

made --" Ooh, stop, stop, stop,

because "made" -- He's a maker.

That's His office.

He's the creator.

He's the maker.

He made -- now keep reading --

the heavens and the earth, the

sea, and all that is in --"

Whoa, stop again.

That's His jurisdiction.

Ladies and gentlemen, just look

at that screen.

He has a seal with His name, His

office, and His jurisdiction

plainly shown, and it was carved

in granite so that nobody could

stand up and say, "No, no.

The seal should be in my name.

I'm the one that decides."

No, you are not.

Every seventh day of the week

brings the seal.

Come on, read the last line,


And what did God do, the one who

seals the law?

"He rested on the seventh day.

Therefore, the Lord blessed the

Sabbath day and hallowed it."

There it is, ladies and


The seventh-day Sabbath is God's

seal of authority as the creator

of the universe.

And when I worship Him on His

day, I am declaring to the

universe and to everybody on

Earth, I have one source of

authority, and that is my


"I owe my allegiance to Him

forever and ever.


That's what I say when I worship

on His day.


Now, in opposition to the

seal of God, the mark of the

beast is a counter-authority


And I want you to see it right


The Roman Catholic Church.

This is a direct quote.

"Sunday is our mark of


I didn't write this. They did.

"Sunday is our mark of


The Church is above the Bible,

and this transference of Sabbath

observance is proof of that


There are two seals.

One's called a mark, the other a


One's the mark of the beast.

The other is the seal of God.

And it will come down to a very

plain-and-simple choice.

Put it on the screen here.

You will choose either the seal

of God in his seventh-day

Sabbath -- There's not a

third -- There's nothing here.

There's no third choice.

"Well, I'm gonna take this one."

You can't. You can't.

You will choose the seal of God

in his seventh-day Sabbath or

the mark of the beast in its

substitute Sunday.

That's the only choice.

The only choice.

And the majority of this planet,

as we just read in

Revelation 13 -- The majority

will say, "Okay, I'll go along

with it.

I don't believe in it, but I'll

go along with it."

Or "I believe in it.

You can count me in."

Will there be anybody to say,

"Excuse me, excuse me!

Time-out, time-out! Excuse me!

Is there room for a second


Yes, there will be a minority.

It will be small.

But the apocalypse is clear --

God does not lose in the end.

Watch this.

Revelation 14:12.

We just read it in our Scripture

reading a moment ago.

"Here is the patience of the

saints; here are those who keep

the commandments of God and the

faith of Jesus."

There will be a minority --

Sabbatarians to the end.

There will be.

Oh, and there's one more verse.

Revelation 12:17.

"And the dragon --" Satan --

"was enraged with the woman --"

The pure woman, God's true


"He was enraged with the woman

and he went to make war with the

rest --" the remnant -- "of her

seed," or offspring, "who keep

the commandments of God --" I

guess that includes the

Fourth Commandment -- "and have

the testimony of Jesus Christ."

Ladies and gentlemen, the good

news is, God the creator will

have a people who are


creator-obeying, and

Jesus-loving worshipers at the

end of time.

No matter how hot that furnace

is stoked up to be, they will

say, "I cannot and I will not

change my mind.

I will stand for Him.

Do whatever you want."



Does anybody have the mark of

the beast today?

Answer -- no.

The sea beast has yet to

collaborate with the earth beast

in this global confederacy for

the endgame.

The truth is, there are tens of

thousands of Christians today

who worship Jesus on Sunday,

believing it's the Lord's day.

They love Him with all their


Nobody has told them otherwise.

Their pastors haven't corrected

them, because their pastors

don't know.

And so, with sincerity and

devotion to their Lord, they are

living up to all the light that

is shining on their pathway.

Nevertheless, to observe the

seventh-day Sabbath still

remains God's will for all

Christians, whether the mark of

the beast has been formed yet or


It does not matter.

So, what should you do?

I grew up in Japan.

And I used to go to school,

every day, on the trains of


Back and forth, back and forth,

back and forth, back and forth.

A few years ago, Karen and I

went to visit Japan, my


Had a wonderful time.

Got on the trains, sat back.

"Man, this is gonna be -- Oh,

look at the beautiful

countryside, the city of Tokyo.


And then I saw -- There was a

map, a railway-system map, on

the side of the train car.

And I'm looking at it and

reading it and I'm saying, "Wait

a minute, wait a minute, wait a


We are going in the wrong


Now, these Japanese trains are


Let me tell you about Japanese


Once you discover you've got the

right ticket but you're on the

wrong train, you have two


You can stay on that train and

keep going to where you never

wanted to go or you can find a

train that's going the way you

wanted to go and you change


It's that simple.

God is crying out to the human

race to change trains and come

to Him as the creator of the

human race.

You may never have believed in a

creator at all.

You've grown up atheist.

You have never even entertained

the thought even for you.

The creator of the universe

stretches out His nail-scarred


He says, "Come on, change


Change trains.

Come to me."

The anti-Christ says, "No, no,

no, no.

[ Chuckles ]

Come this way."

But he can only take you where

you never wanted to go.

The creator says, "No, no, no,

no, no, no.

Come this way, and I'll take you

to where you've always wanted to

go," because when it comes to

the Sabbath, it has always been

all about Jesus, and that's the

good news.

And it's that simple.

"Come to me.

Come to me, and I'll give you

rest, a Sabbath rest like you

have never had before.

Come to me."

Let's pray.

O Jesus, creator, redeemer,

Lord, and savior, wow.

There are people right now whose

minds are scrambling.

They're saying, "I never heard

this before.

What am I supposed to do now?"

Oh, Father, draw especially

close to those whose minds are


Whisper in his ear, whisper in

her heart that it's okay, that

you'll make a way, you'll open a

door, and you will guide that


We have nothing to fear for the


Our creator God still reigns.

He's coming soon.

And the choice is a simple

one -- Human authority, God's


Read every one of our hearts,


Let the record show that we

choose the authority of God our

creator, no matter what the cost

will be.

In the name of the Jesus, who

died for us, let all the people

say "amen."


There's a Connect Card at the

end of this teaching.

Put it on the screen for you.

If you go to, you'll see

"connect," and you just click on


Let's put it on the screen,


"My next step today is --" box

number 1 -- "I want the seal of

God upon my life.

I accept the seventh-day Sabbath

as Jesus' gift to me."

I hope you put a check mark


Lookit -- there's nobody gonna

see it but you.

But just put that check mark

there and make a decision that

you will begin to follow after


Box number 1.

Okay, box number 2 -- "I would

like to study more about the


Please send me study material."

If you put your e-mail address

on that little digital

Connect Card, we'll send --

Electronically, we will send you

some study material.

Put a check mark there.

We'd be happy to send it to you.

And, finally, box number 3 -- "I

want to follow Jesus in


Never been baptized before?

You've been putting it off,

never thought about it before,

all you have to do is just begin

to think about His invitation.

Put a check mark there.

If you put your e-mail address,

as well, we'll be in touch with

you and say, "Hey, is there

anything we can do to help?"

Oh, I'm glad Chuck is standing

right here.

There's this great old Gospel


And I need you to just sit down

for a moment.

We've just got to catch our

breath here.

He's only gonna sing two stanzas

of it.

"I will follow thee, my savior,

wheresoe'er thy cross may lead."

Chuck, please.

Before you go, let me take an

extra moment to share with you

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