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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [K-FOOD/Eng Sub] SAUSAGE MAYO RICE BOWL (DONBURI) 소시지마요덮밥 #KSD_COOKING #콩새댁레시피

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Hi guys! Today I'm gonna cook Sausage Mayo Rice Bowl (Donburi). After Ssamjang & Gochuajng, mayonnaise is my next fav!

[Ingredients] Soy Sauce, Sausages, Eggs, Green, Green onion, Mayo, Pepper, Olygo Syrup, Cooking wine

Make cuts in the sausages

Parboil sausages in the boiling water

Slice onions

Oil the heated skillet

Now, let's cook egg scrambles! Prepare 2 eggs and whisk them quickly!

Oil the skillet again

Add onions and stir-fry! ( don't you love the smell of the cooked onion? :) )

When onion is cooked, add sausages and stir-fry

Add 2 tbsp sauce ( sweet and salty soy sauce is better in this recipe)

Add cooking wine & olygo syrup


Mix them until all ingredients are cooked!

Place the ingredients on to a bowl of hot steamed rice and add mayo!:)

This is very simple and hearty meal worth trying :)

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The Description of [K-FOOD/Eng Sub] SAUSAGE MAYO RICE BOWL (DONBURI) 소시지마요덮밥 #KSD_COOKING #콩새댁레시피